Love and Exploration

Friday 28th July. 11.30 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Our last day on a revamped A stage which has now become a room in Raleigh’s London home, Durham House. It’s also our last day with Clive and Abbie.

With only three more shooting days left, today is our last major dialogue scene as Raleigh and Bess make love surrounded by the books and charts that comprise Sir Walter’s dreams of a New World. And in doing so the two begin another, equally dangerous, journey into the Queen’s disfavour risking the wreck of their fortunes.
This triangular relationship between the Queen, Raleigh and Bess is really at the heart of our movie and it is one from which none of the participants would emerge unscathed. For Raleigh and Bess it would mean disgrace and the death of their firstborn, whilst for Elizabeth it marked a sudden cooling in what was perhaps the last close friendship of her life. Yetthey were also transformed by it and many years of triumph and tragedy still lay ahead of them all.

4 thoughts on “Love and Exploration

  1. Hey Justin,
    Are trying to say that Damerei, Raleigh’s first born is murdered in the movie?

  2. Dear Justin,
    I looked forward to your writings everyday and I will truly miss them. I know the movie will be equally as exciting!
    Best wishes for the future,

  3. Love and…
    Our last day
    make love
    surrounded by dreams of a New World
    And in doing so
    begin another dangerous journey
    into risking fortunes
    This relationship
    is really at the heart
    It is one from which none would emerge
    For it would mean death
    in what was perhaps the last close friendship
    Transformed by many years of triumph and tragedy
    still ahead of them all

  4. WR – No, there’s no evidence Damerei was murdered, he is just simply not recorded after Raleigh and Bess were sent to the Tower and as such we must assume the baby did not survive.

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