Passion and Practicality

For me, and I guess for many others, life is a constant battle between following your passion and being practical. I fought ‘Practicality’ a long time ago, and followed my passions, but never quite completely, for……

…the world will not completely allow it. More than that, your education, the way you were brought up, other’s dependency upon you will not allow it. Your own insecurity will not allow it.
For following your passion would, on the surface in any case, imply giving up control of your life. Of giving into madness.
But quite the opposite. Giving in to your passions implies being in harmony with the universe. It implies that you are now breathing and living on a much larger and much more universal level, where the mundane everyday practical things do take care of themsleves. If they are meant to. And the everyday practical things do not become the demons that you conjure up in your mind, and THEREFORE you are unable to take care of them.
Giving in to your Passions does not equate with irresonsbility, as the world would like you to believe. Of course the world would like you to believe that. It’s the only way the world can control you. Giving into your passions implies the ablity to embrace the everyday practicalities of life in a much larger, more compassionate way.
Allow the universe to take care of what it is supposed to. If you are passionate it will.
I always have this image of how Gandhiji would have filled in a tax form if he were stil alive today, and his Ashram had some income !
I would love to have people who have given up so called ‘Practicality’ to follow their passions completely to write in and share their experiences with us.

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  1. Passion = What you feel is right .
    Practicality = What everyone else other than you feels is right .
    Others can’t be always right ; You can’t be always wrong. But how would you ever know if you don’t follow your own passion?
    You could surely follow Practicality as preached by ” others”…but then ,in doing so you can only deduce if others were right or wrong .
    But this life is yours , the rights & wrongs are of your picking ….why waste time , picking it for others as well ?
    The secret to ones destiny , in life , is embedded within his/her Passions….there are always signs abundant guiding us to it. But we are so blinded by Practicality , we give it a pass each time the sign shows up ; eventually loosing the very ability that helps us see it .
    Passion lies suppressed deep within us. We continue to lead a life, but not one of our own choosing , but one posed for other’s coz it’s “Practial”. Then we hear our own laughter, but from deep within we hear another voice saying : ” Dude thats so fake .”
    But I think most of us choose to be Practical coz we are afraid, ….afraid …of being ALONE, & afraid of knowing who we really are.
    Rather safer then to not know at all…ain’t it?
    But then I wonder, if I really can speak for one who is practical….coz I have never been one & have often watched , rather amused , the lives of those who claim to be Practical.
    Just random thoughts.

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    My definition of passion is to do whatever the heart feels at any point of time – no logic, reasons or debates. To achieve anything big practicality is not the solution, as it is generally the path of least risk and therefore no real reward.
    I’ll tell a small story. At 22, I decided to go to business school in america. My parents told me that I could only go if I could get a scholarship – which hardly anyone gets for an MBA and most do a MS. Anyways I left my job, and stayed delibrately unemployed for 6 months, making complex/expensive business school applications – everyone was very worried that I’d neither get a scholarship nor a good job later in India – but I worked in a state of total focus and optimism – no practicality here. The first univ I applied to gave me a scholarship. Now kids from USEFI(american education foundation in delhi) write to me regularly asking how I got a full MBA scholarship – I have no answer – passion most likely, or the stars were aligned.
    I have taken other risks (somewhat bigger) to get to NY, which I’ll discuss sometime else.
    I believe that ‘Freedom’ is the most important ingridient of our happiness. I read these 2 quotes often and I hope you like them:
    QUOTE 1: Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today? Mary Manin Morrissey
    QUOTE 2:
    IT COSTS SO much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the enlightenment or the courage to pay the price. One has to abandon altogether the search for security and reach out to the risk of living with both arms open. One has to embrace the world like a lover. One has to accept pain as a condition of existence. One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing. One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying. Morris West
    Himanshu – New York

  3. Van Gogh was in search of love…Tagore was in love…Buddha became love…
    all of them lived a passionate life! Buddha was the most practical!

  4. The thoughts (or dreams???) of passions turning into practicalities tickle me… me…inspire me…from where I stand now…looks like it doesn’t matter…not what I do, not what I don’t…but what matters is the joy and excitement I have …even after practicalities have killed passions and even after passions killed practicalities!

