ADR : During the editing of a film you will pretty much always discover
that you need some alternative or additional dialogue written in
order to make a scene/plot point clearer.

This is not always the
fault of the script but could be for reasons that occurred in the
shooting or restructuring of the film.
At the end of the editing, these lines are then re-recorded by the
actors, this process is called ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording).
It also covers messy dialogue that when recorded on set has a
background noise, radio microphone interference or it hasn’t been
spoken clearly (mumbled).
Today Jill and Shekhar wrote an alternative line of dialogue, so as a
guide to work with, we recorded Clare (Shekhar’s assistant) reading
the line and put into the edit. If it stays, it will then be re-
recorded by the real actress at the end (Sorry Clare!).

4 thoughts on “ADR

  1. wow, such a delicate process!!
    HI Justin, good to see you!! Are you still working on this with Shekhar, or have you moved onto a new film?

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