Till the next …

you pay your college fees
you fall in love
you plan the babies
and save for the future

you book next years holiday
and give up beer
when life is planned
and the future looked after
you are running five minutes
too late for work
you get in the wrong train
at the wrong station
in the wrong compartment
near the wrong man
next to the bomb
you look back
and suddenly
you are dead
and there you meet
thousands of babies
and mothers
and fathers and brothers and sisters
lovers and friends
hundreds of thousands
of Iraqis

of Indians
of londoners
of africans
of americans
of asians
of indonesians
all dead
frozen in time
human bodies
caught in the wrong place
at the wrong time
at the wrong moment
in the wrong country
in the wrong politics
just for a while
please don’t talk to me
about destiny, of astrology
of Karma
or of politics or right or wrong
or of morality or sects or isms
for a while,
let me be angry, in anguish
let me grieve
let me believe there was no reason
let me not relieve my guilt

in political discussion

for there will be time that
when we will find reason
when we will find politics
and we will relieve ourselves of the burden of guilt
each one of us, all of us
till the next bomb.
� Shekhar Kapur

6 thoughts on “Till the next …

  1. Kapur sahib ,my dad paid my college fees,i took time out to think ,i realized this format plus one was all here and there nothing seperated ,but since one is born one has to fulfil ones purpose so one further thoght and decided to follow his hear and intution ,faced resistance from loved one as one was not panning to fall in love as one can only think of rising in it ,not planing babies but planning a life ahead first not saving for future but building and living in the present ,one is and has been a teetotler and if running towards anything that ought to be disciplin , one will fulfill the purpose and then when one departs from the physical body one will unite with god so reason for me to steer clear of negetivity ,plus will do one’s bit to diffuse all bombs.Including the one that gets triggered time and again in shekhars mind and soul that makes him see the physical world in this way and accept it so now you are going through emotional catharsis ?spiritual catharsis well good maybe you should as the cup has to be empty before u can fill it again and this time fill it with what you really want to drink and if your intention is good and strong you’ll be able to make this new drink and enjoy it as nectar of realization.

  2. The truth in the first place
    The truth as I saw it
    The ‘true’ red truth
    Smeared with blood
    The truth in the second place
    The truth as I made it
    The ‘untrue’ black truth
    That saved us all
    It’s a burden
    The accommodated truth
    Had it not been
    Would we have been?
    What’s the truth’s rightful place?

  3. Yes Shekhar Jee! All these are right and fact. Facts… More strange as our lives! Only hopes every moment pull us to the next or ask to wait till the next!!! Thanks till next…

  4. Just like people get caught in wrong place, in the wrong time, in the wrong country, there are times when the same people get elated for being present in the right place, for the right time, and the same place what they perceived ‘wrong’ once! I am not saying it is an act of Karma or Fate, I only reiterate that everything in this world, no matter how pure the intentions are, no matter how genuine the reasons are, and no matter how holy the person is, cannot be prophesied.
    And thus i would say, do not get caught in the affection for the future, live this very moment and celebrate it. After all, you don’t know what happens next.
    And one more thing is, this blog points at Terrorism as the sole reason of sudden unexpected death, while there are a thousand factors that can do so. Although I don’t deny that in the recent past, deaths caused by terrorism is proliferating!
    Whatever, the blog is great and insightful!!

  5. shekharji, these are all emotional angles. ALways remember ” with reference to past we are all victims and wrt to future we all are victorious. Live life as it happens and accept it. Better create it.

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