From: Shekhar Kapur, Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001, To: Piet Hut : You Said : < Needless to say, IF linear time is not real, then a realization of that fact makes one a more effective player is alleged linear time; just like you can only be an effective film director if you realize that a film is not real -- which doesn't mean it is arbitrary. >>
I am going a different way : I still want to see (because I imagine everything as a picture) – time like a little canary in a cage : caged by us – therefore I look and say :

I am going a different way : I still want to see (because I imagine everything as a picture) – time like a little canary in a cage : caged by us – therefore I look and say :
” this is a Canary in the cage – and that is the reality” The cage is my mind – and the canary a way of making time absolute. In my mind I open the cage – and the bird fies away and just in one whoosh disappears – as if there was nothing else.
I have to destroy the cage and throw myself into chaos. I have to understand that I am not caged by time – but time is caged by me interms of a linear concept – I would rather go this left field way because it forces me to completely think chaotically. Like the bird represents a spirit – and time is actuall a free spirit. But gentle and soft and ethereal.
Time is Space : Free flowing like God. Time is God. That is the unknown dimension – GOD/TIME/SPACE – I know that in my bones – but my mind must force itself through the pain of logic – I must put my mind through absolute chaos and put it in self destruct – and the only way is chaotic thinking – not to allow it to to hang it’s coat on any peg.
I know that at the end there is light. But the the tunnel is dark and dangerous – and for those without courage may get lost in the tunnel – and destruct everything without understanding.
No, not understanding, but – without experiencing.
A half a Buddha is perhaps worse than someone enclosed in Maya.
Lets keep up these conversations – I do not have to totally understand what u say – nor do you, I guess. But as long as we keep questioning each other – there will be at some points of time a coming together – a synchronization – and then like a wave – disbelief and questioning again.

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  1. Hi dude…
    There is a hidden pattern in your THINKING which probably you donít want to ACCEPT.
    Why you donít want to accept, let me comment on that later. Let us first see that pattern.
    1. Shekhar reaching to Chaos-
    Canary (analogy is beautiful because thatís the small bird used by miners to detect the poisonous smoke, canary is very sensitive and dies first)- is a linear time for you.
    Cage is your MIND.
    Canary is trapped in the cage. i.e. Linear time is the out come of your MIND.
    So you want to break the cage and throw yourself into Chaos. i.e. you want to break your MIND or say get rid of your MIND and throw yourself in Chaos.
    Then you want to understand that you are not caged by time but time is caged by you in terms of linear concept. i.e. again – Linear time is the out come of your MIND.
    Here as you say, by ‘left field way’ you are forced into thinking which is completely CHAOTIC.
    The first part is over here…
    2. Shekar in absolute chaotic thinking-
    The bird represents itself as a spirit…time is actually a free spirit…gentle, soft and ethereal.
    Then Time is Space: Free flowing like a GOD. Time is GOD. That is the unknown dimension- GOD/TIME/SPACE- you know this in your bones-
    BUT your mind must force itself through the pain of logic-
    (Now, observe very keenly-) next you feel that you must put your mind through absolute CHAOS and put it in self destruct- and the only way is Chaotic THINKING- NOT TO ALLOW IT TO HANG IT’S COAT ON ANY PEG.
    Do you realise what is happening? Actually, the CHAOTIC THINKING had started. Magically you again reached to the conclusion that you must force your mind into CHAOTIC thinking while you were already into CHAOTIC thinking!!! and this is why i broke your thinking into two parts.
    First part where you prepare the ground to enter the chaotic thinking and then the second part when the chaotic thinking actually starts. Why it was necessary to break it into two parts because when the second part starts immediately you are forced to the end of the first part. i.e. Conclusion of forcing your mind into complete CHAOS.
    This is one of the best practical examples of Escherís ‘CONTINUOUS STAIR CASE’. This is CHAOS of your MIND and this is the pattern in that CHAOS.
    So, reaching to a conclusion that MIND is creating linear time and there is need to destruct MIND through Chaos is a wonderful thing to happen. But again, chaotic thinking is of no use. You will revolve around your thoughts and will not REALISE through thinking.
    And hence why i said you donít want to ACCEPT the pattern in your thinking is because you have sensed subconsciously or consciously ABSOLUTE CHAOS and you are not ready to jump into ABSOLUTE CHAOS. Your MIND is trained. It will not give up so easily. So you settle down with an idea of ABSOLUTE CHAOTIC THINKING rather than ABOSULTE CHAOS. You can only enter the ABSOULTE CHAOS if you will get rid of MIND. And to get rid of MIND, absolute THINKING is not the way, because THINKING is again an out come of MIND.
    so rather than thinking chaotically, its high time to jump into actual chaos.
    take care…lots of love…kedar…

