i said

i said
i could look after myself
and i lied
i said i did not need you
and i lied

i said i could do wihtout your love
and i lied
i said i was happy
and i lied
i said i did not need any anyone
and i lied
the truth was
and is
i was afraid
i was afraid
u would say no
i was afraid
u would not take me in your arms
i was afraid you would laugh
but i lie again
i was not afraid
i was terrified
that you would abandon me

11 thoughts on “i said

  1. I can just say its simply amazing….shekar I really love what you have to say. Is there any way I can meet you in person.

  2. You said you could look after yourself
    because you can
    You said you did not need me
    because you didn’t
    You said you were happy
    because, when you really think about it,
    You were
    The truth is
    It is harder to be firm in one’s aloneness
    because it is what isolates you from
    The togetherness of social life
    And as much as you deny the lightbulbs
    The flashing neon of human togetherness
    is what allows you to compare and contrast yourself
    To a hundred others
    and feel alternately superior and inferior
    and find the push to edge forward
    If you didn’t need me
    If you didn’t want me
    If you were happy in yourself
    You would have to depend on yourself
    your understanding of yourself
    For insight, reason, drive
    And your success and your failure
    Would be your own fault
    Not anybody’s elses.
    It’s easier this way.

  3. i said,
    i am safe…
    i lied.
    i said…
    i can move on…
    i lied.
    i said
    i am just as before…
    i lied.
    i said…
    i would live without you…
    i know i lied…
    i died…
    when we parted..
    and i did not look back.
    i was scared…
    you would not be waiting….
    anyways this was not a poetry but a spurge out of the moment,just felt like saying that many a times we lose because we are so scared of losing,so scared of ourselves,so scared that our world of joy will crumple..we are scared to be happy…and try to remain forever sad..and put that black mark before our homes..to put off evil spirits..and forget to realize the evil spirits are within us…deepdown..and that too without the black mark to scare it off.

  4. i heard u talking abt ur website on tv the other day… and i said.. wow..:)
    this is a beautifully written poem… wat i love abt ur writing is that its truly “unedited”..
    shekhar..looking fwd to a long association of dialogues.. through sharing of thoughts.. or just being arnd…
    have fun…

  5. Respected Shekhar Ji,
    We are basically the confused mass of protoplasm. Yo may differ, but for that also you have to differ. You may not give any reply and for that also you have not to. You may not love me, but for that also you have not to. the thing is whatever we do, either we do or from the other side we do not do anything but do.
    It is a beautiful poem, but it is spontaneous utterance. You please tellme one thing, is it a fact that we are telling lie? Is it? Even in case of telling lie, is it not that we know the truth? Mirage is lie, an illusion but is it not true, a reality ?
    I do not know, may be a confused mass of protoplasm. Ha Ha.
    with regards
    A.K. Bhattacharyya
    Directorate of Advertising and visual Publicity
    New Delhi

  6. hi,shekhar i m an indian animator and i m your great fan. i like make’s film. it my dream to work with u. and achieving oscar.thanks .good bay………..

  7. It sounds to me very existentialist…love-hate relationship. You love and u love not, u dnt love n u love someone…Allbert Camus ‘outsider’ comes to mind. Bt that’s honesty…contradictory-so be it. Mad -so be it. In being consistent vr simply decorated, cosmetical masks…

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  9. Shekhar, the Pagan myth is that Gods at times are sadistic.. what say ?…..
    I watched India’s got talent just to watch you, see you, hear you, n connect with you…. I saw the child in you. the chrystal clear innocent heart … If you believe in ‘kismet’ then we shall one day meet up….

  10. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    How beautifully and honestly you have woven your feelings in words. I and your soul can see the purity. I always pray for you for endless love. Love you and respect your feelings. Hope one day I may get a chance to touch your feet.


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