I am

the moment
at the end
of each exhaled breath
before the next

the note
which by itís absence
creates harmony
in Mozartís symphony
the word
the poet never found
that gave meaning
to his poetry
the thought
that arose
before I began
to think
the void
that lives
where the infinite
embraces the finite
I am

2 thoughts on “I am

  1. Rather wonderful & very Zen (that’s become an adjective these days, hasn’t it?!). Could we have left out Mozart and just kept it as “the symphony” making it even more essential. There goes my thinking mind, completely messing up the Gap that makes me Who I Am!

  2. Shunnyata…is that??
    Does the void fill the gap
    Does the pain bring the joy
    Does the cold warm hearts…
    Only contrasts hold life and people together…we are just one more of the many
    A reality…….waiting for courage of acceptance

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