buddha no more

Oh, well
I guess it had to happen
I am not doing Buddha any more
I am both very sad and somewhat relieved
Sad because I was looking forward to a personal journey
Relieved because my interpretation was so personal
that I knew I would have had to fight all the way for the creativity of the film

37 thoughts on “buddha no more

  1. Hi Shekhar,
    I am saddened that your Buddha is no more.
    Hope you will change your mind and revive it.
    I had been looking forward to it actually
    ever since I saw your post on IntentBlog
    about it. I have enjoyed most of your movies
    starting from Masoom. Now I enjoy your poems too.

  2. funny how the chronology of the’ way things are’ doesn’t always coincide with the way we want them to be. i firmly believe that your personal journey, your celluloidization of the buddha does not end here. perhaps this glitch has cleared the path for the true buddha film you are meant to manifest. perhaps the buddha waits in the shadows of every story you have told and every story you will tell. perhaps you will look me up on imdb. polly cusumano. i intend to do films all over the world. i intend to learn hindi, japanese, czech, tagalog, farsi, hebrew, arabic, cantonese…i intend to replace the stones of babel one by one. my own journey leads me to collect the stories of the world into filmic diaries in which i am a conduit of the human spirit. i would love to provide my services to you.
    wishing you ease as you climb.

  3. Shekhar sir , please don’t give up on buddha .I really want to watch this film as your interpretaion even if it’s too personal.please shekhar sir ,just do it .Inspire us all by showing us that you can do it …….just do it shekhar sie just do it fight it out question your destiny create a new destiny if required but just do it shekhar sir just do it.

  4. We, followers of the Lord Buddha, watch without feeling your decision ‘not to do Buddha’. Perhaps it is for the better, if you do not think you are worthy.
    May you be well and happy.
    With metta.

  5. Please, NO. Please, do not abandon this project. That is all.
    I have followed your career moves, your movies (masoom and Mr. India with unprecedented excellent craftsmanship with children), the movies that you abandoned. There is so much you can contribute to the world. So much!!
    The movie buddha, could be a platform to emphasize human values, societal empathy and off course the spirituality at its core, with a message… not just biography.
    With Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama, Thic Nhat Hanh (another probable person for input), Srisri RaviShankar.. You could use the cinema as an artform for what it should have been.. what it can be…. A universal message.
    So, Shekhar.. Please revisit your idea. This movie is not Joshilay (another sholay wannabe).
    Yours truly,
    Rajesh Gupta
    Randolph, New Jersey

  6. Dear Shekhar:
    To know Buddha, to experience Buddha… Meditation (vipassana) is the key.
    If you have not done it yet. Let me suggest you to go to http://www.dhamma.org and find out the next 10 day vipassana meditation retreat near you.
    I am certain, that you would “know” and not just be believing or being intuitive about your “Buddha” project as what you want to do, and How and When.
    Yours truly
    Rajesh Gupta
    Randolph, New Jersey

  7. Dear Shekhar ji,
    I am stunned that you have abandoned the idea of creating “Buddha”. You know what you was going to do. A “punya Karma” to help relieve this world from agony of futlie journey of mind. Oh, my God, please don’t stop this. This is the only topic worth for a movie at this time when so much violence is all around.
    Please go through the full listening and reading of “Dhampaddha” lectured by “OSHO” A GIFT OF GOD. There is no question of personal views as you have mentioned. BUDHHA is what BUDHHA is. No confusion at all.
    You know God has inspired you and now this is your responsibility. Please don’t get dishearten on any ground. I don’t know whether I am able to help you out. However if you feel the need I am ready to talk.
    But please be brave You are to give this world SOLACE not by making BUDHHA only but also ” MAHAVIR”, “KRISHNA”, “OSHO” “JESUS” AND WHATEVER
    HOPING A REVIVED AND CHARGED SHEKHAR JI with a request to have your response, if possible.

