Grande y Felicísima Armada

Tuesday 25th July.7.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. It’s time to look at the action of the Armada campaign from the other side so our ship has been redressed to become a Spanish galleon, and will be digitally altered to make it seem a little larger, as the Spanish waships were generally larger than their English equivalent.

We find our galleon today riding at anchor off Calais, the captain and crew at their prayers, for which we’ve chosen a period Latin version of Psalm 22 which forms something of a leit motif in the movie. But as they pray, in the blue-screen distance the first flames from the fire ships are glimmering on the digital horizon (or at last they will when the computer effects people put the in). For now our ships’s crew of actors and stuntmen must look in horror at a piece of luminous green tape stuck to a blue-screen wall which represents where the digital fireships will eventually be composited in. All that’s required is a little imagination.

3 thoughts on “Grande y Felicísima Armada

  1. Hi Justin,
    I’m excited to learn about history and info from you and Shekhar about Golden Age. I’m interested to know when will Shekhar finished filming this film? Estimated time?

  2. Grande
    Its time to look at the action
    from the other side
    To become
    to make it seem a little larger
    larger than their equivalent
    Their prayers chosen…Psalm 22
    which forms something
    As they pray
    the first flames are glimmering
    on the horizon
    At last
    they look at a piece of luminous wall
    where eventually
    all that is required is

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