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the morning prayer

to create
every moment
an act of absolute astonishment
to live
in astonishment
and in wonder


Smile haiku

my smile
in it’s own smile

Arjuna, you coward !

you coward !
stop moralizing your
your own sense of fear



if my spirit
nurtured yours
as yours did mine


On the other side

no universe dancing
no gods appearing
no fantasy
of this side



i see,
and yet,
i seek
that which i see,


not my words

to speak,
yet not be the speaker
but the listener
the words
not your own


new year’s eve

moonshine, baby
like polished silver
i’m a skatin’ on the sea…


Into the Void

u left
plunging me
into a void



we travel together
drawing two parallel
inseparable lines