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    Following my passions and living my life on my terms is the only way I know to live. But people like me and you who do so, do it against heavy odds. And it is a lot easier for people living in rich countries to chase their passions. They don’t have to worry about the mundane basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. Their social security allowance takes care of that. But in this part of the world, there is a very apt saying, “bhookhe pet bhajan na hoye Gopala”! (you can’t sing praises of God on an empty stomach)
    I don’t know if the approach of following one’s passions is the right approach yet, as I’m yet to see the result of following this way of life. You have obviously succeeded in chasing your passions, as most of the ambitions you had when you were a young guy may have been realized. But at best, I can call my life an on-going experiment. Let’s see what becomes of me.

  6. Shekhar , For an artist and creative person like you – journey into passion is only expected !
    I admire your unquenchable thirst to connect with other journeying minds. I am not sure how your ‘Ego’ interferes or prevents you from interacting and learning more honestly and freely , though. Your call.
    Without social order of course we wouldd not have the adventure of breaking free. If society did not filter uenbridled passion , it could degenerate into mayhem – coz passion also includes passion to create , passion to love , passion to dominate , passion to kill and passion to lust.
    Nothing wrong about those passions , just that it involves another object , another living entity to fulfill that passion.
    Thats where practicality steps in – i think we can be as passionate and break all the rules partaining to oneself – but obviously we cannot tresspass other’s freedoms.
    My Journeys have been multiple , of many dimensions , some inexpressible . I am not in a position to share any personal journeys , but it takes a very very very deep soul to be both – passionate and practical.
    To know when to be passionate and let go , and when to be practical – is the very definition of Wisdom. now , Are you wise ?

  7. Rudra,passion and lust are not neccesarily the same thing, though passion encompasses lust in one sense. Passion is not about breaking social order either. Gandhi gave up law and followed his passion, buddu gave up a kingdom to follow his passion> this world is constantly changed and altered by people with overwhelming passion. It could work the othr way round too, as hitler too followed his passion,

  8. Shekhar,
    I’d like to know your opinion on whether following your passion can be defined as changing the external status quo by being in a state of conflict, or is it better just to change the intenal status quo (like Buddha) and be at peace with the world? Is it better to change the world or just change ourselves?

  9. I don’t know if passion can be pursued when all practical needs have not yet been met and responsibilities not completely fulfilled.
    —– ~~~~~~~~~~~~——————-
    However there are some lucky ones who do get a chance to follow their passion – one of whom happens to be a distant cousin, who lives in Darjeeling and is passionate about spiritualism(Careerwise he is a Geologist). He takes off from work for atleast three months in a year and walks up the himalayan mountains, lives like an ascetic with the rishis and meditates.
    During his normal practical life – since he has chosen not to marry – he has completely shunned materialism. In fact(I heard this from my aunt) there has been a time, when he had to go collect salary from a certain office and the babus expected some kind of bribe. My cousin was so adamant not to give the bribe that he had to forgo getting his salary for about 14 months, when finally the babus got fedup and sent the cheque home which he promptly handed over to his ever willing brothers.
    He seems to be on a different plane all the time, ‘it is maaya’ crops up atleast a dozen times during any conversation…
    ——– ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ——————
    It is nice to hear such living for your passion anecdotes, however I still cannot help but question is it worth it ?

  10. Himanshu…
    the answer lies in your question…! it is always better to change our selves.
    1. people like your cousins are not lucky…its a lot of hard work…you hear his life from your aunt…so you can imagine 9 months work CUT 3 months journey into himalayas CUT salary problem…CUT TITLE appears on the screen- 14 months later…HE gets his salary…Hero wins, villain dies…film is over…
    Now become a hero…its the last day of work and tomorrow you are leaving for himalayas… 2 hours of the film time run and you are barely back from the office and not even dinner is ready…such a boring film…Dang…life sucks…we cant edit it…
    i once read in a book, a film maker’s quote ‘ it took me fifteen years for overnight success!’
    2. is it worth it? ……………..NO………..its not worth it if you this question coming to your mind…do what ever you want to do…be natural…ACCEPTANCE reveals great mysteries. SUPPRESSION kills your very own being…
    if you want to eat chocolates eat…if you want to smoke ,smoke…if you want to have N number of affairs, have them ( make sure you don’t hurt any one’s feelings in the process…). well ….these things might not apply to you…but apply the meaning to your own life and see the magic…hahahaha… you wanted to scream for so long…but were afraid to because of neighbors? (now this is something applicable to any one, of any age… 🙂 ) just scream…and then everything is of worth!!!… dont do what you dont want to do…but then choose carefully and stick to it…because…because life sucks and we cant edit it…time is running!!!
    take care…tata…kedar…

