Who does this planet belong to ?

View of the Church behind the Hotel in Innsbruck where I normally stay. Beautiful as the church is - this is the first time in years the locals recall there being no snow here on Christmas. It's the same lament all over the Ski slopes too. There has been little snow, and of course the [...]

Water Wars again ? Can we turn Bangladesh into a Desert ?

Sir , Now India making a Dam at the river of Barak ...Which will cause the North-east part of Bangladesh to become a desert ... Would love to know your views about this For more > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipaimukh_Dam http://globalvoicesonline.org/2009/05/27/bangladesh-india-no-to-tipaimukh-dam/ The war Of Water Just been Started By India !!! -Rajib A Rahmaniac from Bangladesh

From a Michael Jackson Fan

This is from Mariana : MJ was a non-literal artist. And the world has responded to him playing an irrelevant soap opera. There are many levels, messages and expressions of inner search in this gentle soul's work, this soul from Gary, Indiana. He asked us to look in the mirror and the world turned the [...]