  8. Hi..
    I must say, when i entered this web site, I was very much looking forward to seeing how this project was getting along..but I was so saddened when I read it that you weren’t going to go through with it…I am only 19 years of age..and for years now i have wondered why a movie has never been made about the life of the Buddha and could never understand why people were so against it. His life should be celebrated not restricted to buddhists, for the mere fact that he has given so much wisdom and strength to billions and billions of people for over 2500 years and having a movie shown across the world would only get this messgae across to people who understand nothing as to what he has taught humanity. Visiting the website, the pictures of your sketches looked incredible and i am sure it would have been an incredible movie. You defied the odds with your strength to seek this movie when once your critics opposed it. From what i have read the Dalai Lama has also given you so much insight into the the life of the buddha, and being one of the highest spiritual leaders in buddhism this day, he had faith in you to deliver a the message of the buddha and his life across the right way. If you were to ever do this movie you will always without a doubt critics across the world. Howvever you will also always have people who will a applaud your work as well. I know there is no way anone can convince you to do this movie, as it must have been a very difficult decision to back away from it. Rightly so, if you believe you couldn’t have done justtice to a life that was spiritual beyond normal human understandings. However i have a feeling that one day you might change your mind and i know for a fact that the buddhas teachings will be shown across cinemas across the world in the most possitive way possible one day.
    Take care.

  9. Respected Sir,
    born I not a buddhdharmi,
    but became…
    decade-long nights of searching
    after when I realised..
    deleverance of man is by man himself
    teaching the truth and the way
    for which the Perfect Being,
    the Buddha came.
    seeker of oneself
    seeks the Buddha
    seeker only deserves
    to know the Buddha
    evoloved as they only
    to recieve the Buddha
    meaning of ‘the Buddha’,
    those who dont know
    deserve the teachings of,
    not the Buddha himself .
    seeker every in his own way
    seeks and recieves the Buddha.
    his truth is not your truth,
    your truth is not his truth.
    letting the Buddha be recieved
    in only one way is not at all
    the way .
    let the Buddha be recieved
    as he has been recieved
    in traditions and in times.
    preseve the traditions
    and be preserved in times.
    dramatisze the Buddha dont
    mortalize his teachings dont
    let the non-knowers
    watch the Buddha’s life
    and yawn dont
    make a film on the Buddha dont
    the Buddha was a seeker too
    every buddhist is a seeker too
    and let the seeking continue.

  10. I just wondering what are ultimate qualities you are looking for to cast of buddha. I got to know that there wasn’t any suitable actor yet for the movie
    Love to hear from you!

  11. Thera are some many films about Jusus Christ. The film about Buddha would be even more amasing and inspiring for all poeple. I’m waiting:-) …and what about Milarepa story, no one have ever filmed it with computers help…. that would be egually biggest event…

  12. hello
    do’t give up on Buddha … it seems you don’t want to bring out your buddha nature ( which is great wisdom , compassion and courage )
    pl do it … our future is determined by how we respond to adversity . Buddhism that brings about absolut happiness….

  13. i am just shocked to find that you are not making buddha anymore.this is what I understand from these posts.
    when i was going through your website , i think its been nearly 4 hrs,
    and was thinking i will read about your film section in the end, i was thinking from these many hours how will i get bible into you probably you are an orthodox budhist and you are making a dream of your world.
    i am sorry but donot know what is your mind going to think if i told you there is NO OTHER GOD but the one mentioned in the bible and rest all are illusions for not finding the truth.
    let me tell you a simlpe fact about true God’s book. the fact: 9% of nasterademus prophecies are correct and 91% failure but the prophecies of bible (numerous)are 100% correct and 60% of christians do not even know it because they are not taught about it.
    there is another quote from bible
    ISAIAH 46:9 Remember the former things of old: for I [am] God, and [there is] none else; [I am] God, and [there is] none like me,
    46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times [the things] that are not [yet] done…
    the scienctist believed until 15th century that the world is flat but the ancient bible says
    Isaiah 40:22 [It is] he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth…
    (read more from the url pasted)
    thank you, I hope and pray that you are not offended but be excited to find truth and nothing but truth)

  14. Dear Shekhar ji,
    You are right in that your Buddha has to happen from within and I would not want you to rush. But equally I’ll be saddened if a subject like that did not get a contemporary and yet philosophically realistic treatment that I believe only you are capable of delivering in the cinematic format.