  2. Time is not real
    just like you
    going a different way
    I still want to imagine
    look and say
    I still want to see
    That is the reality
    making time absolute
    I open and just in one whoosh
    there was nothing else
    I have to throw myself into chaos
    time is caged by me
    I would rather go
    because it completely forces me to think
    a free spirit
    gentle sofe and ethereal
    free flowing like God
    the unknown dimension
    I know that in my bones
    at the end there is …light
    coming together
    and then like a wave
    a little decoded poetry from your words, Shekhar, hope you like it,

  3. Wow!
    the cage – the construct of humaan mind, the heritage of collective unconscious.
    nevertheless, a construct which inspires great deference.
    The mind that refuses to conform to the dictates of that construct is more often than nor denied space in the domain known as sanity – which again is a construct.
    unless of course, the mind constructs another cage – and sells it through cold logic or a well executed artefact like say, a film

  4. Shekhar,
    In your dream world….You see a tiger and get scared of it and try to escape from the tiger.You struggle a a lot and after some time you wake up from your dream world.Obviously you are very much relieved and you release that it was just a dream and now do you think what ever is happening around you is real?
    Once a bubble was crying,another bubble wanted to know the reason and it said that it’s friend bubble died milliseconds ago.The bubble thought that it’s going to be a bubble for ever.
    We are worse than the bubbles.
    You have three different pots made out of –a tall,grande and venti.
    Tall was feeling bad that it was shorter than grande and grande was feeling bad it was shorter than venti..Venti was feeling superior until it saw pot bigger than it’s size.They all were born out of clay and will get back to the clay state one day.It’s just a state of realization

  5. Shekhar, just wanted to ask the Astrophysicist in you if you have read “Conversations About the Invisible”, by Jean Audouze, Michel Casse and Jean-Claude-Carriere, translated from French into English by Saroj Btani.
    If not please read it, you will like it very much.

  6. Hey Mate!
    if you ever plan to make a movie like Bandit Queen again, consider me for a role:). I can’t act! but i can abuse!!!

  7. Shekar,
    you are a thinker, you are close to something but you may not be that close either or don’t notice it. One sure method is to try and exhaust possiblities “endless as they are” mind quites down, calms down and becomes still, in stillness you will find that. Abundance and Joy both are within – What if the whole show is not real, its just a huge puppet show, which flickers like the 24 frames in film. You go to sleep and it really doesn’t exist, you choose to come back to that part of the story when you come back to the stage. Your acting is so real even you believe it to be real. Until the story takes a turn which is scripted without you knowing hmmm. You and the other actors are really the same but you are so quick to change your parts/costume nobody notices, and you are the audience too and the critic, maybe you are me and i am you ūüôā
    I always wanted to be a good movie maker so my wish has fulfilled, its the same kind of stories i like…….. If only you knew only the sound of your heart and your breathing and are not aware of anything outside of you.

  8. the apple can fall FAR from the tree if the tree is on the slant of a hill. the apple is no longer confined to small amount of earth near the tree.

  9. Hi Shekhar,
    I liked your article…I agree with most all the thoughts, and also the thoughts of the others who have posted their thoughts…..because i think that the universe models after that old fable about the elephant and the seven blind men. Each blind man felt one part of the elephant and exclaimed: “Oh it’s like a pipe(trunk), or tree trunk(legs), or broom(tail)…!!” …but the right answer? there is no right answer, as each of them were right….or at least got part of it right…i think that in God’s world, the “whole” is really greater than the sum of the parts…the great jester that he is, that’s just one of the tricks in the design, so the MIND and the products of the MIND or rather the observer and observee all collapse into one, so that there really is no difference between this alleged linear time, and the absolute-everywhere-at-once caged concept of time, and ABSOLUTE CHAOS, and ABSOLUTE CHAOTIC THINKING, and let’s say, bananas, for instance.
    I think I was seven when I figured the whole Time is God concept and the whole Time/God/Space-all-here-and-now aspect, so I really do think that we are all born with this realization in our bones, but as you say, one has to go through the pain of logic, which is why I guess, God, or you, or me, (we are all the same)came up with this grand cosmic joke of a humongous play with all kinds of characters, just to teach ourselves a thing or two about ourselves and realize our own grandeur.
    It’s absolutely true as you say though, that “A half a Buddha is perhaps worse than someone enclosed in Maya”, and hence it is necessary for persons to not give up after disillusionment which is the sorry state of half-knowing, and
    pursue the whole truth instead and be truly free.
    As an afterthought, for nothing which relates to anything, I was wondering if you ever thought of casting Victor Bannerjee in any of your projects…I think you two would make a good actor-director combination. I sure would go watch it..Incidentally, I’ve never watched any of your films from start to finish…so you really should be heeding my opinion
    With lots of everything there is….maniwiz

