Lonely Planet

The Scottish Goverment have an annual competetion (and apperently there is huge demand) to invite people to live in the remote bleak and freezing island called Fair Isle. if you are 'lucky', you get to spend the rest of your life with a total population of 76 inhabitants, more or less cut off from civilization. [...]

A Riddle

I run towards a stationary man. I can measure the distance, my velocity and the time it takes for me to get to him. Conversely, the stationary man too, from his point of view percieves exactly the same time, velocity and passage of time as I do. We move in exactly the same space time [...]

Loving, Shiva and Krishna

Natasha's questions (comment posted under the Void), led to this play of thought: "Love for another being is not neccesarily the only way to search for your yourself, your consciousness. But 'LOVE" in itself is essential to find yourself. Love is the 'harmony' that embraces all the contradictory forces of our Universe, so only through [...]

Water on Mars !

So we celebrate. The possibility that there may be life on Mars. Not sure whether we are more afraid that there may be other life forms out there that are far more evolved than us, or more afraid that we are the only ones around.... ... But don't you sometimes consider how arrogant our search [...]

Coincidence (again)

Question inspired by Andrew's post : Do coincidences occur as events that we become startingly aware of, or do we subconciously manifest them ourselves ? And is there indeed any difference in the two statements? For if our Universe is an interconnected matrix of all time,space and existence, then it is difficult to seperate an [...]

Andrew’s post on coincidence

Andrew is a neuroscientist who is grappling with the idea's of recurring coincidences, and would like to relate to other people that have the same experiences. He says : "So, this all sounds interesting. I am a PhD trained neuroscientist. Have also completed an MD, BA, and MA. Have never studied anything from serendipity point [...]

Shiva and Parvati

Continuing with the idea that the constant attempt to find harmony between the Male and Female forces that drive the creativity of the Universe, here for those that are asking me questions is : The Story of Parvati After the death of Shiva"s first love Sati, Shiva isolated himself into a dark cave buried amongst [...]