Letting go

how wealthy can you be if
you are afraid to let go
of your wealth ?

how successful can you be if
you are constantly nagged
by the fear of faliure
how loved can you feel
if you constantly seek
reassurance that you are
what can love mean
if you are afraid to set
the beloved free
how beautiful can you be
if you walk down the street
and feel reassured by
admiring glances from strangers
what self worth do you have
if you seek it in other’s eyes
what can abundance mean
if you desire more
how can you have anything
unless you are willing to
let it go ?
how can you live
any moment
without knowing
that is already ceased to be
by strangers

16 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Profound thoughts there …
    To put into words as a write, do you visualise the happening or is it more an outpour of emotions?

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    I love your words here. I think fear and self-doubt often come in our way, but the more courageous we become and more focused we are the less they can affect us. Also, the more comfortable we are in a state of uncertainty(as we look towards the future) the further we go. I also listen often to a CD and your narration of the ‘Lady of Silence’ in it. A great quote to go with this space:
    When power leads man towards arrogance,
    poetry reminds him of his limitations.
    When power narrows the areas of man’s concern,
    poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence.
    When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.
    ~ President John F. Kennedy
    Is your love for poetry in some ways a search for the truth?
    Himanshu – New York

  3. Ria, when I write, I lose my identity if I can and allow the words to flow as if from another source. So writing for me is as much a journey of self discovery as it is for you. It is by kno means recording. I often have an idea and then allow the idea to take on an organic form.

  4. Thanks Shekhar for answering. Its amazing how so much of meaning can be put into such little words!

  5. this is so strange shekhar that someone who is capable of writing so profound could be accused of harbouring a male ego that wants to control the female . And i guess the female in question is not wrong?
    So, is the writer and the man different?
    is the writer a hoax?
    does the man tries to make up for his limitations as a man by donning the garb of a writer?

  6. You touched upon the basic insecurities in all of us.
    Some of these can be remedied by a shift in awareness.
    But if all wealth is lost one would be on the streets or depend on the goodwill of others for charity. I don’t know how Buddhist monks do it. It seems dire to an ordinary mind to live in renunciation.

  7. piyali, that u have to judge for yourself. remember that all judgement is interpretation based on ones prejudices. shekhar

  8. hey shekhar
    i dont know the man personally to have any prejudices.
    neither the woman..
    it is just an observation and hence the curiosity .
    a little bit of the writer i know of, or i think i do, so it came as a bit of surprise when got to read a statement from the concerned female.
    now wondering -what could have been the sentiment of the man on being asked a question like that and what while answering it?
    same with the writer…

  9. mr. kapur:
    why did she let suchitrak go? 🙁
    i was a big chunauti fan back in those days. any chance of getting her back in a good movie similar to that serial?
    – s.b.

  10. Shekhar,
    Wonderful thoughts. I am sure such thoughts give the so called mental orgasm to you.
    But when we long for success or wealth and do finally get it, we obviously have the fear of losing it .
    When u let someone/something you love free, you expect it to come back to u right?
    when you are beautiful from within , it is not for display and other’s opinion, appreciation or reaction will not matter, like a rose or a jasmine which will continue to give fragrance irrespective of others reaction. But the skin beauty is meant to draw appreciation. May be that doesn’t need any reassurance but yes it needs appreciation, Beauty is after all not the monopoly of the posessor but the property of the observer!!
    I hope to discuss this eloborately with you.

  11. Hi Shekhar,
    This point reminds me of a story,there was this rich business man who was tired of managing his wealth and worrying about it day in and day out,he went to Mt.Kailash in search of self actualization and met a sage and explained his problem to him and said he doesn’t want all this wealth anymore and wants peace.The Sage said “ok, get all your welath(money,gold,diamonds etc…) in a bag and come to me,the businessman does as he was instructed and sits next to the sage seeking for more answers,the sage then says”ok, now close your eyes and chant this Mantra 108 times” as he was chanting the mantras the sage walked up,stole the bag and was trying to run away,the businessman saw the sage doing so and chased him,after chasing him for 3 hours and climbing three cliffs he catches hold of the sage and asks him why wa he trying to do this.The sage replies that” when you came to me you said that you dont need all this wealth and you are looking for peace,do you think you are ready for accepting PEACE at the cost of letting your wealth go?Think about it!!!!”

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