  11. Riya, That’s a really nice anecdote. I think the worth of following your passion should also be defined by the person following it – as we can’t judge that person’s passion, coz it’s not ours. We always have to pay a price whenever we seek any ideal/goal and as long as your cousin is happy doing what he does, that all that matters.

  12. I find the whole discussion very interesting. I don’t see too many comments from women. Well I am 47, but about 27 at heart. I was forced into marriage at 22 when I wanted to remain single. Though I was not sure how I wanted to lead my life then, marriage was not what I wanted- that I was sure about. Soon discovered my IIT passed husband was an alcohol dependent, egoistic liar, who could not deal with my inability to conceive. I considered it my responsibility to help him back on his feet. That took 23 years!! And today when I want to leave him and follow my passion in social work with children – my very practical friends remind me of a roof over my head, food and cloths.I still want to follow my passion – is there someone out there who wishes me luck?

  13. still young to understand the real
    i agree with shekhar’s defination of passion.
    i also understand wat paulo ceolho wants its readers to knw……
    navin too makes a points when he says “Their social security allowance takes care of that. But in this part of the world, there is a very apt saying, “bhookhe pet bhajan na hoye Gopala”! (you can’t sing praises of God on an empty stomach)”
    but isnt it that passion is wat we really want to do in life actually “”OUR LIFE””
    but as we r social animals .we live in a society.
    just thought abt one example..may be a rite one indeed.
    ( all these cola companies have millions of people wrking for them .be it in abroad or in india..
    we all knw how harmful its comsuption is..
    now if u continue to wrk in that company and say “”u r practical enough not to leave it..instead lie your inner self””
    i wont call this too practical…man u r dam scaried….
    instead if u take initialive or passionate enough to do something abt it…
    wont that be more practical..
    “I guess all it takes it to believe in ones self” may sound very repetetive…but we still need to realise this repetetive line.
    i wonder is responsibilty the main deveil in the story called ” PASSION OF MY LIFE” ??
    if i am not wrong hitlers pasion was to became an artist .his pasion was never to rule .many people along his life ruined his dream his passion…i think it was the anger disgust that had him wat he was..
    world wud be better if every body realise their passion for life..and wrk towards it….
    we cant just be a grp of mobs who fall in the pit of practical world…
    no one has ever defined wats more rite to do “passion”” or “practicality”
    its ones own DIRCTION OF LIFE OR to it VISION OF LIFE that one follows…be it living a practical life…

  14. Hello Shekar Sir,
    I think, I am still very young(24) to know whether to work what passionates me or live life practically. But I recently quit my well paying IT job in one of the Indian IT giants, to start my own small IT business. My passion is entrepreneurship. But it was a tough decision or
    toughest decision I have ever made in my life. Almost, everyone around me thought I am crazy and messing up with my bright career. But I could not do the boring day job where I work for nothing else other than money without any satisfaction.
    Personally I feel the everyday practicalities surrounding a person limits him to work for his passions. There are few people who break out of this practicality and make successes.
    Personally I feel following are the obstacles…
    1. The fear of failure
    2. Support from friends/family
    3. Finally Money,money and money…. personally I feel, if we have enough money nothing else will stop us from pursuing our passions if we really know what we are passionate about.
    Here is a link to an article( old but a must read) by Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Computers which I want to share with your readers.
    Finally thanks a lot for blogging and sharing your valuable insights and experiences….

