All Art is interpretation. Life is interpretation. For what is life but our ever-changing perception of all things. Our ever-changing perception of reality.
Ask a hundred witnesses to a single event, and each will describe that event differently..

So when I am asked if I will be true to the story of Buddha, I have to ask. True to which Buddha ? There are so many interpretations. All I can say is that I will be true to the Buddha in myself. My search for the Buddha in myself. And hopefully the known story of the Buddha as interpreted by my desperate need to find a meaning to my existence, to my life, to the universe that I believe I exist in, but cannot comprehend.
The many masters I read that intellectually excite me, but leave me still in an emotional void that I am desperate to fill. I am hoping in the making of this film I will be able to fill some of that void.
I do not believe I will be able to ‘discover’ the Buddha. I will merely be able to ‘search’ for Him. I will try and interpret cinematically what the moment of enlightenment might be though.
But I believe that “God lies in the search for God’. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The journey is the destination.
With that in mind I will embark on the journey if I am allowed to. Allowed to ? Because a film is a cooperative effort between many individuals. Lets see if the film is in my destiny.

3 thoughts on “Interpretation

  1. Shekhar ji , one could ‘nt have agreed with you more may god bestow all his blessings to you in this journey of yours and others who will view and make this film with you kindly request the buddha within even from my side and my buddha to enable you to make this film i through and through hope that you make this film and are able to fill this emotional void first for yourself and then for others who watch this film. Now be it or not i will carve my path to you somehow and try and be with you during this step of spiritual evolution healing and understanding.How are you doing any way ?You know from the time i was a kid i used to connect with you and have shared a sacred bond i used to call you the man with the beard,when you started of with doordarshan and now when i am 24 i slowy keep discovering the connections.And am amazed spiritually.God bless.

  2. Hi , Shekhar ji,
    I have been wanting to ask this from you sir that how do we know that a pirticular path is our path or not for example let me say if i want to do something and the universes keeps displaying in one form or the other all the information you need for a pirticular thing you are heading for can that be taken as your hints ,for example i am planing a film with a big name and i am not a billionare(as for now) that i can produce a film now but i am still working on the dream and then the universe keeps disclosing all the information i ever need for the project for example i had not seen or heard of the actor for a long tim on tv as he was busy with his films and when i need to see how he was in his physical and mental state the next mornig i saw his interview on tv stating all information i needed for the project and able was able to see him aswell ,plus this is not once but a series of instances that have taken place for me ,and it continues to happen are these hints or signs …towards the positive .How can we interpret these things?

  3. Shekhar ji,

    I have been a big fan of your work and have been following your blog. I agree the all forms of art is all about interpretation, but interpreting life is indeed difficult.What I think and believe is Buddha is the state of enlightenment and as per Buddhism, every individual can achieve enlightenment when they are able to find the Buddha that lies within themselves. Conquering all the evils within, like anger hatred, jealously through love and compassion, one can definitely attain the state of Buddha.

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