Out of the Fire

Saturday 22th July. 11.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Picking up the scene from yesterday we find Raleigh now alone on the fireship, lighting the charges before jumping from the floating bomb he has created.

Another big special effects day today as Raleigh leaves the rocking ship, flames towering around him. Onboard propane burners are secreted around the deck which burst to life when Raleigh throws his flaming torch before swinging from the bow onto the ratlines and down onto the chain plate.
For this shot safety obviously takes precedence over everything else and although the ship appears abandoned by everyone except Raleigh, what the camera doesn’t see are the teams of firemen, stuntmen and special effects supervisors hidden behind every bulkhead and partition. It’s going to be a long day getting it right, but when we do we’ll see another and authentic side to Raleigh’s character as the bold, even reckless, man of action.

3 thoughts on “Out of the Fire

  1. Justin, it is so exciting getting these play by play accounts from on-set from you, Justin!! I hope you and Shekhar realize, how important this aspect has brought those of us, visiting this blog-diary of Golden Age being made…to a closeness, that those not here reading these accounts, miss out on the words, between the lines…
    Best, Personal Regards,

  2. The Fire
    alone on the fireship
    lighting the charges created
    leaves flames towering
    burners burst to life
    over everything else
    Abandoned by everyone
    …another side of action

  3. Wow, Ralegh was a reckless man, but this action is really out there in terms of Raleigh history and so, I will enjoy.

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