  15. u r right Disha, if we hitler had followed the tur passions of his life, that of being an artist, then we may not have had the holucast ! yes, u have a point, which is, are we more loving human beings when we follow the true passions fo life ? Does angst arise ot of suppressed true passions, but finally u raise a very intersting questions : how do u discover the true passions fo your life if they remain hidden underneath learning, education,guilt and feelings of “oh! this is what I must do”

  16. chandra, I was a very succesful chartered accountant and management consultant in the UK at a time when in India if u had a job, u were king. Yet I decided to give it all up – gave up all the money I had saved, gave away my possesions and bought a one way ticket back to India to persue my dreams to be in the film bussiness. I jst made sure that I had no way of heading back even if I lost faith in my passion.
    It too me many years, of being penniless, of being humiliated, of staying in peoples homes, of causing a lot of agony to my people till i started getting work. But not once can I remember being unhappy about my decison. I had the passion and that gave me hope, and hope gave me the ability to get up and go the next day despite all my family and everyone around me going through theri agony at what I was doing.

  17. Bipasha , Sometimes life comes in duals and the brave manage to deal with them. Your spirit is admirable , from what you say and of course , you have the best wishes as you try to discover your passion for social work. I hope u manage to pull through – and add a prayer if you can.

  18. Bipasha, I wish you luck. And more. Till you are compassionate with yourself, you are not totally able to give compassionate to others. Be compasioante with yourself, and then do what you have to do passionately. Shekhar

  19. Dear Bipasha,
    I send you my good wishes too.
    Disha makes a great point that “practical” people cause far more damage to the world than those who follow their passions. If for the sake of being practical you have to suppress your innermost feelings, then you will go on accumulating anger inside you and sooner or later that anger will be unleashed on the rest of the world. Being practical may fulfil your monetary needs but will eventually be detrimental for your mental/emotional health.
    So, even after weighing the pros and cons practically (pun intended), the better option is always to live your passions.
    Cheers and Happy Holi to everyone!

  20. I can see a common thread in all the stories of passion – I read the Steve Jobs article and this one line says it all “So I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out OK.” As they say, we have to jump of the cliff and grow wings along the way, then fly.
    I think at some point of time each one of us has to let go off something that is not fulfilling, and start confidently in the direction of our passion. Disha, I love Paulo Coelho as well and I’ve made a 1pg summary of ‘The Alchemist’, which I often read along with my late night book reading at the 24hr Starbucks.
    Himanshu – NYC

  21. Hi Shekhar,
    I don’t know if the word “passion” is the right one for the though/feeling you describe. A more appropriate word would be perhaps…. hmmm…. Dharma…destiny…I guess – “what you are born to be”.
    Passion usually relates to a temporal feeling…is it not? Like I am feeling Passionate or I am possessed with passion. Waht you refer to as passsion I guess is a more deeper commitment. Love. True Love.
    And about practicality…according to me “Practicality is the name people give to their cowardice and lack of endurance.” Practicality is compromisisng with something that I dont eally want. And it does work for most people. Coz most people do not want truth or freedom or LOve…but just “security”.
    Like they showed in the Matrix movies…. even when you know you are enslaved a huge mass of the people will still prefer it in exchange of a secure physical-mental-emotional state.
    And you cant obviously deny, the passionate people for whatever reasons are always confused, always in a sttae of dilemma…thats the crucifixation that comes with freedom. You have to “die” to be free – to give in to your hearts’ desires.

  22. Passion…
    Everyone has passion for something or the other in life, maybe its love, money, fame, solitude, or your job… but most of us we will always work in the four walls of society with the fear of not being counted as one of the masses…
    What passion do we talk about then?
    One that is governed by society or one that is governed by heart.
    I also am one amongst the millions who just talk about passion and are pulled down by responsibilities, fear, failure, support, and the list just never ends…
    So I salute the people who have succeeded to be passionate about something… and I pray for the rest to keep trying till you succeed…
    I may be nobody, but then again I am just an extra salute or pray for you…
    I always say and will say it again “Never give up, because Giving up is not an option but the end”

  23. @ Bipasha: Wish you good luck and I hope you will be definitely successful in chasing your passions. As you said, “I considered it my responsibility to help him back on his feet. That took 23 years!!” These lines describe your dedication and faith…
    So just start working on your passions right now… wish you all the luck and fortune to fulfill your dreams and passions….
    @ Shekar sir, thank you for replying and sharing your experience. It definitely induced some positive energy in me… I like reading experiences of successful people like you… I am really inspired by the way you never lost faith in what you were doing and always be happy about your decision… Personally, I would love to see some posts in this blog sharing some personal insights about your journey as a successful film maker which can inspire the aspiring young people here….
    Personally I am still not sure whether I have taken a right decision to work for my passion… there are times when I feel like going back to the job and do the work as everyone of my friends are doing…. but the satisfaction and being independent keeps me going everyday, an appreciation from my client makes me feel more confident about my decision…

