Prepare to be Bombed !!

Back to the Stone Age. By the US of A..

So President Musharraf of Pakistan was threatened by Richard Armitage, the then Deputy Secratary of State of the US Goverment, if Pakistan did not co-operate with the US on it’s war against the Al – Qaeda,
Of course we have known for a long time that Pakistan was cowed down by the US, but the tone of the threat as revealed now shows an arrogance that is almost colonial and racist.
But President Musharraf, why are u telling us this now ? Are u poltically distancing yourself from the Bush admnistration ? Are the pressures at home pushing you into revealing that your leaning towards the US was provoked by the fear of a Military attack by the US ? Or is this in preparation for your soon to be released autobiography ?

5 thoughts on “Prepare to be Bombed !!

  1. Why is it racist? Did only people of a certain race inhabit the earth during Stone Age? He talked about bombing a nation, not people of a specific race.
    Arrogant, bullying etc. I understand.

  2. hi dude…
    i guess ur witty bone was active while u wrote this….
    ‘Or is this in preparation for your soon to be released autobiography ?’ ( hahahha)
    send it as a press column in London papers…
    even Mr. Musharraf will smile reading it…!
    i guess he will be surprised to read it and would wonder how his hidden agenda is known to Mr. Kapur?
    thats all he can do when its about international politics!… one has to be more wicked to laugh at others when its an international politics.
    small tree never grows in the shadow of a big tree! Pakistan realised this very late!
    and a tag of ‘Opportunist’ was never given to any Dictator before Mr. Musharraf!
    but my information about world politics is very less…
    so take care…lots of love…tata…kedar…
    ps: ( looking forward to more personal blog entries from you but i guess the post of The golden age is keeping you too busy to think of any thing else)

  3. Hey Shekhar,
    Your critic kedar has said well about the autobiography line, hehehee. So i don’t have anything to add to that.
    Well in International relations there are no permanent friends and there are no permanent enemies. but in the case of Uncle Bush and nephew Musharraf there was never a friendly relation. Uncle wanted nephew to work for him to clean the society and set high standard of morals and values knowing nephew was a big player of the same society.
    Nephew is pretty smart to save himself from the whip of uncle Bush. Next day he declared his close friend osama dead. Lets wait and watch if uncle would gift nephew with few more fighter planes or funds to sell his autobiography, great family bonding they share.
    It is easy to understand Indian join families or the saas bahu kahani than getting into International politics.

  4. Being a Pakistani, I can understand why Musharraf did what he did. However releasing the “threat” at this particular time could very well be a move to promote his autobiography as Shekar said. Regardless of what it was, Mushi made his point clear to Pakistani at home as well as non-pakistanis. I may not have respect for him but I think that siding with Bush was one of his best move. Shekar wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were in that sitaution? I would like to know your views.

  5. ‘General’ Musharraf is a war criminal who should be hanging his boots in some cell in the Tihar Jail . A travesty of fortunes , and in these days of the sly and the slick-tongued , he finds company with an equally vile American empire, hogging the media headlines- what a ****ing joke !
    Everyone knows Mushy wont outlast American interest and what should concern India , is the future.
    America is our new neighbour.

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