Craig Armsrong and A R Rahman

Both the composers are now feverishly working together in Galsgow (scotland) a Craig's studio for the score of Golden Age. It's fascinating to watch them interact. Two people with toally different backrounds and cultures. Because this is a predominently a western film, I am ecouraging Craig to lead it. But am looking to Rahman to [...]

Trial and Error

Apologies to thse that have ben visiting this site for the last month. We have been very busy in the edit room, and I guess we have been guilty of ignoring the site. Editing is a process that often is one of trial and error And of course it is not like filming, where so [...]

Tricks of the Trade

A major benefit of working with experienced crew is seeing their methods to get work done quickly. When making films at school or with inexperienced friends you muddle through learning by trial and error. I cut a film recently and had a lot of trouble with a sequence. I was cutting at home on Adobe [...]

The Assembly,

The editing department normally start on the same day as the film crew, this sounds odd to a lot of people I tell this to who seem to think we start once the crew have finished. It is important for an edit team to be working through the shoot for many reasons, both creative and [...]

New Blogger

Hello All, I am Karenjit the trainee in the Editing Dept, and adding to Billy’s Post production diary. Although working in the cutting rooms now, I started off working on the production in the Video dept. For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of Video Assist, in short it means I helped get a [...]


ADR : During the editing of a film you will pretty much always discover that you need some alternative or additional dialogue written in order to make a scene/plot point clearer. This is not always the fault of the script but could be for reasons that occurred in the shooting or restructuring of the film. [...]


Today my edit room was taken over by people interviewing Shekhar for the Electronic Press Kit (EPK), so Jill could keep editing upstairs is her suite. An EPK is a delivery requirement of the distributer of the film and is sent out to the press. They are normally a half an hour long making of [...]

the post production diary

I am Billy, the 1st assistant Editor on ‘The Golden Age,’ and I will be keeping a diary throughout the post production of the film. Our Editor is the amazing Jill Bilcock, some of her past credits include Moulin Rouge, The Libertine, Road to Perdition, Romeo + Juliet and of course the 1st Elizabeth. We [...]