  24. Rudra and Himanshu,
    Thanks for responding.
    It does bother some of us in the family that my cousin gets ‘ripped’ off all the time perhaps knowingly or unknowingly… And, all of us have accepted ‘thats the way it is’…

  25. Hi Shekhar
    It takes a lot of courage for one to believe in themselves and their dreams and to tread on a path to achieve what you are truly passionate about. Somehow I find that we are taught to feel guilty or ashamed if we want to do something that is unheard of or different. People laugh at you when you share your dreams and passions with them. I think the worst thing to do to someone is to laugh at their dreams.
    I have just started writing. I have always wanted to write but was afraid of I don’t know what. Acceptance maybe. I wish I had started writing earlier.
    Doing what you are passionate about fills you with joy like nothing else in this world can.

  26. Actually in the long term being passionate is more practical … it seems impractical because we feel that “known bad” is always more secure than “the unknown”. Again people find it difficult to deal with sudden increase in entropy…they are used to seeing shekhar do a 9-5 job…they find it difficult to imagine him giving it up to live on roads …it seems impractical because there is insecurity, may be lack of clarity…they don’t see him making movies like masoom…they just see him *not* doing his 9-5 job anymore …

  27. well yes…
    the question that emerges
    How do u discover the true passions for your life if they remain hidden underneath learning, education,guilt and feelings…..?????
    well i am 20 yrs old….
    these questions have given me
    sleepless (x zzzzzzzzzzz x) nites
    first of all i am glad i realise the importance to have a passion….(at an early age)
    many peers of mine dnt really knw abt it..their direction of life is quite differnt…still unknown( or shud i say ignorant ) of the fact y they exist…..
    actually when i even question them ..
    the answer is quite clear to some..they say why do one need to worry abt future ..just live the present..
    i sumhow agree and disagree to this justification…
    its like to create an ad campaign without any brief.
    ok u will enjoy ,heading here and there.but ultimatly wats the pt.
    r we here on earth to just enjoy ….R WE???
    WELL I AM NOT. i want to do various things..not because that will help in my next birth..( like an added experience…)
    because i want to grow as an individual .as a human.
    when u get a job…u ofcourse want to grow as an professonal DNT u??
    SAME way..u on earth as human…dnt u wanna grow as one…. DNT U ?
    but how do u knw wats the rite directions..
    it upsets me ..wat if i spent all my life finding the rite direction or considering something else as my true passion..
    in paulos books there is always a mentor…
    now how do we find that….
    or shud we mentor ourselves…

  28. kamakashi, there is no ‘earlier’ or ‘later’ – there is not ‘time’ to do something. It is done when the passion envelopes you – and you give in to it – shekhar

  29. Riya,
    You are well placed to study and learn from the philosophy of your cousin – i hope you take the oppurtunity to learn and compare what wisdom and passion drives him – can you Please share more of his perspectives as a ‘sanyasi’ ?
    Shekhar ,
    in your advice to Bipasha , you said someething i have myself discovered in my field – i discovered my acts of creativity truly represented themselves when i was able to be compassionate to myself – and i used to share that with my many loves too – to be kind to themselves.
    People beat themselves for a veriety of reasons , it is the beginning of enlightenment. No wisdom dawns on an un-repentent or un-caring mind that does not chastise itself – just that too much of it can kill the spirit.

