A Symphony of Stillness

Recently I met with David Adjeye, one of the world’s most exciting new architects. Google him to see some of his work. Anyway we got along so well, that we decided to design and create something together. A place called ” A Symphony of Stillness”….

I have this strong desire to create a space where people can come and explore their spirits. Where I can spend most of my time exploring and understand my spirit. In contemplation.
Not a Spa. Closer to an Ashram rather than a Spa.
David picked up a phrase from one of my poems :
‘everything just a musical note in a vast symphony of absolute stillness’
Now we want to design and create a space that represents those words. It should be a place that at first confronts you with chaos. Like different musical notes that at first bounce off each other, forcing you almost to walk beyond the threshold. And then beyond that allow you to expand into Harmony.
Into a harmony that is a vast Symphony of Stillness. Will keep you posted as we get into the first attempts to create this space.

13 thoughts on “A Symphony of Stillness

  1. Dear Shekhar,
    I’m sure this is a great idea, as we always crave for that unique space to go to where everything is calm and serene – totally still, and just be with ourselves . Have you chosen the city where this will be?
    Himanshu – NYC

  2. Do you have something like the Osho Commune at Koregaon Park, Pune in mind? I’m sure you must have been there. Seen the pyramid shaped Buddha hall there? I visited the place almost 12 years ago and it was beautiful back then. Don’t know what it’s like now.
    And, will this be a commercial venture?

  3. Lofty Ideal , Shekhar. I wish your endeavour is successful , if , your desire is exactly as you say – a creative space for contemplation.
    but , what will your creative space do that Nature cannot already ?
    The real gufa – cave is in our own minds. Thought is the result of disturbance in prana. How will your space effect subtler journeys of spirit ?
    I hope you know what you are doing, shekhar.
    Or , i fear it will remain just a creative wonder , of course people will associate with your name. You may want to consider invoking some specific benedictions , before you venture someething like this.
    Of course , you dont need to value what i say. Best wishes .

  4. The idea is fr this space to eb non commercial, and yes why would anyone need a place for contemplation. Is nature not enough ? Ofcourse it is, but we are driven to create, whether a film, a painting, poetry, a revolution, an empire, a poem. Of curse nothing has an absolute need, but then, we still create, shekhar

  5. ALL THE BEST Sir..[:)]…It’ll be gr8 if u try something like this in GUJRAT, with Mr. Modi inaugurating it. ALL THE VERY BEST Sir.

  6. dear shekhar,
    ido encourage creation, the creation of spiritually enforced matter…
    i would like it to be in a country that most needs the experience, and that would not be india.
    i know the conflict about “commercial”, but human kind needs educating and all comes at a cost.
    there is nothing rong with using a temple for higher accomplishments, and show that can have a valid contribution to “holiness”.
    i visited the mount abu university of spirituality, created by the brama kumari’s, a soul searching establishment.
    i incourage more of them, the sound of stillness is a great motivation.
    looking for it…..

  7. hey gr8 idea…..actually i gotta do a dance on stillness n take it to beyond imagination as in it shud not b the usual,rather it shud b sumthing which is beyond imagination starting frm stillness…so ppl can u please please help if u have any ideas…dis is urgent…i’ll b waiting….

  8. your raja yoga meditation is good instution
    it makes me shivan sotu kula nasam enmter hole famely and all prampara and i tel after wards
    what teach to me bai now…

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