The last day ..

This is Shekhar again. Thank u Justin for holding the daily blog together so infomatively and so entertainingly. And thank you Melainie for your wonderfully emotional blogs for your all too brief visit to out sets from Australia

So what does that last day mean ? Relief ? The end of fatigue ?
Not at all. It is the begining of doubt.
Could I have done better ?
Did I do my best ?
Did I push myself hard enough
Or did I just let emotinal and physical fatigue
make me careless ?
Well, it’s done.
And I am trying to hang on to my own belief in Destiny
This film, and film, any event, has as much an induviduality as you or I
Does that mean I don’t try hard ?
No it only means that I work with the greater passion of the moment
Not of the result
If only I could have been so pure
so of the moment
I am not evolved enough yet
I gave into the force of other people’s judgement now and again
I looked for appreciation in others eyes, every now and again
Oh well, I am human
must forgive myself for those moments that I was not completely honest
but allowed my ego as a film maker edge out pure instinct
God, how the ego prejudices
Oh well, I am human
I do have the best editor in the world
I must leave her to explore her instincts
Jill Bilcock has very very strong instincts
Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Julliette, Elizabeth, Road to Perdition, The Dish ..Oh yes, her instincts are strong. Plus she will bring a strong feminine point of view,
Lets see.
The film is not the script
The film is not the performances
The film is not what I shot
Now the real film must emerge organnically
make itself heard,
call all of us to it,
It is time for Jill to listen the the film
it is time for her to hear it’s calling
before I step back in again after a month

12 thoughts on “The last day ..

  1. Ah, Mr Kapur….It saddens me a bit that you seem to be, nearing the completion of your garden, still racked with self-doubt. In April, when you prepared the soil and planted the seeds, you spoke of “letting go” and allowing the garden to evolve. You have the most spectacular blooms in your amazing actors, the richest soil in your crative teams. Now, your editor will take the watering can and shears and lovingly pluck and prune while you take a short rest. Please be proud and delighted. We, who have shared this journey will, with much love and anticipation celebrate the harvest early next year.
    Secondly, we all know that film-making is a business. The money counters and production companies must be satisfied. The techno-crap blockbusters blind us with big box office numbers. But, will we remember these films five years from now? Will we want to add these films to our permanent personal collection? Not likely.
    Great films and great directors endure with time.
    They teach, touch our lives, appreciate in value as great works of cinema. Of this, I am reminded whenever I pull any one film from my beloved Merchant Ivory collection knowing Mr Merchant will make no more. I will now make room on that shelf for my future DVD of “The Golden Age” right next to my well worn VHS of “Elizabeth”
    So, I look forward to settling into my theater seat to be transported to the beautiful garden of “The Golden Age”. Intriguing history, magical costumes, compelling music, Cate, Clive! …In the dark of the theater, I can almost see the majestic Elizabeth, hands folded, perched on her throne in that Other Kingdom. With a wry smile on her face, she whispers “Well done, Mr Kapur! Well done!”
    God Bless you and thank you for your films of enduring beauty!

  2. This has been quite a unique and rare journey.
    From the little seat here on the other side of the world, I had the opportunity to peer into the unfolding of this creation process…WOW!
    For many others also who had a glimpse through that same window, I’m sure we are all in deep appreciation and aw.
    Shekhar, for giving us the chance…in spirit and connectedness, THANK YOU!
    may you journey continue on in mindfulness and harmony…om shanti

  3. Thank you for asking Justin to blog here through the making of this film, Shekhar.
    It gave the rest of us a treasured way of “keeping in touch”
    All the best,

  4. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapur,
    I cannot believe the Golden Age is just focused on Elizabeth’s romances!!!! I am shocked.
    Do you know the French made a movie titled in Les Amours de la reine Élisabeth (1912)? which just dealt with the lovers of of Elizabeth in order to disprove the “Virgin Queen” mythology. How about the Golden Age depicting the great wars between the Spanish and the English crews? Sir Francis Drake? I don’t see any mention of it in the synopsis of the movie or the character list? How can the great age not include one of the greatest battles in English history?
    I can assure you that by making this film you are going to ruin the reputation you built on the first one. Stay strong! if need be make a really good Elizabeth movie in India if you have to with Cate and Mr. Rush! but do not sell your soul by making this trash which the French made…

