Trial and Error

Apologies to thse that have ben visiting this site for the last month. We have been very busy in the edit room, and I guess we have been guilty of ignoring the site. Editing is a process that often is one of trial and error

And of course it is not like filming, where so much money is being spent n the day that there is little time for discussion. It is easy to make decisions on a shoot, merely because you have to.
But when u get into the edtiing room, several points of view come into the film. Not just the editor’s and mine as a director, but also the producer’s and the writer’s. It is a difficult process sometimes as sometimes there is a very thin line between judgement and prejudice. In almost everything we do.
I do have what I believe though, is one of the best editor’s in the world. Her job is a difficult one. To negotiate everyone’s opinion, to evealutae and not be prejudiced about any opinon, and yet to hold on the her instincts about the film.
It’s a tough time in the process of film making, and is often a frustrating time. But in the end it is probably time well spent. It’s a time to hold on to your instincts when u are faced with very diverse opinions.

29 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. hi dude…
    happy to see the diary blog alive!…
    best wishes to you and your crew members!
    who says film gets over in hours…all your films are still running in my mind and they help me in some or the other way all the time. some times a scene, some times a dialogue, some times a song, some times the back ground score and some times only a pause!
    lakadi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda…
    desperately waiting to see THE GOLDEN AGE!…
    take care…lots of love…tata…kedar

  2. Dear Shekhar, how wonderful of you, to take the time for those of us whom beg for an entrance to your world, in the making of this film…
    You are an absolute gentleman for answering our call to the diary….(gentle smile)
    I cannot imagine the depth of concentration you must have to muster, from moment to moment.
    I must also make mention, how delightful I am, to hear you praise your staff as you always do when you post; and in this one, your editor’s keen precision; and your keen eye to recognise it!
    Amazing man; and this shows in your films, Shekhar!! And, that’s why we come back…
    with loving kindness,

  3. hello shekhar.
    am yet another indian and lover of hindi movies and urs including. does every one here know that u r a ca academically ? well, i myself am and so i am intrigued a little more about u…
    i just read on rediff that u have this personal blog page. its quite amazing that a director and a celebrity like u is taking out time to share his thoughts and vision. others in the film industry should take a leaf from ur book…u definitely make the indian fraternity proud, wish u goodluck. do make a hindi movie soon…
    and yes, u look absolutely charming and amazing. who would disagree:)

  4. Great to hear back from you Shekhar! You did a great job on Elizabeth, so I have faith that you and everyone else will succeed in creating a great movie. Can’t wait for the day when you give us our first glimpse of “The Golden Age”!

  5. Mr. Kapur,
    why not do a biopic on Mrs. Gandhi for your next big project. I have a perfectly good screenplay in mind (I’m serious). I think you’re just the man to give it the treatment it deserves…I feel that Mrs G’s life is a story that needs to be told. But such a rich source of material in the hands of someone else may turn cartoonish. Hence, I would very much like to see you do it.
    What do you say ?

  6. Good one, Mr.K, I meant the original Mrs.G of course. Oh wait, that would be Kasturba, now I see what you mean 🙂
    Admittedly, the idea of a biopic on Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi (there, now we’re all squared away) appealed to me after watching Oliver’s Stone’s “Nixon” several years back. Like the disgraced President, here is a woman whose character is layered with complexity, pursued by her own set of demons, and possessed of a life which is just as much about the recent history of her country as that of her own. And to top it off, there is an abundance of rich source material ideal for a screenplay.
    To paraphrase Dashiell Hamett, ‘it’s the stuff Oscars are made of’. I’ve always thought you were the man to do it. And I’d love to help.
    Wishing you a ‘Golden’ 2007,

  7. Have a wonderful new year, Shekhar!! To you, your cast and crew of The Golden Age; all the best!!
    Gandhi had more than one wife? I did not know this!!
    with loving kindness,

  8. Neil, actually I was very aware of the story of Mrs Gandhu when I was making Elizabeth. So if u look carefully at the film again sometime, u will find a lot of likeness to Mrs Gandhi, shekhar

  9. Shekhar, you’re absolutely right. When I look at Elizabeth, I see the parallels. The fact that both women had a lonely childhood, and were frustrated in not being able to have a normal personal life. The relationship between Elizabeth and Mary have parallels between Indira and her aunts particularly Vijaylakshmi. Elizabeth’s early years, surrounded by intrigue and plots, and her overcoming of these obstacles reminds me of Mrs G and how she dealt with the Syndicate. I still think a biopic on her would complete a trilogy in your potrayals of strong yet vulnerable women: Phoolan, Elizabeth, Indira.
    If you ever consider doing it, I might have some ideas on the screenplay. Just a thought…

  10. Thanks Shekhar for your reply.. continued best wish’s on the film… I can hardly wait until it’s at the theaters, and on video!!
    Neil, I think this is a fantastic idea; which time has come….
    with loving kindness,

  11. Dear Shekhar–I invite you, your family and staff; to peep my blog–and have a nice visual break of my creations(just created tonight!)… tea and coffee are virutal there(giggles), or bring your own(wink.)
    HOPE all is well over there at your end of the world; as all is well at mine… enjoy your visit into “my world” as I take great pleasure in enjoying mine.. in yours directing great movies!!
    IF you get this late, the pics I refer are found in labels/north’s designs3
    with loving kindness,

