In Las Vegas

OK, from stories on the streets of Mumbai to Las Vegas fr the opening of a Grand new casino called the Palaazzo. t’s such a completely different world. Being in a Casino is like entering a gigantic movie ..

..when people ask me what I love about making movies, is the ability of movies to invite the audience to live in an altered reality – into the world as created by the movie maker. That is to an extent what a Casino does. For these pleasure palaces so to speak are not just gambling spaces. They are shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, musical shows, entertainment centers, conference centers – all under one roof. Even indoor reconstruction of a paizza in Venice full with Gondolas and an artificial canal, where the light never varies from the cool light of 4 in the evening – and there are absolutely no shadows anywhere.
All under one roof – miles and miles of it. gambing just takes up just 1% of the total space – though provides about 40% portion of the revenues of course.
I don’t gamble but people watch a lot. Thousands of people people walking around in absolute awe of the sheer immensity of the place. – tonight I am going to see the show by Cirque Du Soliel called ‘O”
will write and let you know what it was like,

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  1. whats so great?whats your point?why do you sound like you haven’t seen or travelled when you have!so much capacity to spread awareness of a different kind…same old same old, all over tv,magazines,websites and your blog!Vegas?
    challenge your creativity,sensitivity and emotions to stur up humanity in a maasoom way yet your way……………………….wasted calibre of sorts my friend!

  2. hey….. i understand your chain of thoughts…it can be fun to be lost in the crowd and people watch when you know most of the people are looking around and absorbing the atmostphere of the place and probably reacting differently from eachother….so busy that they are not conscious of being watched by you ! fun, na ?
    also ….nothing wrong in describing a new place you have visited and how you found it ! hardly slots you as a country bumpkin 🙂 ha ha

  3. You are absolutely right about Las Vegas. It took me about seven years to get used to this feeling of “virtual reality” after I moved here from marble-and-granite St. Petersburg, Russia. I wonder if I could ask you an inappropriate question. A Russian writer has asked me to translate his screenplay about Harold, Earl of Wessex, based on his book already published in Russia. It’s a story about the months preceding the battle of Hastings, a story about courage, love, and difficult choices. I translated all 130 pages of it for free, with your Elizabeth as my nightly inspiration. Would you by any chance consider looking at the synopsis?
    Thank you so much,
    Anna Huddleston

  4. Dear Shekhar Ji,
    It was really nice meeting with you for a two min.
    i was really happy when i saw you @ CARNEVNIO in italian steake house. thank you so much leting me takeing a pic with you. pic came so beutiful. i wish i had your e-mail than i can send it to you.
    i hope we will see in las vegas soon. my friend will be wating to meet with you. also i did not ask you how was your dinner that night. i hope that was good.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Reenu Chauhan 🙂

  5. I`m interested there`s a lot of articles on casino gambling. There are dissimilar methods, tactics, strategies, algorithms of counting, calculations and so on.
    But these objects are only heap of ads and i don`t want to analyze them `cause i don`t have any basic knowledge. It`s ineffective. Estimation i think will be wrong.
    Is there anyone here who is attracted in such topic?
    I`d appreciate someone`s explaining to me is there any systems or strategies, what are they (what approaches or concepts lay in basis) and in which casinos could they be applied to?
    Thanx a lot.

  6. As for theory – you have to find it yourself. As for practice – maybe I could give some help. I found an interesting program on one of the thematic forum recently. It searches for combination automatically. Nice one, though poor in interface.
    Program is based on Martingale system with the changed algorithm. It`s based on searching and waiting a series of results («red or black» usually). But this one I got is for «head or tail».
    There were discussions «pro and against» this program, but I downloaded it and explored for about half an hour and left it in automatic mode till next evening. What I found in the morning was 250WM.
    But use this soft shrewdly, admins in casinos do not welcome these things.
    Mirror 1:
    Mirror 2:
    pass for the arch: 123
    customized for

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