Lindsay Lohan’s poverty tourism – a therapy ?

This has been sparked by a statement I read by m/s Lohan’s mother, that her trip to India where she saw the plight of the poor Indian children changed her and she is a different person now. Like it was the best therapy ?
Ok, enough of this. Enough of press and media attention gotten from celebrities visiting poverty stricken children in the world. Enough of media attention for celebrities adopting kids from materially deprived places all over the world. I think the attention should be on why, despite being the greatest consumers in the world, despite having every material choice they can imagine….
why does seeing someone else living in poverty make you feel better about yourself ?

16 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s poverty tourism – a therapy ?

  1. why it makes one feel better? well, for obvious reasons…
    money is man made…its a tool…and with that tool one can have anything materialistic to satisfy his psychological needs and desires…so money has become the central neural system of any society today…it sets the rule and plays the game…
    while Rich express sympathy towards poverty ridden people internally they feel better…
    there are several types in this-
    1. just feel nice that good we are blessed to be born in such such surrounding so that we are not poor.
    2. feel sympathy and feel nice to know their conscience is alive…
    3. feel sympathy and try to do something to improve their life…
    4. feel compassion…
    5. feel compassion and dive into the social work…
    On the other hand poor are fooled by the age old Money game and they either are helpless and die or try and adapt life style of rich!…so in turn they are proving the wrong path taken by rich as right…hence poor are poor by their own choice not by nature’s choice…cause nature never discriminates…
    either way both the parties are fucked…as i always say its pointless to correct the program gone horribly wrong…
    this is not only about poverty but also about global warming, terrorism, wars etc…its pointless to have summits and all fuss to solve these issues…what is needed is PANDORA!…a life style which is more close to nature may be not sophisticated but more cultured for sure!

  2. It’s not about this post;
    It is about what you said in your past post, “I always say Bandit Queen is my most honest film in that I just did not allow anything to come between the ‘moment’ and the film.”
    I always think that you must create a sequel of Bandit Queen. And second one will be more challenging and thrilling experience for you. Phoolan was a character of destiny in post independence India, she is just a symbol, that has all social and political conflict of modern India around.
    In first part you mentioned the brutal reality of Indian village and wild world of Chambal, the second part should begins when she relived from jail and went into politics. This time character enters in urban and wild word of politics. And as you know that the story has an end, murder of Phoolan, again a silent war between dalit and sawarna.
    This is the complete destiny.

  3. There are two views:
    ?You know that song: ‘Duniya me kitna gum hai….mera gum kitna kum hain’
    People try to restrain their miserable life by comparing others, thatís how they try to be content.
    ?No one becomes better in life after seeing the sick and suffered, unless he is another Buddha.
    Most of the times those feelings stays almost for a moment, and they become normal until they hear or see other view.
    I donít know about Lindsays sudden realization to the poverty but this is mostly used for publicity, but it benefits bunch of people, why not?

  4. You are right that after seeing else in poverty you feel proud of yourself that you are not in that state may its due to past life sins
    but that proud does nt last long when u see rahul gandhi, & other like them
    but truly there is a segment of society who needs special attention & i can say proudly that i am on the way of giving that attention to those needy

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    “Why does seeing someone else living in poverty make one feel better?”
    But when Budha saw all the sufferings in the world, He rather started feeling restless in his kingdom…and that is the the difference between good souls and the average one. The day we all realize the real Budha,Jesus,Kabeer,Nanak and other great souls in us, that day this fake therapy will stop working and real TRUE HEALING will begin in this world.
    Best of Regards!

  6. Lindsay Lohan was probably a street beggar in India in her immediate past life who has now been promoted to a materially affluent life to help fulfill her previous desires. Many of these celebrities live a life more devoid of quality, decency, depth and culture than even the “slumdogs” of India.
    Looking through this Maya requires great clarity. Lindsay Lohan has to resort to powerful drugs and medications just to live a normal life. You won’t see even the poorest people in India having that problem – of course with some exceptions. They get by even through what some would perceive as the worst living conditions. The connection to the universal Self is the key. India has a tremendous spiritual energy – through ages of harvesting the enlightenment of souls – that facilitates such things. This is true in lesser degrees of other older civilizations as well.
    The organic quality of life in India far supercedes the hollow, synthetic existence in the so-called developed nations. The depth of all this can only be experienced, and not conveyed through media and documentaries. As such, many souls who wander a while in this Maya – complete with these pseudo-glamourous roles – eventually take birth in or get deeply connected to India to begin the ultimate goal of existence. The mechanics are amazing.

  7. Perhaps it gives a purpose to the materialistic pursuits that people engage in? Comparisons (esp. with lesser offs) is always a good therapy. In some way soothes one’s ego (makes one more secure, powerful) I guess.

  8. it’s a wise observation but perhaps she has simply become more appreciative of what she has.
    after all, are we all so different? don’t we all live lifestyles which are insular in our own different ways…?

  9. I am with you 100% on this Shekhar!! It sickens me over these many years; to see Celebrities “use and abuse” the plight of the worlds most exploitable on earth!! Have they no concscience or morality?
    Indeed.. what kind of person feels good after witnessing abject poverty and suffering?
    Very much looking forward to seeing Paani when completed; its an issue fast approaching humankind!!
    Happy New Year 2010 Shekhar, to you and yours from me and mine!
    Donna, aka-North

  10. “why does seeing someone else living in poverty make you feel better about yourself ?”
    It doesn’t make a person feel better, as in deriving satisfaction from it, for one would have to be a sadist to feel so.
    It makes a person better, as in sobering them up, having encountered a suffering that makes them realise life has been kind to them or for wanting to share that kindness.

  11. Why are we assuming she is doing it for press attention, or for personal therapy? Perhaps it is to a point, but if ultimately it helps her to help others, it’s a win-win situation. I think there is far too much judgment in the world. Live and let live.

  12. I don’t see anything offensive about Lindsay feeling ‘better’ after witnessing poverty. The Buddha did the same. The therapy is one of the soul not a material one – in fact quite the opposite, obviously. Lindsay was swimming around in swag, shuttling around in giant limos, drugging, drinking, partying, and the biggest problem she had so far was paprazzi.
    The visit was therapeutic because it opened her eyes to something beyond Gucci, Lous Vuitton and Pravda. Now if she takes it upon herself to do something good for them it’s a commendable thing. Even if not – and that just sobers her up – hey it’s good for her..

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