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Thank you all for the feedback of the test screening of Golden Age in Los Angeles. Yes, the response was exciting and such a relief ! When I make a film, I am so involved with the process and the one liitle ‘eye’ that as a director I am supposed to keep on the audience completely dissapears. I just HAVE to trust that my subconscious is in synch with the viewer’s. We are all, after all, emotionally in synch with each other, even though we may belong to different cultures. I have been away from the blog as the editing process has been particularily difficult, but will write about that later, Shekhar

5 thoughts on “test screening of golden age

  1. Dear Shekhar… absolutely thrilled with the positive rave reviews thus far!! It must be totally satisfying to know this; after so many months working as hard as you all are, on the film!!
    Quite looking forward to the release!!
    Thanks, for taking time aside, to update your fans; this is appreciated, and if I am not mistaken, you are the rarest of rare directors, which even do so!!(gentle smile)
    with loving kindness,

  2. Shekhar,
    Have you had the chance to watch the tv series “The Tudors” yet? It just premiered over here in the United States, and it’s quite good. It’s like watching a pre-sequel to your film Elizabeth, since it shows the events that led to Elizabeth’s birth. All in all a good show thus far, and it’s getting me excited for “The Golden Age”!

  3. Dear Mr.Kapur,
    Just watched Elizabeth a few weeks ago and LOVED it. I am only 11 so I really shouldn’t be online at 10-something at night on a school week but I just had to wish you, the cast and the crew good luck. I am sure Golden Age will be as brilliant as Elizabeth ( NO PRESSURE) in every way.
    faithful Fan,
    New York City

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