The Moment of Reckoning

Thursday 27th July. 2.30 PM H Stage, Shepperton Studios. The final part of our fireships sequence today as a burning ship collides with a Spanish galleon.

Arranging for two ships to collide out of water on a sound stage is no mean feat so this is a big day for our special effects team. Our main ship cant collide with anything as its bolted to the ground on a gimble so to simulate it crashing into a galleon weve built a section of Spanish ship on a steel frame which will be accelerated into the front of our fireship by a large fork-lift truck. Now all the team need to do is ensure that the ships hit just as the gimble reaches the centrepoint and that the stuntmen on the deck dive away from the figurehead as it crashes through the side just in time. Of course all this has to be done with the deck and sails of the fireship ablaze and the wind machines at full tilt. And its a stunt we can only do once. It should be an interesting afternoon.

One thought on “The Moment of Reckoning

  1. Moment of Reckoning
    Burning ships collide
    out of water
    To the ground
    crashing into a galleon
    accelerated into the front
    The ships hit the centrepoint
    as it crashes through the side
    just in time
    all this has to be
    with sails ablaze
    And the wind
    at full tilt
    It should …Be

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