Craig Armsrong and A R Rahman

Both the composers are now feverishly working together in Galsgow (scotland) a Craig’s studio for the score of Golden Age. It’s fascinating to watch them interact. Two people with toally different backrounds and cultures. Because this is a predominently a western film, I am ecouraging Craig to lead it. But am looking to Rahman to inject some bold, ‘out there’ melodies and sounds into the score.

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  1. we are excited about the project sir .the name looks inspiring all the best for success .arr will give dulcet sounds .

  2. Dear Shekhar… the musical scores will be fantastic for Golden Age!! The music is often, a huge essence of a film, and Elizabeth was great, so we fans anticipate same with Golden Age!
    All the best, continued good wishes, sent to you Shekhar, the cast and crew… while completing this film, which has me holding great anticipation for its release!!
    with loving kindness,

  3. i do sincerely hope that the soundtrack will be released in india unlike other a r r movies which never reach the fans !

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    I agree with Vijay Iyer on this one. Please ensure that the music of these films is released in India and reaches the ears of fans like us who are thirsty for A R Rahman’s music!
    All the best!

  5. Hi Cinda!! Long time no see… Having a cookie problem with IB and can’t get in there anymore… the admin at IB says, it’s a cookie problem on my machine? i have no clue, how to fix that?

  6. Dear Shekhar, with a click and a minute or two, I found a couple great links to The Golden Age information; which might be of interest to fans visiting this site? Links are delinked with a (dot) before the com, so just take that out, and put in the .
    THE HINDU-online edition of Indias National Newspaper
    NOTE: don’t forget to take out the (dot) and add the . for the link to work in a browser!
    with loving kindness, all the best regards to you Shekhar, cast and crew!!

  7. Adi,
    To fix your “cookie” problems,
    -goto tools
    -goto internet options
    -then goto delete cookies
    Hope that helps.

  8. Shekhar,
    I just saw the Elizabeth teaser trailer that was leaked online this week, and all I can say is “WOW, WOW, WOW!!!”
    The film literally looks extraordinary! The shots of the Spanish Armada were amazing, and Cate just looks absolutely stunning as Elizabeth again! I also thought the shot of her wearing full battle armor with her hair down on the horse was pretty darn cool.
    I don’t want to blow open too much more of the teaser trailer, since there are those on here who probably want to see an official release.
    Shekhar, you should be commended for creating what looks to be an amazing film. I am very excited over seeing the finished version of the film when it is released.

  9. I, too, have seen the teaser trailer, Shekhar. What’s amazing was a the amount of attention it got over the few hours that it was leaked online. Even after Universal had it removed, people are still talking about it, re-uploading it and viewing it over and over. The anticipation over this is quite intense.
    As for me, hearing Cate’s voice alone as Elizabeth gave me chills. It looks absolutely epic and I look forward to more trailers (longer next time) until its eventual release.

  10. hey Shekhar,
    i saw the trailer too, and i loved it,iam soooo excited to see it, I only wished the trailer was longer. I loved the shot of Elizabeth(Cate) on the world map at the end of the trailer it was sooooo beautiful.
    and you are right Putski, the trailer was available for less than a day, and the amount of attention it got was incredible, every message board I visited are still talking about, just look at Oscarwatch’s golden age thread it’s over 10 pages long.

  11. Shekhar, its majestic. Can’t wait for another 6 months. Cate is brilliant, surely another academy nomination to say the least. Great to see Clive Owen. BTW is that A R Rahman who has given the background score for the trailer?

  12. The music is what we call a ‘temp’ score. We have just finished recording the score, so hopefully the next trailer will have it. Thanx everybody, shekhar

  13. I am disappointed to say, I did not see the trailer..
    But, after “Elizabeth” I anticipate with great hunger, TGA to become a classic duo… of all time!!
    Dear Shekhar, after this grande endeavour is completed.. what will be the first thing you aspire to do for yourself? Rest? Play? Another film? A book of your adventures?
    with loving kindness,

  14. Dear Shekhar,
    I’ve seen the trailer several times now and every time I see it, I pick up another detail I missed the time before. Needless to say to me the trailer reflects ‘The Golden Age’ as a movie not to miss by any means.
    (Cate’s voice is really convincing, are you sure she’s really not Queen Elizabeth I?)

  15. Judy, if history is interpretation (it is , is it not ?), then it seems to be that Cate Blanchette’s interpretation is the one that lives in the subconscious of the people most. In that case she is Elizabeth, I guess. Shekhar

  16. Dear Shekar,
    Is there a way to see the teaser trailer of the film whose music is believed to be by A.R.Rahman. Can anyone someone send me the trailer?

  17. Just saw the movie — outstanding!!! Well done and Cate was phenomenal again. I loved the music in the teaser trailer, but did not hear it during the movie — is it on the soundtrack to the movie or on a different album?

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