  15. So I don’t see an entry for “Masoom” on your blog yet. Just posting my thoughts here.
    Just saw it on DVD last week, after many years.
    Attention to detail – the setup of the house was great. Lots of good (but dated) art everywhere. The two old prams/strollers in the garage. The empty “CF Sony” box. The mobile in the kids room. It was also an enlightining peek into “rich” peoples lives. Everyone taking vitamins, duplex home with bedroom upstairs, sitting area in the master bedroom, mobile in the kids room, nice green backyard etc. Kind of lifestyle I see now after moving to the US.
    What sucked was watching a really bad print with really bad sound on a 50″ HD screen. At a time when everyone’s favorite Hollywood movies are now being made available on HD – 720p or 1080i at least (Toshiba HD or Sony Blu-Ray or Cable HD) with 5.1 Dolby Digital, it’s really sad to not be able to watch your favorite Hindi movies remastered for DVD (480i). There isn’t anyone with the passion for remastering movies like Masoom and Sholay in digital technology?

  16. there is always something with you shekar isn’t it? this is not the first film you were chosen to do and ended up not doing……..either you just don’t care…or!!!!!!

  17. I have anticipated a just portrayal of Lord Buddha to grace the screens and have itself present itself as a personal yet unified perception in realtime. How would one convey the true essence of his teachings if not personally experienced, I wonder? It is true to say that your journey with Buddha only ends with Nirvana and that a world can just hope that whoever gets this story, gets it right…
    p.s. where does one write to you a personal letter of sorts?
    Warm and kind regards,
    Summer x

  18. Dear Shekhar ji,
    I strongly feel that the role of Buddha should not be given to popular actors. That will dilute the image of Lord Buddha and the film might be viewed just as a common entertainer like the film Little Buddha shot by Bernando Bertulucci. Please come up with something really appealing to today’s mad world.

  19. Hi Shekar,
    If you are planning to make the film about the Buddha, I would strongly suggest you to consult Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche who has directed the highly acclaimed ‘The Cup’ and ‘Travellers and Magicians’. Although, it is understandable that you are far more experienced in filmography than Rinpoche, I think it would be very important and helpful to consult the Buddhist masters who embodies the Buddhas themselves. Thank you very much. May success always be yours. May you find happiness in whatever you do.

  20. shekhar,
    have been reading KRISHNA by OSHO these days. its very liberating. hope you doing good.

  21. …Its the FILM and not the PROCESS tht wouldn’t materialize… May be this concepts struck you… beause somewhere u felt need for the Buddha, and now u can go on this path for SELF DISCOVERY…one set on …
    I think the thought came because wanted it tht time and I think it went because world wanted it tht time… MAY BE ..
    Amit Vashisth

  22. Hey man, sorry for all those spelling mistakes … so, what’s the future plans sir…???? and hows the process going “…THE BUDDHA PROCESS…”

  23. Shekhar, I plan to honour you in my book (currently a WIP) due to your work on “The Four Feathers.” I am Caucasian English, and have deeply appreciated your sensitive efforts to tell us hidden aspects of our proud (British & English) history. All Blessings to You. Hope you can find another angle on your Buddha project. There is still time. (P.S. I like and agree with the advice of ‘lingchen,’ October 26, 2006). An inspirational film that takes people’s attention away from Islam is what the world now needs I believe. Buddha conquered by truth and wisdom; never by the sword or threats.

  24. i would like to take the role of buddha as i m in on the journey to enlightment witha different perspective …tell me your thoughts πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Sir, I great running into you after all these years. When I was a kid in Laos,1975, I saw a few of your movies. I couldn’t figure out which one just yet. It has been a long time. All I know at the time was, you were our biggest hero in Laos. I just want to comment on this new found blog that it’s nice to see your face again.

  26. Dear shekhar,
    Have wanted to get intouch with you for a long time Id heard about u making the film on THE BUDDHA.Have been working with multi – cultural influences on the orient for a long time now in the field of design and textiles. Being buddhist myself wanted to offer my help for your film- u can check my work out via my website..
    Do get in touch if you do revive the making of the film-have seen your films and have great regard for your work -sonam dubal

  27. At least for the sake of so many of your admireres you should make a film on Buddha. One good alternative. Train and prepare several equals in Direction.

  28. Its sad!
    I think I will miss Human form of Buddha that Shekhar Kapur would have made.
    I also think, Mr.Kapur had such a blatent,bold, decisive idea about Buddha that people around him feared for their lifes HA !
    But…Sad…the idea is just dropped πŸ™

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