love and abandon

to love selflessly
is an act of true courage
to love with complete abandon
is to know God

63 thoughts on “love and abandon

  1. to love selflessly
    (Love = Selflessness so why use it as an adverb)
    is an act of true courage
    What is an act of courage ?
    To do ‘false love’ or To act selflessly??? or to false love selflessly????
    to love with complete abandon (Is just love not enough to know God why Love “With” ….Something)
    What to abandan?? There is nothing which needs to be abandan. False thought we have in our mind should not be given more importance please. We have created a reality from our own original reality. We have donated our soul to something which does not exists at all but…. how great we are that we have given it an existence. What we need to know in pure sense of terms?
    To know God is to know his greatest selflessness?
    People say do you believe in GOD???
    When they ask this question… they basically refer to Existence of GOD rather than his greatest selfless existence and in his love towards all souls.
    Do you believe Him to become fearless like him.
    Remember when in Love you are powerless powerful. So is God. Knowing GOD is knowing his nature, his love, his vision, his idealogy, his meaning, his liking and disliking.
    How great we are and selfless in knowing GOD and towards GOD? Can we say our curiocity toward GOD is our Love towards GOD??? Is it selfless???
    Can we say our preaching GOD is our love towards Him. DO we really know him?
    We have not seen him. You have not seen me. You have even not seen your own eyesight.
    Do you?? Nobody have eyes to see eyesight. No mind can see GOD.
    To know God is not just to see him but know him inside out.
    But if you first want to see him. You can see him now.
    Every body searching for Krishna? I am not sure. Some dawood people searching some film director to Kill him??? I am not sure why people searching krishna for??? He is here on this earth. Yes. To agar woh mil gaye toh bhi kya ukhaad loge????
    Selfless Love or love selflessly?? Beta Ji grammer bahoot kamjoor hai………. words will lost their meaning before they reach the GOD almighty.
    So how to know GOD and how to love???
    Know GOD as if you dont know what is love. Forget that you know something about Love. Ask then all do you belive in Love instead of asking do you believe in GOD. I am sorry but I can not see Love. SO how can I believe power of Love????
    The love which exists because of my existence is not the true love. the love which really exists because of GOD… is the one I cannot see.
    When I will know love I will know God. When I will know GOd I will know love.
    If I abandam he may not like it. If I love selflessly someone I might land up with escaltion of my EGO.
    So I am just blasting. Keep This in Mind.
    The Mind which cannot see eyesight, love and GOD. And The Mind whoes grammer is very very weak.

  2. But I always thought love was the most Selfish act…ditto like the act of breathing air!

  3. The more I sip, the lesser it becomes
    Let me not drink and keep the want alive
    or just fulfill it and purge forever.
    Either way ultimately leads to letting go of it..

  4. His calling is his rejection
    His rejection is clling
    When union is the opposite of seperation
    Then why loose hope?
    Shah Abdul Latif.

  5. Hi Grey…
    Grey sees that he is made up of black and white…
    he chooses white and becomes whiter Grey…he chooses to be black and becomes darker Grey…
    then he remains Grey and enjoys the play of black and white…that is LOVE!!!

  6. Thanx for romanticizing my name!! but dont you feel that more people are in love with the idea of being in love than actually being in love…..i mean dont we use the word love a bit too carelessly and broadly?…….in place of attraction, infatuation and more commonly lust……..the perfect example is ‘love at first sight’……..well ive never got the hang of this one….

  7. This is what i feel on the concept of love. If love reflects a certain emotion of goodwill towards X or Y or anyone else, then it truely is love whether there is physical involvement of helping that person or not. If it is an “attachment” where you are “attached” to the person’s presence or his/her physical existence in your life then it’s not love.
    As far as Osho’s concepts on love go, they are a bit far fetched. Passion cannot be a driving force for anything except misery. But love is not about misery. And if it’s causing misery then it’s not love in the first place! True love is “detached”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a mother should detach herself from her child or vice-versa. But if the mum is attached to the child so much so as not to give the child freedom to go out and play with friends, or be too fearful of what the world is going to do to the child , then its attachment not love. The mom “needs” the child rather than wanting the child to be an independent individual and a good citizen. In the above mentioned scenario the child will eventually end up disliking his/her mother and this will spoil relationships. So being over protective, attached, is not love at all. And as far as passion goes, we need to work on replacing ‘passion’ with ‘compassion’! It’s passion that’s killing the world today! Passion for wealth, for status, for people, for religion, for work, for sex, for food; everything is being dominated by passion. By supporting “passion”, we are just adding fuel to fire!
    Cheers ,

  8. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapur,
    To love with complete abandon is indeed amazing. But we’re living in the Kalyug era. If one loves selflessly and with complete abandon, one IS abandoned! How does one BELIEVE when in today’s climate all one sees is selfishness and cowardice?

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