30th July, from shekhar << By the way, I'll try to keep future emails to much shorter lengths. Our dialogues will be most attractive if they contain at most a couple paragraphs at a time for each of our two voices, don't you think? >>

I agree with that. Sometimes I have no idea what to write bto you – but just begin – and I sometimes do it at the most panic moments when I have no time to think – or late at night when I am so sleepy.
Again – try and throw the mind into chaos – rather than mind arguing with mind – and coming up with zilch

4 thoughts on “chaos

  1. Hi Shekhar,
    You are a famous personality so you cannot write anything on your website or you blog.
    How do i come out of such chaos as you described above?
    I write it up on my blog.
    Rajesh Sharma

  2. Dear Shekar,
    Your potrait of Elizabeth has been a wonderful timeless journey for me… more so as it seems to conjure what we all have to face… times of trial, times of new life… loneliness turning into resolve & oneness. Every picture has been music to my eyes & the words still linger with me…for some more days to ponder.
    Have you ever heard a about a book called the “Red Lion”? I always thought it would be a perfect book to make a film of… it has substance and is a journey through time… dark, deep as well as grand and mysterious – a quest of truth.
    Thanks for your beautiful words on your website… like water in a desert of ignorance… to find how we all strive, strive even in the face of destruction & uncertainty…

  3. I found a project and said that Heath Ledger must play the lead. And now you are thinking of it. From the chaos and tragedy, comes the fragile link that connects us all, if only we are awake to see it. Nanda Devi.

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