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Hello All, I am Karenjit the trainee in the Editing Dept, and adding to Billyís Post production diary. Although working in the cutting rooms now, I started off working on the production in the Video dept.

For those that arenít familiar with the concept of Video Assist, in short it means I helped get a video picture to all the monitors on set and provided playback to various crew and cast. Playback is increasingly an essential requirement for many departments regularly called upon by continuity, make-up, camera, producers, stunts and FX to name a few. To give an example of its use, there is a highly choreographed battle sequence in the film that involves fire, explosions and complex stunt work. Shots like this require lots of preparation, communication across departments and money. Had we not been able to refer to monitors when setting up and watch rehearsals and takes back then room for error is high and lack of playback is potentially very costly.
Monitors also help keep crew informed of whatís currently going on on-set. Keeping the flow of information on set is important both practically and emotionally, as people need to feel involved.
Since we finished shooting in July Iíve been the trainee to Jill and Billy in the Cutting Rooms. Mainly assisting Billy with the work he does with our VFX company MPC and general office duties. But I have had the chance to observe Jill and Shekhar mould the footage into shape. As this is my first time in the cutting rooms discounting personal and low budget projects this has been the most exciting experience so far. On set due to the nature of filming it can be difficult to connect scenes and the thread of story and watching the edit evolve. So I look forward to observing Shekhar and Jill work their magic over the coming months.

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  1. Welcome Karen,
    Nice to have your experience and insight to this wonderful journey of “filming”…must be quite the adventure for you!
    All the best,

  2. @Karen, we welcome your wisdom and sharing regarding the process of this film… how exciting a time for you right now… and we share in your joy…as you share your joy with us.
    @Cinda, HaPpy ThAnKsGiViNg Oct.9th!! From our house to yours… may your Thanksgiving be abundant, prosperous and joy-filled.
    With Loving Kindness,

  3. hi karen…
    thank you for sharing you experinces with us.
    this is a value addition for me. GREAT!!!
    take care…tata…kedar

  4. {{{Big warm huggggarooo to you}}}} darlin’, luv ya and thank you soooo much for your beautiful cards!!!
    Thanksgiving day is also our Anniversary…how metaphorical eh?
    I am so thankful for my husband.
    and good health
    Blessing be….to thee,

  5. Ooh, just saw your personal message Cinda! : ) I am soOo pleased you like my handmade greeting cards!! Were you surprised? I hope so, as that was my intent; and I am told, my cards are often hard to give up! lol
    Yes, our thanksgiving weekend is here, and Lee is coming for the weekend!! So are my two sister’s and their fams; so all our fam will be together, though I am still estranged from my brother since last year, so it will be a tricky weekend. lol
    All is ok, making ready for winter, very cold up north here the past month! Lots of rain and storms this year.
    Gobble gobble, have a great thanksgiving Cinda!
    With Loving Kindness,

  6. @Cinda, I’ve just learned your daughter graduates high school tonight!! Congratulations, happy anniversary as well right, and happy thanksgiving, from our house to yours; may our joy spread through in the winds, across the globe!
    My son is home from college in the morning!! woohOoo!!
    @Karen, how’s the pace?
    @Shekhar, greetings from way over here, and many blessings sent your way.
    Love, Blessings,

  7. Dear North,
    mmmuuuwwaahhhhh {{{hugs}}} darlin’
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for the beautiful wishes.
    The Grad went well, and yes, the Anniversary was splendid.
    I am thankful for such good friends, like you and Shekhar and the rest of the old Chopra Prayer Boards gang.
    Take care luv,

  8. this message is for this brilliant man shehkar kapoor.
    have just finished reading shrabani bas’s spy princess
    i feel if you make a docudrama film out of it u are sure to win an oscar or golden globe……only you can make it
    read the book and you will know whythanks

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