Welcome to Eternity, bye bye Big Bang

Have always struggled with the idea of the Universe actually having a ‘begining’ with the Big Bang and therefore by inference an ‘end’ …

If the principles of Quantum Physics are to hold true, then surely time has absolutely no linear value. The concept of Timelesness is where the the new Quantum Theorists and the Spiritualists are finding common ground. In Eternity !
Now Neil Toruk, proffesor of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at cambridge university has expounded that there was no single Big Bang. But millions of them. But Toruk goes further, as the London Times reported :
“If Toruk and his colleagues are right it would mean that “Time, Matter and Energy have always existed, and always will”. There is no singular point in time where we can say that he Universe was born. So there was no begining of Time and no end. Time therefore cannot travel in one straight linear line.
So welcome to Eternity. The search for a ‘begining’ and an ‘end’ to all things is just part of our attempt to reduce the universe to something that can be contained within our limited comprehensions. If nothing ever began, then how could it end ?
The Universe is just infinite eternal potential. Where all possibilities exist, have always existed and will forever exist.. and the the non-possibilities to these events also exist. The Universe is an infinite idea, of infinite potential and infinite possibilities.

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
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  2. is there one or more universes?
    do they all have this eternity element?
    just wondering…hmmmm

  3. …so “death” is also simply a continuation ?…simply a change of “state” ??….our ideas about finiteness are a result of struggling with the idea of death – great stories (or any story for that matter) follow the concept of a beginning, a middle and an end…but the stories go on…

  4. (just read what this extraordinary thinker u.g (not jiddu)krishnamurti has to say long ago on this subject)KRISHNAMURTI: You see, one of these days the scientists will have to come to the terms that their quest to find out what they call the fundamental particle — they don’t realize that the fundamental particles does not exist, and they are not ready to accept that. Then once they come to terms with that, and accept that there is no such thing as a fundamental particle, and that there is no such thing as the great big bang, whatever they call it — it is an exercise in futility. They will continue to dabble with that, you see, to find out answers for the question only for their Nobel Prize.
    MISHLOVE: You seem to be saying that the body exists, that the brain exists, and that nature exists.
    KRISHNAMURTI: But that has no beginning and no end; this is all that I am emphasizing. So since the body is not born, so it has no end.
    MISHLOVE: Well, I don’t know, when you say the body is not born. That seems to contradict —
    KRISHNAMURTI: It is the thought that has created the body, and established a point and says it’s born here, and is going to end there. So it is the thought that has created the time factor.
    MISHLOVE: You mean that every cell was created from a previous cell, even the egg.
    KRISHNAMURTI: We don’t know the beginnings of it, you see. So the whole concept of the creator is redundant. We are caught up in the field of logical thinking, and that there is no beginning, that there is no end, is something which shatters the whole fabric, the foundation of our logical thinking.
    MISHLOVE: Yes, it does.
    KRISHNAMURTI: So we are not ready to accept that at all.
    MISHLOVE: But the notion of no beginning and no end — I can see how that might apply to time and space, but not to the body.
    KRISHNAMURTI: This body, you talk as if it is separate from the totality of the universe or totality of nature, or whatever you want to call it. It is the thought that has created the body, a separate entity, and tells that this has a beginning, this has an end. You see, this is the end that is the beginning. You see, it has created the space. Thought creates the space, thought creates the time. So it cannot conceive the possibility of anything outside the field of space and touch. Actually, the thought is the one that has created the space and experiences the space, but actually there is no such thing as space at all. What is there is a space-time-energy continuum, which is a continuum, but it has no end. You see, the thought cannot conceive of the possibility of a movement without a beginning and without this point where it is going to arrive someday or sometime. So there is the problem of the thought; its actions are limited to its perpetuation, its continuity, its permanence. But anything it says about anything — it tries to talk about, deal with, or experience the body — it cannot, because living thought is something dead.

  5. Hi.
    It’s beyond my imagination to even wonder how huge is this universe or how it was all made.But something tells me from within that there is an eternal force which holds us all together in a way that every particle has it’s own individual path to go which is pre-determined and set to perfection.You criss-cross and you are nowhere!

  6. …so if the brain is merely a sophisticated muscle, then stop thinking ??…ie thought is just a by product of a process of nature / matter and is therefore limited and finite ??…….stop worrying might be a better suggestion….

  7. I think that the perception of the universe as “infinite eternal potential” is a valuable window for artists in these trying times. Now that life is as undervalued as it ever was, on almost every continent, every stage and theater, from various wars, from Auschwitz to “9/11” to Iraq to the inherent hypocrisy of religious wars: the entire madness and constant ingenuity of man to discover the means of suffering and cruelty, the various gradations of suffering, from the ancient thumbscrew to the cold war to stealth operations in genocide.
    Certain movements and shocks in the world are registered in art like a seismograph and artists need to believe that there are infinite possibilities for healing, and the creative arts, as there are for its opposite: negative creation, destruction, cruelty and suffering. We must believe in the infinite potential of the human heart: “I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are still truly good at heart.” (Ann Frank)

  8. ravi swami,
    thought is a matter and the activiti of thought is mind (or brain).so what ever we think is matterialistic.even the spiritiualistic thought is in its nature matterialis.you can not stop thinking or stop worrying becouse the very foundation of your mind (and there for existences)is depend on thinking.it is not in our,or in so-called god’s hands.
    raj goswami

  9. geeta,
    what you call ‘something within’is second-hand knowledge passed on from parents,books,society or heritage.it is just thought like any other thought.there for dead,proudct of past memorry.yes,as far as thought is concerns we are nowhere !
    raj goswami

  10. Hi,
    Interesting posting on the big bang theory. I think you’ll enjoy “Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory” by Brian Greene in which he introduces string theory. I agree with you that time is not linear but isn’t time just a product of our own perception. What I mean to say is that if there are multiple “big bangs,” then this results in multiple universes and not just one universe. So it’s not that there is no beginning or no end. Rather, there are multiple beginning and endings in which case time has to be quantified in a completely different fashion for each universe. So then, which “time” applies to us?

  11. Hi dude…
    cool site you got hmm… but it seems you think a lot… well..no harm in that, thats what makes us human after all…
    for this eternity shit there is one crazy idea i got… scientist dont know what gravity is! they explained it in relative terms… my crazy idea is that Gravity is nothing but the EGO of the poor EARTH and Black holes are nothing but the EGO of the UNIVERSE…why so? think over it(seems thats your favorite time pass)…cut the shit…when are you releasing PAANI.. my girlfriend might leave me if you wont release it soon…hahaha…i praise you so much that at a point she started feeling i am a gay and she refuses to see your old films(she dont know what she is missing… assholes never evolve…hehehe…but i love her). lots of love. kedar.

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  13. As one of Gods former angels I can safely say: If I die while standing on my feet, I will be alive again and be back in my mother womb, before my corpse hits the floor. It will be 1947AD and in approx. 9 months I will arrive again. Sure wish the hospital staff would turn down the overhead lights, they’re very painfull. I realize that all of us are smack-dab in the middle of eternity and that we will never leave the middle. The middle is where we have always been and always will be.
    So my advice is: Have a great life, find love and romance and prosperity. Try an make a difference, and be proud of youself,–it’s hard being human. Have the most fun you can have because if you do all of those things in this life, it will also become your fate to be happy in all of your future lifecycles.

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