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Andrew is a neuroscientist who is grappling with the idea’s of recurring coincidences, and would like to relate to other people that have the same experiences. He says : “So, this all sounds interesting. I am a PhD trained neuroscientist. Have also completed an MD, BA, and MA. Have never studied anything from serendipity point of view. Indeed, I pride myself on my scientifically trained mind. However, I am at a loss for words and explnataion…….as I have been literally inundated by the numbers 3.16 and 3.19. For the past 3 years I have become progressively more aware of these numbers in my life…in a multitude of formats, that simply defy any probabilistic explanation….

…from the day, place, date, and time of birth, to the names of my birth parents, my birth name, the date in history I met my biological mother for the first time, the number of pages in my PhD thesis, the names of key people around me and events, the occurrences on digital clocks, the name of the hospital I was born in, the year the hospital I was born in was erected, it simply defis reason…I cannot just will these away. I am not trying to create order from chaos, but I am left dumbfounded when I try to ignore the presence of these numbers…daily. Then comes the visitation..I am reluctant to talk about that, as it would leave me open to pot-shots of “he’s crazy.” I suppose time will tell, for now, I simply passively and amusingly acknowledge the presence of these numbers in my life…..stranger still I suppose that in looking into this “numerology” world, as it became clear that this is what I was dealing with, it turns out that the “soul path” number that is attached to my birth name..well, it involves all and ONLY the number 3.16 3.19.
Bizarre, but what is the truth in coincidences…p.s. I hate numbers..always have!”
interested in hearing from anyone else that is experiencing these “celestine prohecy-like” coincidental patterns in their I have only scratched the surface here.

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  1. 2 andrew,
    Its true. We hate numbers but it comes naturally. Example: Wenever v buy any vehicle 6 comes automatically. Even last time i bought motorbike i told agent tht i dont care abt numbers so give me any. Wat i got? no:160.
    I really wonder.

  2. I hate numbers too…always have…in fact, they scare me..
    When I met my wife she had an annoying (Indian) habit of quoting the significance of numbers since she was into numerology in a big way – she told me that I was an “Eight” – an inauspicious number but one linked to “Fate” in a big way – think of the Greek symbol for eternity sideways, according to the great numerologist, Cheiro.
    Anyway, when I looked at the street numbers of 90% the studios I have worked for to date – a spooky thing came up…they all, to a man, added up to…Eight…
    This, I deduced was because the business I am in is one in which fate and chance are major factors in success – this had little to do with whether the company itself was successful (some have since gone to the wall…) – or, was I simply attracted to these “Eight” combinations since I am an “Eight” ??

  3. Andrew, Its not new or something happening only to you …ithink they carry a message fopr you somewhere , try to find it . Its happened to me the no.3 somehow …i was born , in a house with 66 , then moved to a bunglow no. 3 …now live in a house 21 .2 months back i applied for a visa to someplace and the token no. was 12 ….i cant figure out myself but there is has to be some explaination , its pointing at something, its a clue but for what ?? when i find it …i think i will know.

  4. @ Andrew
    ‘I am not trying to create order from chaos’, you said.I think it works the other way round. Your launching pad is order – the existing conventional order, and you are plunging into a new unexplored order – an order which exists but has no acceptance as it lies outside the legitimised ‘rational’, ‘logical’and ‘intellectual’ domain.
    These perplexing experiences with numbers are very very common. one hears about them all the time.But they are tucked away in the grey areas of the mind.

  5. Good site! Good stuff, i found lots of intresting things here. Many thanks. Congratulations !

  6. I first noticed the number 29 in my life and it was after I had went to prison.
    Anyway, I was born on 10/29/1958. 2×29 = 58 the year I was born. 3×29 = 87 the year i went to prison. My jury trial was October 29, 1987; This was my 29th birthday and I turned 29 that year. 3×29 = 1987. I have had more things happen like noticing clocks at 10:29 a whole lot, receipts from grocery stores that total 10.29. My dog went to the vet to get neutered on my birthday (a simple procedure) and died. I used to associate number 29, and especially my birthday, with bad things. I am constantly aware of this on every birthday. I believe that our lives are governed by numbers, enough so that one can predict the date of his death. Then I too am tortured from it all because I have not been able to figure it out.

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