Buddha, hope

Thanks to friend and co- writer, Deepak Chopra, the hope for Buddha as a film has been re-ignited a raging fire in my bieng was dowsed, but a lamp still burns reaching out to inflame my passions once again a director in the middle of a film is like a pregnant mother vulnerable, emotional and [...]

I am

the moment at the end of each exhaled breath before the next the note which by it’s absence creates harmony in Mozart’s symphony the word the poet never found that gave meaning to his poetry the thought that arose before I began to think the void that lives where the infinite embraces the finite I [...]

buddha no more

Oh, well I guess it had to happen I am not doing Buddha any more I am both very sad and somewhat relieved Sad because I was looking forward to a personal journey Relieved because my interpretation was so personal that I knew I would have had to fight all the way for the creativity [...]


All Art is interpretation. Life is interpretation. For what is life but our ever-changing perception of all things. Our ever-changing perception of reality. Ask a hundred witnesses to a single event, and each will describe that event differently.. So when I am asked if I will be true to the story of Buddha, I have [...]

Brad Pitt ???

Today, I had 3 calls from the press asking me if Brad Pitt is acting in Buddha. I assume they are asking if Brad is playing the Buddha ? I have no idea where this idea comes from. I have heard that Aishwarya Rai also is in the film. That is not far from the [...]

Suchitra’s Art

Today my wife Suchitra's Art Exhibition opens in Mumbai. I have watched her start painting less than a year ago, and being absolutely obsessed by it. Something like 76 oils on canvas in the first 10 days. Or something ridiculous like that. It's crazy, but then so is the creative urge. I came back to [...]

Nothing seperate

no one act separated from another no one time separated from another no one space separated from another no one individual separated from another no one emotion separated from another no one moment separated from another no one consciousness separated from another no one thought separated from another formless seamless infinite relationships between all things [...]

Till the next …

you pay your college fees you fall in love you plan the babies and save for the future you book next years holiday and give up beer and when life is planned and the future looked after you are running five minutes too late for work you get in the wrong train at the wrong [...]

The Trip

The bus drove down the dusty road, The air conditioning was not what the kids were used to in their own countries. All carrying their ionized water packets and personal temperature controllers. The Chinese students immediately put on their pollution masks that were standard for any travel outside China. "But then", Geeta mused, " we [...]