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Shooting ratio’s,

Kedar asked me what my shooting ratio is generally;
Masoom, my first film was shot 3:1….
Mr India, which was a visual effects film was naturally bigger,


Post Production !!

So here I am, back in London to come to terms with what I’ve done. Meantime Jill Bilcock has done an assembly (which means she has strung everything together in sme sort of linear way in order for the film to make sense …


Melanie Hogan

For those that remember Melanie’s blogs in the Golden Age diary, know that her film releases in Australia today, and if u want to read a brilliant review of the film, go to

The Break

I am travelling in India right now taking a break, while my editor, Jill Bilcock is getting the assembly ready. Which essentially means that she is interpreting the masses of material I shot into something that actually makes emotional and narrative sense to view !! A film is always..


Mary’s Execution : an interpretation thru music

Sushma asked “Mr. Pinto and Mr Rahman haven’t met as yet, but have been working on certain parts of the movie on their own, is that right? Back in May Mr. Pollard mentions how ARR’s music is being used for the execution scene of Mary, Queen of Scots; hence the question.The post on the execution was one of the longest and most eloquent. Looking forward to the whole deal. How did you decide which part of the score would be done by who? Basically, what’s the system?
No particualr path, Sushma ..


Stone and Wood

Bill asked “Does stone and wood also play a metaphorical role in “The Golden Age”? And given all the wood in the ships, is there a metaphor of the ships being organic or transient as well? Does stone play a role? Or has the approach to set design changed for “The Golden Age”?”


Golden Age Music

Ashwin asked : could u comment on the music of the film…im really eager to know how and what kind of music a r rahman has made and when the soundtrack will release…thanks 🙂


The last day ..

This is Shekhar again. Thank u Justin for holding the daily blog together so infomatively and so entertainingly. And thank you Melainie for your wonderfully emotional blogs for your all too brief visit to out sets from Australia


..and Cut.

Monday 31st July. 5.10 PM H Stage, Shepperton Studios. The eightieth and last day of principal photography today and so my last entry on this production blog.


Love and Exploration

Friday 28th July. 11.30 AM A Stage, Shepperton Studios. Our last day on a revamped A stage which has now become a room in Raleighs London home, Durham House. Its also our last day with Clive and Abbie.