The Moment of Reckoning

Thursday 27th July. 2.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. The final part of our fireships sequence today as a burning ship collides with a Spanish galleon. Arranging for two ships to collide out of water on a sound stage is no mean feat so this is a big day for our special effects team. [...]


Wednesday 26th July. 3.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Into the full action sequences aboard our Spanish galleon today as the deadly fireships glide amongst the anchored Spanish fleet. As Raleigh’s fireship approaches we find ourselves onboard a Spanish galleon in state of panic. Anchor cables are cut, burning spars clutter the stern, fire [...]

Grande y Felicísima Armada

Tuesday 25th July.7.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. It’s time to look at the action of the Armada campaign from the other side so our ship has been redressed to become a Spanish galleon, and will be digitally altered to make it seem a little larger, as the Spanish waships were generally larger than [...]

A Kiss

Monday 24th July. 12.40 PM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Into the last week of principal photography now and back to the private chambers on ‘A’ stage for one last visit. It is here, in a corridor just off the main atrium, that Raleigh and Bess kiss, setting in train a series of events they [...]

Out of the Fire

Saturday 22th July. 11.30 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Picking up the scene from yesterday we find Raleigh now alone on the fireship, lighting the charges before jumping from the floating bomb he has created. Another big special effects day today as Raleigh leaves the rocking ship, flames towering around him. Onboard propane burners [...]


Friday 21th July. 4.00 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Another change around for our multi-purpose ship as we reach the fireships sequence. Today Raleigh is preparing to sail his fireships into the anchored Spanish fleet and we find him in the moments before the first ship strikes, on its deck as the crew finish [...]

Tell England We’re Home

Thursday 20th July. 2.00 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. The Ark Royal cabin has gone and we are now back aboard the Tyger as we introduce Raleigh to the movie. We find the Tyger as she returns from the New World and the English coast appears before her. This is a chance for Raleigh [...]

Money Well Given

Wednesday 19th July. 4.00 PM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Back on our ship today which has had the stern redressed to turn it into the Admiral’s cabin on the Ark Royal. The Ark Royal was Lord Howard of Effingham’s flag ship during the Spanish Armada campaign and the first of five English (and later [...]

Beneath the Surface

Tuesday 18th July. 10.00 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Our last day filming with Cate, as the Queen takes a rare bath and uses the opportunity to discuss men with Bess. Elizabeth was considered rather fastidious for her time, bathing more frequently (several times a year) than most. Generally at this period bathing was [...]

Wooden Worlds

Monday 17th July. 11.00 AM – ‘H’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Finally onto the most spectacular set we have at Shepperton – a full size reconstruction of Raleigh’s ship ‘Tyger’. There is something peculiar about opening the huge doors of what looks like an aircraft hanger and finding an Elizabethan ship inside. And what a ship [...]