  5. Ok, as I mentioned earlier I noticed there is a scene with the Armada and the war against the superpowers. So I am a bit relieved because I was thinking that people will attempt to sabotage your film and will attempt to desecrate Elizabeth’s memory (hence the recommendation to go to India if you have to in order to make the movie where you may truly portray Elizabeth as the great woman she was).
    I must say that of all your movies Elizabeth is the only one I like. The other movies really really really suck. I am sorry. I could not stand the Guru, Four feathers was not up to standard and I don’t have any respect for Bollywood productions so I didn’t even watch them(except the one movie every decade that comes out decent).
    I wish you would make more movies that portray the reformation era. And for heaven’s sakes Sir, stop hanging out with homosexuals, you sound so sentimental and effete in your blogs that it makes me suspect that you are surrounded by such folk. (I know because I have experience with such people and my ridiculous admission earlier that I nearly cried with relief over the inclusion of the Drake vs. the Armada scene is evidence of the over sensitive-ness and the hyper sentimentalism that I suffer from).
    I would recommend hanging out with soldiers.

  6. Dear Shekhar, it has been our greatest adventure to be a part of your production of “Golden Age” with you and Justin, your dedicated staff; in this profound way, such as blogging!!
    Shekhar, you are nothing and everything! Golden Age will reflect your passion; to get the story right, from Elizabeth’s perspective…perhaps more deeply than any previous exploration of Her History thus far? I know, I certainly thought so, watching Elizabeth.
    As summer peaks in summer, Golden Age peaks towards her end too; ergo Shekhar, a wonderful month off-set; to rest, rejuvinate and family visits.
    I can hardly wait until release date!! Once again, thankyou Shekhar, Justin; for taking us with you, on the daily escapades of filming, directing, and the precision required.

  7. I came upon your website by great chance as I reach the end of the first week of shooting on a film I am directing in Canada. What a gift your director’s prayer is. “Be one with the bullet.” That is my mantra for today–call time is in an hour–and for the rest of the shoot.
    Many thanks,

  8. Uh Athar how dare thee,
    This is the first time I have seen any entry from you and I can tell you havn’t read all that much about this film. This film is about Elizabeth, did she fight against the Armada? No. Did she give a wonderful speech to her troops? Yes. Did she have a role in the fight? ofcourse. The 1588 battle against the Spanish Armada will be in the film. Drake will most likely be mentioned as well as others that were on that war council which included Raleigh. Ather, when you think of Elizabeth 1st why does the Armada come to mind? Why not think of the Golden Age she created for England? and please watch what you say cause you sound like an idiot.
    PS I enjoyed the Four Feathers and wish their were more like it. Thanks for telling me Shekhar worked on it, I did not know until now.

  9. dear mr. kapur,
    could u comment on the music of the film…im really eager to know how and what kind of music a r rahman has made and when the soundtrack will release…thanks 🙂

  10. IF all soldiers in the world, were more like Shekhar… we would have no wars…
    I was just involved on Aug.5th, in a LIVE cast at SMT(Sweet Mother Tour) a youth group organization…with Nadirah X, Dave Stewart, D.N.A. and Heart in Action.. it was a live video PC conference.. a first, and I was part of that history in the making.. amazing; it was a thrill to be there!!
    I made quite a few “play” photo designs of Nadirah X’s face on my blog.. some are quite impressive!!
    The blue north is my: to-norths-blog, magic transporter…
    HI Stephen, I am in rural northern Ontario, about 6 hours north from TO!! What film are you directing?

  11. dear Skekhar Kapur,
    i wanted to put on record my eyes’ view of this amazing process called Film.
    i was a lowly and humble extra during the filming at St. John’s Chapel in Cambridge. my first time involved in a serious piece of acting work and “Show Business”. it was an honor to be in the same breathing space as the beautiful and highly talented Madame Cate and the dashing and sultry Sir Owen. to watch master Skekhar Kapur in his creative zone with all his army of skilled people. thank you for the chance to be a part of your ideas and moment.
    now that i’ve seen the original Elizabeth film; i’m as eager as a jackrabbit to see the final result with the second one.
    good luck.

  12. Dear Shimon,
    Perhaps you can describe yourself and the scene you were in…we will definitely LOOK out for you in the film.
    Must have been quite the adventure and thrill to be in the presence of such an unfolding of creativity.
    Congratulations on being in “Golden Age”

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