  12. North, your pictures are really evocative, I love them, and thanks for leading me to tham and sharing, shekhar

  13. Hello Shekhar!! Thankyou… I am so very happy you enjoyed my share Shekhar… continued best wishes on the finalization of The Golden Age.
    with loving kindness,

  14. It’s been two weeks, just wanted to say hello to you Shekhar, and to your cast, crew–on the finalizing development of The Golden Age!!
    All the best!!
    with loving kindness,

  15. Three weeks, and little updates on the progress… so we can only imagine that time is of the essence, and things are hopefully going very well for you Shekhar!!
    Busy as you all are, pop in for a hello once in a while??
    Continued best wish’s on the post-production!! I can hardly wait to see this film,
    and I did NOT recieve Elizabeth for christmas from my son or family; as it was on my 3-item list(Elizabeth, chocolates, slippers.) I was soOo disappointed, so I rent it from time to time.
    Maybe you can sell both films in a boxed set later?? When is approximately due out, Shekhar? Summer?
    with loving kindness,

  16. I was out for a walk just earlier from this moment; in late winter here in north coutnry; the roads difficult to walk, on the thickened, mushy-snowy surface, thick ice underneath–treacherous; yet, a child-like fun quality to it.
    I was thinking of you Shekhar; your cat/crew/staff, family and friends; as I let the gentle-falling new flakes of snow wash my hair, my face; tickling me with glee; I was wondering how you all are; and how the film is coming along?
    Are you post, post editing now? A snippet of news would be wonderful to read soon…
    with loving kindness, to you and yours, much love; from me, and mine.
    my new blog; the other is deleted
    –look for northdesigns1,2,3 below my profile in labels/categories for the designs you liked. Link has been delinked with “(dot) for the .
    Many recipies I use over the years… family favourites!!
    I hope you are well, and still feeling as invigorated today with The Golden Age; as you were, when you decided to take on the project(gentle smile.)
    Love, North

  17. Hi Shekhar and everyone else on this site!
    This is my first time here and I would like to congratulate everyone involved in setting up this amazing and unique site.
    When I heard that A R Rahman was going to be scoring this movie I was so excited, and I am so glad its for this film. I was just wondering how the musical composition is going for the film, has it begun. If its as good as David Hirschfelders score I’ll be happy!

  18. Hi Shekhar,
    I heard from the grapevine that The Golden Age has finally screened yesterday. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the audience reaction. Must be an exciting time for you! Best of luck…

  19. There was an early screening that was reported on Murph’s forum:
    Oscar Watch (Registration required) : Movielocke wrote: This screened last night, the four principles are all superb, expect buzz to build slowly around Abbie Cornish and Clive Owen. The film deals with up to shortly after the defeat of the Spanish Armada and is a little more melodramatic than Elizabeth. There’s no point addressing any negatives because it’s a work in progress and many aspects, such as the temp score (which affects perception and reception of the film more than many people realize) will change dramatically in the next months and will completely alter any perceptions. I would watch it again when it’s more completely color timed for all scenes and everything uprezzed as the handful of offline (eg low res for editing) scenes were very distracting in the digital projection. As a work in progress it is an excellent film, not yet great but the potential is definitely there for this film to reach the level of Elizabeth (which was my second favorite of the 1998 oscars, behind Saving Private Ryan). – Thanks, Steph

  20. Dear Shekhar.. the anticipation grows, and already, Oscar!! is echoing in the early aisles of gossip, and grape-vining!(wink.)
    I am completely, but in all good ways of healthy doses, absolutely jealous, that millions of people will see the previews, months before I will see the film…
    Living where I am, we are “behind” city influence of abundances.. (smiles.)
    so, I will have to wait much longer.. and the whispers only urge my anticipation; of a spectacular “Golden Age!!”
    Rest when you can.. and revel your accomplishments with your family.. then, come back to us; at you know where(IB) and bring with you, a tidbit of your poetic verses, and notes to your daughter..
    which inspire, and aspire us all… and you do not even “know it.”
    with loving kindness,

  21. Shekhar,
    Read the test screening reviews today. Nearly all of them were universally positive, which has me excited over the film! The reviews indicate that this is a film that could very well match, or surpass the first Elizabeth film in greatness! Also, just wanted to shout out that Cate has signed on to the next Indiana Jones film! Now she’s starring in two of my favorite film series, Elizabeth and Indiana Jones!

  22. Shekhar.. I hope you are finding precious times for rest and fun; during this most hectic time!! I don’t imagine the pace slowing, as its reaching debuts, and winning raves…. I am so happy for you, the cast and entire crew!! Job well done!!
    @Raiden.. two of my faves too!! I love the Indiana Jones series… great, imaginative films, lotsa action and effects. Two great ingredients.
    with loving kindness,

  23. thank u north, and Raiden, where have u read the etst screening reviews ? I have only seen one on ‘aint it cool” shekhar

  24. Shekhar,
    I first read about the test screening at “Aint It Cool”. Also, the unofficial Cate Blanchett forums had a post about another test screening. That report can be found here:
    Also, the same forum is reporting that your upcoming film has been rated PG-13 over here in the United States.
    Anyway, great to hear back from you Shekhar, and keep up the great work! I still can’t wait for you to show us our first preview of the Golden Age!

  25. Hi Shekhar,
    I read a test screening review at Oscarwatch forums, someone over there attended the screening and wrote a small review about it 🙂

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