Nothing seperate

no one act separated from another
no one time separated from another
no one space separated from another
no one individual separated from another

no one emotion separated from another
no one moment separated from another
no one consciousness separated from another
no one thought separated from another
formless seamless infinite relationships between all things
so then
when I say ” I love you”
do I lie ?
do I deceive ?
or is it a desperate cry for help
to drag me out of
my mistaken sense of my ‘self’
Shekhar Kapur

2 thoughts on “Nothing seperate

  1. Think about this would you say i love you to just any one and not dfferenciate incase you will not then please realize you are awareness of a kind and evolved beings of a kind, realized of a kind and then depending of your journey you may part ways please also read the laws of the spiritual world available with or at shamak davars outlets of choregraphy.Can u fall in love with a leppor i mean even kissing the leppor with the same love u have for your wife or family well the point where all differenciation will finish u will hear the pure flute of krishna every where,by the way mukund means lord krishna and when u hear that then there will be no more questions only the bliss of realization .

  2. Pranaam Shekhar ji
    Infinitely Beautiful !! It’s very very deep…keeping me engage.. Why do feel Separate from Love? It’s love and joy, it created a child out of its own essence, one with Itself….oneness, unbroken, unlimited, unconditional love and joy.
    Love to read your Blog. Also include your Lessons of Life, lessons on Love.

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