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Passion and Practicality

For me, and I guess for many others, life is a constant battle between following your passion and being practical. I fought ‘Practicality’ a long time ago, and followed my passions, but never quite completely, for……


A Symphony of Stillness

Recently I met with David Adjeye, one of the world’s most exciting new architects. Google him to see some of his work. Anyway we got along so well, that we decided to design and create something together. A place called ” A Symphony of Stillness”….


The Naadi, guest column by Kavitha Kannan

Scripted over 5000 yrs ago, the Naadi documents the lives of the whole human race on planet earth. A feat accomplished by sages who gained clairvoyance through ‘Siddhi’. The sheer enormity of this effort was mind boggling when I first heard about it — palm leaves for every human being on this planet, past present and future !


Our Mythic lives, or Mundane lives ?

Between the Mythic and the Mandane. Which plane of existence do we really exist in ? Is every breath really an intake of the energies of the cosmos, the prana of the universe in each breath ? Or is it the mere intake of essential oxygen to feed our red blood corpuscles. Does every thought project itself into the universe and live there and change the Universe forever ? Is every thought a projection of our lives past preasent and future, of Karma ?



Aimless wandering. No particular destination. No aims. No goals. Living and existing in the moment. No care for the past nor for the future. All heart. Does not use the head.
What a liberated way to live !


The Dolphin

According to Quantum Physics a particle exists in a particular space and time only if you observe it. Before the observation it is a mere possibility, a potential. But what about looking at it from the point of view of the particle ? Conversely,surely, the observation of the particle has given us an existence in particular space/time.


Letting go

how wealthy can you be if
you are afraid to let go
of your wealth ?


Immortality and Passion

Ofetn I hear people speak of Immortality. Of the desire to live longer. Forever ? But then isn’t passion defined by death ? I do because I die. Isn’t creativity a product of Passion and therefore of Death ? Our universe exists on the dance of creation and destruction, and without this play between two opposites nothing would exist..

Is there life after death, is there a soul ?

Of course there is no life after death. It is the wrong question. The real question is ‘ is there life before death?


The Kumbh Mela

I have always wanted to go to the Kumbh Mela. I console myself that this is just the Ardh Kumbh Mela, the real one is to come in 6 years. Why do I want to go to the Kumbh Mela so much ? I am not religious…