  10. Linear Time is nothing, but motion…. past and future is perceived by conscious mind or consciousness, from seeing changes in landscape or event and by virtual imaginings, respectively
    So if GOD says “there should be nothing but only TIME”.
    It cannot be, as Motion and some things are required to move …to create time
    And also as such there is no linear future, as it is creation of our imagination of future events
    IF motion of atom and heavenly bodies stop then time stops and comes to a stand still. Then there will be no time
    While psychological Time which we perceive depend
    on movement of the thought… in dreamless deep sleep, thought stops, so also the time.
    In meditation also the time stops, or leads to dimension of Present time, by consciously stopping the thought by concentration.
    { conscious mind means,,,to be aware or alert or attentive to the idea that you are aware of the things outside you….it is as if conscious mind is standing outside us, like the crown on our head, ….or glow over the crown , that you see in saints portraits }…this entity is not developed in animals…
    The conscious mind of humans has created past and future out of the linear time, this concept
    of the mind, about linear time has created Duality. Whose upsides and downsides are. Happiness and sufferings respectively,
    1. Upsides… resulting in creation of great inventions, making of scientists and thinkers and of course it has produced the concept of poetry, painting, movie making, story writing. Imagination of love and joyful crying and fantasizing sex. hope .etc etc
    While downsides of this concept of past and future of the linear mind by conscious mind are > ….Greed ,hoarding ,Most of the mental diseases and individual sufferings, creation of ego by this concept, and conflicts between individuals, and wars between nations and groups and even 9/11, and other terror attacks.
    These above downsides are of pathological interplay of psychological and linear time by the conscious mind, with the images of events of past and virtual future engraved in the minds memory.
    This occurs because of ignorance of the said subject.
    Many of the mental diseases take place because of patients consciousness getting stuck pathologically, in the events of the past or future, psychological.. Time.
    And they are easily curable if understood in their proper prospective.
    If Powers that guide Bin- Laden and Bush, would have been Knowledgeable about scientific spiritual things, both the UNPROVOKED events. Of 9/11 and Iraq invasion on war on terror, wouldnít have taken place…..Amen.
    DR Girdhari Deepchandani.
    ..Scientific spirituality

  11. Hello,
    I am a student filmmaker, and have just seen your second installment to the Elizabeth trilogy in Toronto.
    I love your cinematic style. It lends to the big screen and is so rich and symbolic. What a wonderful team of people you have that have to collaborate with. I have crew envy.
    I look forward to the 3rd film.
    Warm regards, MR

  12. And as I read…”time a canary… caged by us ” Shekhar, u certainly got some guts to think and believe that. Time … a bloody powerful entity, invisible yet all around us, controlling each action in this universe.. n u say a little canary!! WoW! m just tryin to delve into ur thought process, maybe sit back and try a panoramic view of life.. so i can pet that little canary too!!

  13. any AWAKENED one… desperately looking for expansive answers/clarity on this :
    (i) What Does It Mean in the True sense to Be in the World But Not of It?
    (ii) How important and in what Way it is to be Doing Anything in the World if One is Awakened?
    (iii) What actually to Do in the World till the Time one doesn’t experience/feel Awakening but fully trusts in It?

  14. One thing which struck a very strong chord with me Shekhar, was this.’Half a buddha perhaps being worse than one enclosed in maya’.
    As far as my physical memory takes me I can only but think I have these painful yet joyous questions about me,relation with time,time itself,all of it.However hard I try to dwell in the maya, this rather ‘esoteric’ (for lack of better word right now) side of me kicks up.Leaves me wondering,questioning as much like a constant show reel running in the background.Never once leaving me.I then see people around me,living within the same/similar contexts not being ‘naturally’ bothered with these questions and search so to say.While one part of me is increasingly convinced of the ‘other’ dimension,the other side questions,how important,relevant is its pursuit really? Why are people around me not going through the same journey with same questions as I do.
    Are some of us pre-disposed to seek/search?
    And if so, would my quest to seek this journey take me away from my close ones,ones for whom love and its expression has relevance in its rather physical and emotional context.
    Would I rather ‘divert’ my thought to the mundane – the maya,in fear of treading on a path which will possibly leave me in the dark and when I look back would have left all my close ones behind too?
    Shekhar,Does this bother you? Have you felt the pangs?Have you suffered in maya for this personal quest?

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