  30. Thank you Sir. You words are always intriguing and entertaining. I saw you interview on NDTV. And I am HAPPY. At last I will be able to see FILMS DIRECTED YOU. Ramgopal Verma will also get something to copy. HEHEHHE

  31. hey, this is an interesting discussion over here.
    I wish u all the luck and I hope you do your best! You get one life, don’t waste it.
    I admire your guts but its indeed difficult to leave material possesions and by that I don’t mean luxury but the basic requirement needed fr survival. Its like if i run behind it? what will I earn and how will I fend for myself? The last thing I would want is to be dependent. So I think I am still in phase of musterig some courage for myself! 🙂

  32. Nothing happens in this world
    Except matters of substance, bathed
    In indifference.

  33. At a very young age i met with few people who cleared the very idea of how to follow ur Passion in this Practical world.
    For me practicality or practical way of living is derived from the word “Practise”. which means we lead our life on a path, which has been practised thousand times genaration after genaration by our fore fathers and the society we live in.
    Following your passion means not following the practised path…. as your passion will find its own path… if siddhartha would have followed the practised path of his fore fathers then he would be remembered as a “compassionate, merciful King” but he chose to follow his passion and remembered as Buddha…
    Once i asked Rajat Kapoor – how to follow my passion in this practical world?
    He answered: Which is greater, hunger of your soul and mind (passion) or hunger of your stomach (Practicality)?
    at the age of 17 i was naive so i maintained my silence…
    he continued: if u choose to feed your stomach first then there wont be any time left for you to fulfill your hunger of soul and mind. but if you choose to feed to the hunger of your soul and mind then the hunger of your stomach is taken care of by its own.
    these few line answered my question of passion and Practicality
    few years later i asked a noted cinematographer “Madhu Ambat” the same questions – how to follow my passion in this practical world?
    He answered: there are 7 fears which stops us from following our passion
    1. Fear of rejection
    2. fear of hunger / poverty
    3. fear of failure
    4. fear of humiliation
    5. fear of criticism
    6. fear of not being loved
    7. fear of death
    according to me these 7 fears are the seeds of our Practical world – come out of it and you can be Buddha, van gaugh or anyone you want to be… just surrender to your free will….it is scary … then no guts no glory….
    i know when my friends and family urges me to come out of my maddening world… i will when my maddening world becomes another practised way for others…..

  34. Dear All,
    Somehow in all the above discussion I find that people think passion and practical are two different poles. Why cant a person be practical and still follow his passion. To give my example, I have a great job but I also had this passion to make films like you. So what I did, I took a sabbatical from work pursued my passion and made a film. I have resumed work and am even more motivated now, as I work on my next script. Being Practical is ruled by your mind while Being Passionate is ruled by your heart, but we do need both the mind and heart to communicate. Dont we.
    My 2 bit.

  35. all human being has a passion for somthing.It may be xyz.but every body live in this practical today’s world too,but degrees of passion may vary ,here is the result.By the end of the day If you make it ..Your passion was true ..If you dont it was an illusion.

  36. Bipasha:
    The other thing you may want to do is to educate millions of other middle class girls , even today , who marry under parental and peer pressure.The world of bloggers is full of such women , and I read blogs on their young but empty lives.
    Food for thought and yes , all the very best !

  37. Hi I’m zen from the Philippines. It might be quite late for me knowing about this article. I hope I’d still get response and reactions. Well I am a graduate of Electronics and communications engineering, and I had already taken our local board examination and I passed. Of course passing the board gives someone this very rewarding feeling, and I did, but only for moments. I was employed for 2 times, in a row, but only lasted for 3 months, you see I was a job hopper, for the reason that I cannot connect my job to things I want to do for the rest of life, to what I was currently doing, and thinking that I was just doing things without this long term goal would not do for me. Eversince I was a kid my passion was art, I was into drawing painting and I even won several competitions when I was a kid. But I was the unfortunate one who had to follow what was practical and I was advised by my relatives that I should take course in college where I’d have a brigth future, and being an engineer would get me close to that. And I did, I went to school with only the thought that everyone else was doing it. Being an engineering student took me to far away from my artistic instinct, and since I was just a daughter from an average income family, I had no choice but not mess up with the subjects….But then now it is a slap in my face, this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, no matter how hard I try to think that I should have my mind over my body I still find it very exhausting .. What should I do??Anyone please advise me. Is there a course where I can connect my engineering skills to my artistic instincts?? But then I don’t want to frustrate my parents, ….thank you

  38. zen, art and technology are very close together these days. take animation for example, or video gaming. Could u explore an art form that would encompass yur technology education ? shekhar

  39. Hello, i arrived to this weblog while searching for some thing else, but to my joy i discovered this website. Keep doing what you’re doing, its excellent.

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