A Kiss

Monday 24th July. 12.40 PM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Into the last week of principal photography now and back to the private chambers on ‘A’ stage for one last visit. It is here, in a corridor just off the main atrium, that Raleigh and Bess kiss, setting in train a series of events they will be powerless to halt.

Raleigh and Bess’ relationship was unusual in that it seems to have been that rare thing at court – a genuine love match. This did not mean that Raleigh necessarily always behaved well to his wife however. Indeed in the days immediately following their arrest he appeared to try to ignore the fact that he was married, not even referring to his wife in letters. But perhaps a man standing on the brink of losing everything might be forgiven for a momentary, blinding panic.
Bess did not forget her husband however and stood by him in good times and bad. And the years coming would not be easy for either of them. Banishment would be followed by years of court rivalry, taints of treason, confiscations, imprisonment, tragic expeditions, and finally, for Raleigh, death on the block. But that is another movie.

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  1. “But that is another movie.”
    Dear Justin, thanks so much for this blog, it is a real treat.
    There is so much intriguing and fascinating material in Raleigh’s biography. Is this huge potential being considered by you and Shekar Kapur at all? Could this be a future project?

  2. So in the end, what did Raleigh leave to his wife and family? He sounds like he had gained and lost a fortune during his lifetime but did he have much of his properties left when he finally was executed?

  3. A Kiss
    One last visit
    It is here
    the setting
    a series of events
    powerless to halt
    Unusual in that it seems
    to have been that rare
    a genuine love
    standing on the brink of losing everything
    Justin, it has always been a pleasure and adventure decoding your words to another expression…thank you for welcoming it with open arms. You have inspired something I have never done before. It’s been great invisibly and indirectly collaborating with you.
    I bow to you with folded hands in gratitude…namaste

  4. And what a movie it would be, in the end he was the last of his kind so ….. off with his head.
    Bess must have been a very devoted wife to her husband. She was so devoted that after Raleighs execution she kept his head for the rest of her days, then the son kept it until his death.
    I feel that he ignored the fact he had a wife to so devotion to the queen to lower his shame. But once she was out of the tower and settled at Sherborne he acknwledged her as his wife. Ralegh would not be Raleigh today without Bess .

  5. Hey Donna,
    After Raleigh’s fall from favour he finally had time to do the things he had no time for in and around Court, he spent most of his time at Sherborne, this new found freedom of Raleigh’s did not last long for in 1596 he was part of a Council of War and was 3rd Admiral of the Cadiz Expedition, and Island Voyage. He was back in favour after that, and back to his position of Capton of the Guard, from this point he only had 7 years left to shine. In 1603 Elizabeth died and King James 1 of England ruled. Cecil, Essex had correspondense with the King before Elizabeth died and they gave Raleigh a bad name.Raleigh was true to the Queen to the very end by not thinking of the succession, which was his downfall. When Raleigh wen’t to indroduce himself to his new King, James said ” I have heard rawley of you”. James removed monopoly’s from Elizabeth’s favourites and gave them to his. Now, the Gunpowder and Bye plot come in, Raleigh was a part of the Bye Plot but only as a spy to gain favour, this did not work and he was guilty of treason by the famous Sir Edward Coke. This was a very unfair trail that Raleigh should of breezed through, but he was found guilty before the trial even started. Since Raleigh was now dead in the eyes of the law all his properties were forfeit to the crown. It was not all taken though, who knows what Raleigh had hidden away. Bess stayed with Raleigh in the Tower for part of the time but the threat of plague and sickness kept her in her London home away from her Walter. In the Tower Raleigh did many things, he taught Jame’s son Prince Henry about history and started to write him a book, The History of the World over a million words long , he never completed it , the prince died. In the Tower Raleigh created a Cordial which queen Anne gave to her son before his death. When the Prince and future King was gone so was Raleigh’s hope for getting released. In 1616 he was released to find Elderado and gold for the king, this was not a success his son died and they destroyed a Spanish town . On his return he tried to escape to France and his company wanted him too for they knew if he wen’t to London his head was coming off. The escape failed and Raleigh was to be executed. The execution has to much info to be said, I will save it for another time.
    Whats strange, is that in 1603 Raleigh was first trialed and found guilty for being part of a Catholic/Spanish plot against James, and now in 1618 he is being executed for starting a conflict with a Catholic Spanish Town on land he claimed for England?
    Carew Ralegh had his blood restored by King Charles and Carew was compensated for his father’s losses. What I find funny is that before that happened Carew was introduced to the older King James, Carew was sent away for being to much like the ghost of his father.
    Some say that what the Stuarts did to Raleigh, started a Raleigh Curse that doomed the Stuarts bloodline.
    Justin correct my mistakes if any.
    So Donna, Raleigh’s son Carew got alot back.

  6. Absolutely enjoy reading these excperts from the set Justin!!
    My name is Donna too; but I always sign as North.
    All my usual best, to you and Shekhar, cast and crew….

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