Who does this planet belong to ?

View of the Church behind the Hotel in Innsbruck where I normally stay. Beautiful as the church is – this is the first time in years the locals recall there being no snow here on Christmas. It’s the same lament all over the Ski slopes too. There has been little snow, and of course the word on every persons lips this year is ‘Global Warming’. And everywhere the feeling in Europe is that the politicians have let us down.
Of course media is playing the blame game. Some blame the US and Obama for not following the Kyoto treaty – while others blame China (and India too) for playing a great game of one upmanship with the US and President Obama. Whatever happened it just showed that the current political system is completely inept at solving any global problem.
Who does the planet belong to ? Surely the fundamental resources belong equally to all beings on this planet – no one can argue that the air belongs to everyone. Every Chinese man woman and child has the same right to the fundamental resources necessary to keep life going as does every Western man woman and child. No more no less.
So why are we looking at Carbon footprints of nations as a whole ? It should be measured per capita, and if so, the whole equation changes. Will the West ever accept that ?

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  1. Reality, Truth is
    Blame game
    Holier than thou
    All inhuman qualities …
    Result, Loss is
    Planet which care for us
    Planet suffers
    People suffer
    Yes Blame Game is the 2nd name for politican,
    no matter where they are.
    Only Humans stand for the change
    and act on it for better of the world
    Those are called Humans
    Humans, world learns to respect msotly after they are gone
    Sad but is the Reality, Truth
    ? ???? ?? ?????? ? ???? ?? ??????????? ??
    ?????????????? ??? ? ? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??
    Aum Asato Ma Sat Gamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
    Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
    Lead Us From the Unreal To Real, Lead Us From Darkness To Light,
    Lead Us From Death To Immortality, Aum (the universal sound of God) Let There Be Peace Peace Peace.

  2. Krishna is painted as blue. One of his names, Shyam, simply means blue, the blue one.
    He is represented as blue, painted as blue, metaphorically.
    It is a symbol that he is a love god, that he represents love and the depth of the inner soul.
    No one has taught to mankind the art of love, divine love the way Krishna has.
    Blue is the color of depth and silence. The color of the sky and sea; and green is the color of growth and tranquility.
    Blue brings with it the eternity and green a serenity; the two things that love shall bring to ones being.

  3. It should be measured as per capita…great solution…but really? Will the West ever accept that.
    The worst part is, West has been outsourcing the pollution to the East for quite a long time now. The air in Indian cities is highly polluted. Either way, East has lot too loose. Indians and Chinese should pressurize West on this issue really hard instead of supporting Obama.

  4. People don’t realize what is Global Warming? What are the Effects of Global Warming? Perhaps these leaders couldn’t take any class of Environment & Ecology at their schools or colleges, as I am studying at my college. Problem is bigger than what it seems.
    I am very much afraid about the Future.

  5. The planet definitely does not belong to the human species…..east or west; we all are partners in crime. Sporadic pockets of Hindutva way of life will help only to some xtent.

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  7. Hello
    First of all I want to say that I like that view in that picture.Its very beautiful.Global warming is doing many things to people as well as animals and plants.I think human activities are responsible for most of the warming.Thank you very much for this post.

  8. That was, indeed, a very thoughtful solution you have come up with. But then as you aptly mentioned, will the West accept it?
    What I believe is that instead of blaming it on to each other, why doesn’t the public start acting..let the politicians indulge in mud-slinging. The damage already done is irreparable, so let’s try to control it and it is high time we did it.

  9. Yes, if people are sincere about addressing global warming, per capita should be taken into account. It wouldn’t be logical or fair to not do so.

  10. I believe too, every person on earth has an “equal share” of earths wealthy natural resources!! I feel we are political pawns in a game of politics; which in fact, is just another “Big Gang” of educated rich people; who KNOW what they do… and may God forgive them their greed, corruption, ignorance and blatant incompetence when it comes to preservation of earth, human and animal “equal” rights!!

  11. It’s my belief that this planet was created by God, but God gave control of it to His adversary after the adversary “got too big for his britches,” as my earthly dad used to say. Why did God do this? I believe He did it because He loves people and wants to give us a choice whether to believe in and follow His ways or to allow the adversary to have control in our lives. Very very beautiful setting and equally nice photo!

  12. Shekhar,
    Who in reality, owns a problem like ‘global warming’? I don’t believe that the Obamas of this world, or Kyoto treaties ever help more than creating awareness & perhaps cause a few to pause for thought.
    I have seen a few trying to prevent this issue though – recycling waste, forbidding use of plastic, cycle to work and so on. They continue that way because luckily no one distracts them from just doing this. As for the rest, they continue to click their tongues, clink their champagne glasses and perhaps comment like me.
    Therefore, you own a problem like this or you don’t. ‘Don’t look for others to do something, when you don’t yourself’, is what I tell myself!
    Sujitha Karnad

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