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Until “The Golden Age” I had only really worked on small productions and my own films at film school. I’ve had various experiences on TV programmes and in postproduction houses but nothing really to speak of.

Compared to “The Golden Age” my involvement on low budget features and shorts was a completely different kettle of fish. My level of responsibility was usually high and I was juggling several roles. Some days I would wear a Producer cap others a Writer and most days I was multi capping, not always a great look. Working in this homogeneous way with roles bleeding into your co-workers you always have an overview of the project, a lot of support and enormous amount of creative fulfilment. Where my vision was impaired I could rely on a co-worker to lead vice-versa and you work on getting a film made.
On a feature you generally start out on the lowest rung of the ladder and you work exclusively in one department, in a supportive role. So it’s often difficult to get an overview of what is happening on the project and to find creative fulfilment. There are also hundreds to thousands of people involved at any one time. This means you can be completely unaware of forces affecting decisions being made.
This is an odd thing to get used to as you can quickly start treating your role like a regular job and stop absorbing what’s going on around. It is very easy to not feel utilised and get bored. If you commit to these feelings then you’ll find yourself not seizing the opportunity to absorb the actions of the heads of departments when they come up. So one of the greatest lessons for me was learning to make a concerted effort to observe the creatives and not begrudge the times when there is little to do. When you manage to do this it’s very humbling and you are constantly amazed and in awe at the years of experience that so many of the crew have to offer.
I talk about my experiences on low budget work as homogenous but that’s an idealistic description. It is often a chaotic and the interpersonal relationships can become very messy when there are blurred ideas over the films ownership. Working on a feature you get the space to focus in one department, find clarity and learn from crew with immense experience and talent something difficult to find or access on frantic low budget projects.
I guess the trick is to keep making and creating on personal projects and continuing the learning and absorbing on larger industry jobs (whilst hopefully climbing the rungs on the ladder), to get the best of both worlds and keep developing.

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  1. hi karen…
    i am understanding exactly what you are saying!…i went through it alot many times…i am a screenwriter but i had to take differnt roles at times…but after a point i made sure to the director that i am not going to waste my time on the work which i am not interested in…my pesonal choice as for now has always been low budget, personal films where one can experiment a lot(aesthetically, creatively, form of narration etc.)…now i have started making my own films starting with handy cam and then if there is a proper saving done by me for 2-3 months then digi beta or now say some latest digital camera…( i dont even know the name…hahahha…ignorance is a curse(some say bliss!) but what the hell one day i will remember it…)and in the process i am learning a lot…
    but, still i can understand the kind of experince
    you must be getting with people like Mr. kapur and all… amazing…lucky you!(not denying your efforts or talent when i say lucky!)
    as of today , i dont want to make or write a big budget mega starrer feature…i am more interested in simple, small, sweet( could be hard hitting also) films…but i dont know what will happen in the future…
    but its really great that Mr. Kapur has started this dairy thingy on this blog…its great to read the experinces of all u guys…its really enriching… keep posting…take care…tata…kedar

  2. I suppose anything creative is a challenge? For Shekhar, the over-seer, the responsibility must crush the ability to become creative and explore new twists or turns, to an old classic? and, for you the under-seer, all the middle-ground, must bustle at times; and yet, the quieting moments, must be in an anxious wait?
    At least you are at a state of this awareness, that it is in how we handle the middle-ground, which makes the climb to the top, palpable! : )

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  4. hi shekhar
    i want to write short stories i am not sure how to start i always make lots of sketches in my mind i have one character who is always in my mind regarding so many issues i use that character and try to say whats in my mind , if i want to put all my thoughts on paper whats the best way advixe , my main prob is my english i am not that much eductaed and not from any mission school , i know i can write in hindi i need your valuable advise
    best regards

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