Shooting ratio’s,

Kedar asked me what my shooting ratio is generally;
Masoom, my first film was shot 3:1….
Mr India, which was a visual effects film was naturally bigger,

But when I did Bandit Queen, I was asked to shoot a minimum of 10:1
Elizabeth was probably about 10:1
Four Feathers must have gone up to 20:1
But Golden Age would be back to about 10:1
I prefer low shooting ratio’s, but these days Scripts are not as precise as they used to be, and are fluid even as you shoot the film. Therefore you have to shoot enough alternatives if you have to either cut the film down (as u almost invariably have to in the edit), and if you need to re – interpret the film. In Hollywood now, if you dont do enough coverage, then the Studio will call u and ask you too. They prefer to keep as many options open as possible.
Not a very good way to make a movie, for the more alternatives you shoot, the less precise your vision can be.
Which is why the edit process is becomeing mor eand more important.

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  1. hi dude…
    1:10 sounds quite modest for a project like The Golden age.
    i heard Walter Murch once giving lecture on Editing. he told about the seqeuence of a war in The unbearable lightness of being’ the shooting ratio was 1:1600 ……ooohhh…
    is there any such sequence in The golden age where the shooting ratio is ridiculously high?
    take care…tata…lots of love..kedar…

  2. Dear Shekhar
    Though i have absolutely no experience in film making yet i can say from all the experience i have from film-watching that you are quite right.
    A director’s vision should be most important for the film and no one should be allowed to interfere.
    I am glad that Golden Age will be of 10:1 ratio.
    I have doubts about the editing process.
    Don’t you get mad at the editors when they ask you to cut something that was close to your heart?
    I belive the hard core movie-fans go to watch a movie to see the director’s vision only.
    I always trust in director and never complain that why did the director shot this or why not that.
    I also wonder about the screenplay writing.
    Don’t you think that a director must write (or co-write) his film’s screenplay himself.
    After all a director’ vision will be really easy to achieve if he wrote the screenplay himself. (I believe so)
    I love Mani-Ratnam especially because he usually writes his story and screenplay himself.
    I wish you a very good-luck for Golden Age.
    It will be a must watch for me. I have every reason in this world to belive that Golden Age will be very close to my heert as are Bandit Queen, Elizabeth and The Four Feathers.
    I also would like to thank you for giving a chance to A R Rahman at such an international level. This man has got real potential.
    Thanks and regards

  3. Dear Shekhar
    I am dying to see your next Hindi Film
    Can you please tell me when can we expect PAANI?
    I believe you still have the idea to make it.

  4. HEllo ShekharJi,
    How r u, hope u fine & well and busy in Golden Age, on my side Best of Luck to you for the Golden Age,I wanna some ur Directorial tips, so if u r able to address any work shop, so please do it in india at a Big Level…..
    Bye… Take care… Best Of Luck for The Golden Age

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