Wednesday 26th July. 3.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Into the full action sequences aboard our Spanish galleon today as the deadly fireships glide amongst the anchored Spanish fleet.

As Raleigh’s fireship approaches we find ourselves onboard a Spanish galleon in state of panic. Anchor cables are cut, burning spars clutter the stern, fire lick up the sails, debris crashes down and amid the chaos two horses rear and circle on the deck. As it’s a scene involving animals it’s not a quick shot to take – safety, both for the animals, the stuntmen and the handlers around the horses, is paramount and the long technical preparations give Shekhar the time to run over to ‘J’ to direct Raleigh in the Tower of London and, after that, the part of the hanging of Francis Throckmorton that we didn’t pick up in Winchester. Directing on two stages at once is a feat akin to juggling with sheds, but with only five days left on the schedule, time is now of the essence.

One thought on “Juggling

  1. Juggling
    Into full action
    as the deadly glide
    We find ourselves onboard
    in state of panic
    Cables are cut
    fire lick up the sails
    debris crashes down
    amid the chaos
    circle on the deck
    Its a scene
    not a shot to take
    both paramount preparations
    give the time to run over
    and after that
    we pick up at once
    a feat akin to juggling with sheds
    time is now of the essence.

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