Mary’s Execution : an interpretation thru music

Sushma asked “Mr. Pinto and Mr Rahman haven’t met as yet, but have been working on certain parts of the movie on their own, is that right? Back in May Mr. Pollard mentions how ARR’s music is being used for the execution scene of Mary, Queen of Scots; hence the question.The post on the execution was one of the longest and most eloquent. Looking forward to the whole deal. How did you decide which part of the score would be done by who? Basically, what’s the system?
No particualr path, Sushma ..

A R Rahman had written the most beautiful piece for Divinity. I had asked him to do me a peice that felt like yearning for Absoluteness, both sad and full of hope and divinity at the same time. He sent a piece that had everyone in tears as they listened to it for the first time.
In my interpretation, or rather in Samantha Morton’s interpretation of Mary of Scotts, she finally found peace and Divinity in Death. Something that Elizabeth was aspiring to, Mary found in Matrydom. So instead of filming the execution of Mary as something horrific as described in the history books, we saw it as her going to the final alter. Her final marriage. and we shot it to Rahman’s music.
But of course in the film, Elizabeth has to find Divinity not in death, but in life. That was her great achievement.
I have also used Antonio Pinto’s score in the dance sequence that Melanie has described so eloquently in her blog,

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  1. Dear Mr Kapur,
    Your interpretation sounds incredibly beautiful. Coupled with your description of Mr. Rahman’s score, I’m sure there won’t be a dry eye left in any audience when they see the movie. Your blog with your revelations have been fascinating. What you want to get through to your audience is very clear. I don’t know if you consider that a good thing or not. I am looking forward, now more than ever, to watching The Golden Age, if only to find out how Elizabeth attains Absoluteness in life.
    I do believe though we all aspire for divinity, for that Absoluteness, to achieve it in life, as Elizabeth does (in your interpretation), is so much more difficult than achieving it in death. Should it matter though? Whether we attain that absoluteness in life or in death? As long as it is attained, isn’t that the eternal goal of every soul? Would you say that one’s thoughts and actions in life decide one’s fate in death? Whether one is at peace, when one attains mukthi, or becomes one with that Absoluteness? I find your interpretation of Mary’s execution to be her final alter, her final marriage, very intriguing. Maybe it’s your language. Marriage to Divinity. Fascinating!
    Do you envision either Mr Pinto or Mr Rahman writing the score for a certain scene? Is that why you had one do the execution scene and the other do the dance scene? Or is it upto them when they get together?

  2. Mr.Rahman’s score has always catered to the needs of the film and the filmmaker. if we take the spectrum of his work, it has variety of shades..from classism of shyam Benegal and Maniratnam to the commerciality of film-makers like Shankar. I opine that he is completly a director’s composer and the quality varies according to the script of the film and the director’s conviction to get the best.
    Mr.Kapur, you have shelved many films which had A.R.Rahman doing music. Technically, this is the 1st time you are collaborating with him (Bombay Dreams had rip-offs from Mr.Rahman’s earlier work) and this film’s score is highly important for you and for him too, since it is one of the most-awaited films across the Globe. Your post confirms that Mr.rahman’s score might turn out be a classic.Please make it so and please treat us by releasing the Original Sound Track.
    wishing you all the very best for Golden Age.

  3. Hi Mr.Shekhar , I have been following ur movies ever since Masoom and loved every bit of Elizabeth and Four feathers too. sincerely wish that u get the oscar this time around . Another thing i wanted to laud u for was ur usage of a r rahman for this production . This is a dream come true for die hard rahman fans like me …. I sincerely hope you collaborate with Mr.Rahman on all your future projects . His talent has been largely unused in the naach-gaanas of bollywood and tamil flicks . Elizabeth would probably be a beginning in the culmination of Rahman as a composer and Pray to God that he gets the Oscar along with you . All the best for ur trilogy and please make Paani soon as possible…we want an Indian film by you soon!!!

  4. I can only agree with hussain in his above mentioned post about ARR. This should make him really known in the musical circles around the globe. It has been 20 long years for ARR to get here. Keep on going ARR! Sky is not the limit for you. Reach for heaven and above. I loved the first Elizabeth film and have seen the trailer of this one and cannot wait to watch it.

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