Are we merely ripples created by a universal consciousnes eternally at play ?

And if before the ripple subsides, we have known eternal love and compassion, then the ripple perhaps has had some significance.
The essential element seems to be humility. So much humility tha it can wash away the ego in it’s tide.
That then is my battle. But my ego and my sense of Induviduality fights back so hard !
It’s exhausting,

6 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. …no kidding!
    We were in Ottawa, Canada this weekend and while walking along a riverside…I picked up some rocks and started tossing them into the water. I’ve done this time and time again, but somehow this time…the ripples appeared differentely, supposedly because my thoughts view them differently.
    They were travelling smoothly without any visible sign of interruption in the circular flow of outward movement, but then…even the slightest obstacle in its way changed not only the spot where the ripple had to pass, the entire circle was altered also.
    So the simplest “ego” obstacle can alter an entire circle of flow?
    Is this how delicate and fragile free flow exsists that it may be augmented with the tiniest whisper?
    It is exhausting trying to muddle through all this jargonese.
    Not very easy letting go…is it?
    What to do what to do?
    I don’t know.

  2. real love: when you look around and find no ego, and you realize it left quietly a while ago, and there was no pain at its going. it usually tries to re-enter our souls, and if we ignore it when it does, it often slides back in like a miasmic but rowdy vapor. the struggle to shake ego off again, so love can be felt, is a worthy fight. but ego is most easily shaken off by ignoring it, not fighting it, while lightly facing love’s existence. whether we’re a ripple or not doesn’t matter. in love we’re joined with the universe, and we are all its parts. love can be enternal and universal, or profane and local, but if it’s real, it blows away our boundaries and shatters our shells, and what we are flies through space and time like the spume of waves.
    making art (any kind) is an exercise in love, with no object of love.
    sukriya for returning to your blog.

  3. The Truth:
    One day a student asked Nasruddin “is God true?”
    “Everything is true” he replied.
    “Even false things?”
    “Even false things are true.”
    “But how can that be?”
    “I don’t know man. I didn’t do it”

  4. Hi Shekhar,
    Great fan of your work.
    Am trying to research some your pics from the Acadamy Awards(Bandit Queen).. Where you sported a red sherwani.
    Its hard to find it on the net. Would appreciate if you could send across a few.

  5. miTaaye jaa mere nishaan
    dikhaa tu raastaa nayaa
    ik nayi lehar de, zindagii
    be-daag kar meraa jahaan
    I ask life to give me a new tide now & again and wipe away the past with a gentle stroke, leaving a blank canvas behind and ahead of me…

  6. Yes, we are ripples in the ocean of love.
    we are ripples in the ocean of compassion.
    we are ripples in the ocean of beliefs.
    we are ripples in the ocean of trust.
    we are ripples that start off as tiny circles but go on to expand ourselves to take in all the good and the bad in this world,to be nice and cruel, to be naive and arrogant, to be humble and egoistic all at the same time to end up as ripples again,to start our journey, from the very beginning.

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