The Dolphin

According to Quantum Physics a particle exists in a particular space and time only if you observe it. Before the observation it is a mere possibility, a potential. But what about looking at it from the point of view of the particle ? Conversely,surely, the observation of the particle has given us an existence in particular space/time.

So the observer and the observed have co-created each others identity in particular time/space. And in our arrogance we assume that we are higher beings therefore ‘observation’ radiates only from us to the particle. It’s like the Sun believing that only it’s force of gravity holds the Earth in orbit, without realzing that garvity from the earth is part of the total relationship.
Our mind is constantly giving us the illusion of existence in space/time by conjuring up constant observation through our five senses. Stop the five senses and there is no particle and no you. Without the act of observation we do not exist. No observer and therefore no observed. Both only potential. None existing in linear time and at no particular points in space.
The illusion of our existence through our five senses depends upon the the five sense’s ability to constantly conjure up illusory observations. I am not making a moral stance against illusion here. Of course it feels real. It is painful and joyful at the same time. It is the dance of the ‘in and out’. So we should really learn to dance with the beat, knowing that that the beat is self created.
I am reminded of an interesting story I heard. A scientist was studying a Dolphin that was captured in a glass-walled pool. The scientist was providing the Dolphin with stimuli and studying the reaction of the Dolphin to varying stimuli, hoping to find a pattern to the Dolhin’s behaviour. Trying to prove that the Dolphin had greater cognitive power than we imgained.
But to his dismay the sceintist could not find a pattern in the Dolphin’s behaviour. Till he decided to throw all his date into chaos and re-evaluate. Imagine his shock when he DID find a pattern.
The Dolphin was experimenting with the scientist. It was looking for it’s own pattern in the scientist’s behaviour.

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  1. Hi Shekhar,
    I think the concept of being a superior being arises out of our belief that we have better developed senses and intelligence, so we think that they live in our reality and not we in theirs. The dolphin experimenting with the man could mean that the dolphin was thinking of itself being a superior being, and the man was existing in its reality. I think it’s all an interplay of each other’s realities based our senses, but as Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Anything we consistently see becomes reality, and since we have seen the world as superior beings all our lives that is our reality.
    Himanshu – NYC

  2. dude…
    yeah Himanshu…you are right about Superiority of human souls over the other species.
    but, the souls trapped in other species have free will too… HIDDEN DEEP DOWN!!!
    one touch and fish can fly and birds can swim!!!
    Touch of FREE WILL!!!
    in Hindu culture people worship COW. she is the last stage in animal race. after that the soul enters human body!
    Sit in a shed with cow for an hour, looking into her eyes and you would touch your unmovable part!!!
    its mutual !!! COWs are philosophers and Dolphins are Artists!!! you would never see a trace of FEAR or Horror in the eyes of these two creatures unless you have it in your own eyes!!!
    but it is better to experiment with Trees…its simple…!!! because in the case of TREES one can not see himself back in the eyes of TREES!
    thats why scientists prefer animals to experiment rather than trees or humans. Trees give them no chance to know about Consciousness in theory and humans create illusions because of their superiority!!!
    so if one wants to do real experiments, Trees are there…those who want PHDs or want to do something noble for the whole humanity, animals are free, be sure to get government permission! 🙂

  3. Intelligence is relative itseems – being with the scientist helped the dolphin analyze its own behaviour vis-a-vis the stimuli!!
    Interesting post.

  4. u wrote “Conversely the observation of the particle has given us an existence in particular space/time.”
    what i believe is different. U assume that space/time is absolute, and u/us are given existence as a result of observation. what i think is, the entity ‘us/u/we/obrever(to be)’ existed, for ever. and so do the partical. what dint existed was space/time. and the observation gave the existance to space/time!
    u wrote “Stop the five senses and there is no particle and no you. No observer and no observed.”
    what i believe is, again, different. ‘stop the five senses and there will be particals, and there will be a U/us, but there will be no space/time, which gives the illusion of duality of u and partical being different! there will be an observer, and will be observed itself. there will be only u, THE ONE. united with every other thing.’ On rest all the things u have written here, i agree! :o)

  5. What would be the impact of altering the cosmic design of checks and balances in the existence, evolution and capabilities (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual)of creations?
    Elephants and fishes can sense imbalances in Mother Earth, such as the onslaught of a volcanic eruption or a tsunami. Birds can fly. Penguins can march in Antartica. Dolphins can experiment with funny looking species that live in an alien environment not as nurturing as the Water World they live in. Each have their superior and not-so-superior capabilities. What if dolphins and fishes could live outside of their Water World? What if humans could fly? And experiment with funny looking species from a planet adjacent to earth. For the moment any of this is Maya. Can genetic engineering make any of it a reality? What if the Earth was all land and no water? What would be the impact of altering the cosmic design of checks and balances in the existence, evolution and capabilities (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) of creations?

  6. Kedar, I’m sure animals have free will but for some reason they are not able to do things like humans do. I read an article last year, which said that if dolphins are as intelligent as humans, then why can’t they build computers. It emphasized on the principle of displacement i.e. humans can think as well as act, that is move things with their hands and that’s what makes the entire world possible. I haven’t really tried to stare into a cow’s eyes, but I don’t really remember seeing fear, but I do see a lot of peace in the eyes of a cow and we all know the acrobatic stunts of dolphins – I just hope we could talk to them in some language and understand more about what they call reality.
    Himanshu – NYC

  7. yes himanshu… why cant they build computers? that makes us human…and superior.
    the only point i want to put forward is that everyone, everything has the potential! so as much as scientist was trying hard , dhophin too was trying hard…what? well…at its conscious level may be it was just trying hard to escape or was trying hard to please the moving form in front of him i.e. scientist. its mutual. if scientist is replaced by Buddha, dolphin’s reaction would be different. (scientist try this with different frequency levels and other things…but it is hard to create frequency level of Buddha in any form) and it is possible that observing dolphin keenly , scientist might turn into buddha… as simple as that… so yes…we can talk to them…we can talk to animals,creatures, birds, trees… but we can not prove it on the paper… we have to just sit there and love them… they talk back!!! its an unspoken language…as if one gets tune with different broadband level and then the grammar of that language unfolds…

  8. Shekhar,
    As per the Big Bang Theory the universe started from a “singularity” at which point the pressure, density etc., were infinite. At this point of singularity all the known laws of physics break down and doesn’t hold good, that is why we do not have any conclusive evidence of the origins of the universe.
    The scientists say that the odds against the universe taking its present form, from the point of singularity was enormous. “Somebody” had fine tuned every thing to the minutest detail, like the force of the gravity had to be exactly what it is today, the charge of an electron in an atom had to be exactly what it is and so on….
    so that the universe is like what it is today.
    Now many of us believe that somebody to be GOD.
    So God had fine tuned everything so that intelligent beings would be formed, who would observe the universe to realise and marvel the creator, the God.
    So taking cue from your post that the observer and the observed have co created each others identity, has God and Man co created each other?
    Any thoughts?

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