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This is a comment from Sasikanth, a Nanotechnologist at Cornell Unversity. It would be interesting to initiate a discussion on how this new technology will affect our daily iives in all spheres. Sasikant says “Sekhar, I am a nanotechnologist at Cornell University working on technologies. Being a nanotechnology researcher I think I have to comment on this post ……

I think nanotechnology could one day make the kind of recording that you are suggesting come true.
The computers and networks needed to process this kind of information are already being made in labs arnd US, enabled by nanotechnology.
Home network speeds approaching 1 Trillions bits per second (thats 1 followed by 12 zeros) will be common place by 2020. Such networks will be able to carry and allow processing of the immense volume of data from 3D sense augmented media.
Its heartening to see interest in these technologies from artists like you. For afterall, what technology creates is ultimately for better experiences for everyone, from classroom to movie theatre.
Sasikanth Manipatruni
Cornell University

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  1. HI dude…
    before stepping into a beautiful world of story telling i completed a degree course in Electrical Engineering(i gracefully completed it in First class). It is a core branch of technology and i was immensely interested in Robotics. thats when i came across this concept called Nanotechnology-the merger of basic sciences and technology.
    so when i called the scientist community a NUT case, i know what i am talking about. my last year degree paper presentation was on Robotic Vision.
    and my views about this community are still the same. A NUT CASE!
    i feel the whole course of the human race is some how guided by Scientists. because they study MATTER and come out with theories and technological advancements which only add to the SOPHISTICATION and nothing else. if u r reading this sitting in a room. look around and u will realise that u are surrounded by nothing but technology. who decided that this whole set up is necessary to live a life? i really give a damn whether humans are landing on mars or probing deep into DNA coding and brain tissues. all this struggle is to understand WHAT IS THE REAL GRAND DESIGN. and technology will lead us no where except RAT race, struggle and tensions.
    in my journey till now i have realised one thing ‘ Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul-Democritus’
    but i am all ready for the onslaught of new technology. as i said ‘enjoy and suffer the technical advancement’
    but its great to read new blogs and new topics poping up from your side. its sure a value addition! so i will follow the blog entries. something new and nice will be added to my information, definitely. thank you. take care…tata…lots of love…kedar…

  2. For those of us interested in mapping cutural interest generated by nanotechnology, the LA country museum of art held a nano exhibit in 2003, the catalogue of which is published as :
    Nanoculture : implications of the new technoscience / edited by N. Katherine Hayles
    Do check it out.

  3. Shekar, Very happy to see this thread! Again, Its very refreshing to take part in this kind of discussions.
    Ability to see and do things at the nanoscale is already bringing revolution in the way scientists understand the world.
    Nanotech will be the backbone of sense augmented media. Billions of nano-sensors could indeed be integrated on to a set to record every detail of the scene.
    It will also have a huge impact on medicine. Diseases such as Alzheimers could be digonised 10s of years before they show symptoms, small nano-bottles (nano-sharks as some call it) could deliver medicine right onto the cancerous tissue.
    Speaking of the role of art in all of this, A lot of inspiration for technology comes from artists and writers. Come to think of it Asimov, AC Clark etc have thought of technologies long before they came close to reality. (eg 2001 space odyssey!)
    I would love to discuss more abt nanotech, especially how it could contribute to day-to-day life.

  4. God, I cried,
    I don’t understand,
    This nanotechnology thing
    A small speck of dust,
    Pressurised and cold
    Revealing unlimited
    Power, I’m told
    Molecular hammers – Atomic fire guns
    Nuclear Nano tooling machines
    Babble, Gabble, gobbledegook
    God, I turn squarely to thee
    Tell me what Nano
    Should mean to me?
    God replied
    His voice sound-mixed
    Minus 2db-Pitch altered
    “Son,” he bellowed
    Thats me, I popped
    “Yes, it’s you,”
    Snapped out the Lord.
    “Nanotechnology, you ask?
    Surely you know what it is!
    Speck of dust – Potence unheard
    Wrapped warmly in a blanket of cold
    Always needing pressure to thrive –
    Does that not ring a bell in you?
    I waited.
    It didnt.
    I waited.
    No bells.
    I wanted to wait again
    But then-
    “My Man,” he laughed,
    “My man, my man!
    “The answer is there right under your nose!
    “You, Man, are an example of
    My finest nanotechnology!”

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