17 thoughts on “View from my hotel in Innsbruck

  1. Why there is purple tint in both the pics? is it camera or its a natural color out there?
    looks mystical!
    the tree looks like an old dragon with lot of hair just emerging from years of meditation…

  2. its probably the monitor kedar, and a slight attempt to take out the extra blue what white kicks in, shekhar

  3. Die before Death at the next step,
    Die before you Live in the moment.
    Die to the past, which is only in the mind,
    Die to the concepts, which only bind.
    Believe in, beyond beliefs,
    Trust in the Trust,
    Love for the Love,
    Exist as Existence.

  4. Dear Shekhar ji,
    I am very pleased to write here first time. If I praise you whatever you have done for the country and humanity, it will be like showing lamp to Sun. It is evident that you are public figure with penetration in millions of people like me who consider you as their role model. I feel heartly that if you challenise your fans to the noble causes like helping street children, downdrodden women, by doing something extraordinary for the senior citizens of the country,protecting the environment, it can encourage a large mass of population to emulate the path shown by you and millions of human beings can be benefitted by this noble start. Also, if you donate some money openly from your huge treasure for such causes, many wealthy fans may spare some part of their income to support these people by adopting them.If you happen to read this comment, please pay some head to my opinions. Thanks.
    Greatfully yours,
    Rajesh Sharma

  5. Dear Shekhar
    Please spare a minute and just write down the date till which we will have to admire the view from your room everytime we open the blog in anticipation. I, for one, eagerly await your next appearance. Please hurry

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing the link Brahmastra ji!
    It is indeed historic for two living legends to come together for a noble cause. The indian media has always portrayed that only the Nehru family has cordial relations with bollywood. More such social events that bring BJP and indian celebrities to the same platform must be broadcasted all over the country/world. This kinda publicity will help the celebrities to get over their inferiority complex when it comes to hanging out with the top brass of Bhajpa and will henceforth dissolve their mental block syndromes.

  7. Chakra,
    Most of the Indian celebrities and media people are weak, insecure pseudo-intellectuals who have set their goals to hollow “modern” standards, and are driving India head-on in the same self-destructive direction. These guys lack esteem in their own nation and rich organic heritage, and are more academic than practical in their views. There convent education is another layer of obstacles over their true selves. People like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Aamir Khan, Arundhati Roy, Lavleen Tandon and Mahesh Bhatt are prime examples. These guys are probably genetically compelled since their forefathers may have worked as slaves and brown-sahibs for past foreign rulers.
    Or else how could anyone in their right minds endorse and even applaud a movie like Slumdog Millionaire in which there are clear and in-your-face attempts to define the “real” India as some kind of a monstruous hell-hole. These guys have no integrity, and have a sizeable set of rude awakenings in their futures.
    However, among all this smear, nature has planted some hope for Indian soil in the form of organic powerful leaders such as Modi, among other non-celebrities such as illumined sages and spiritual people who are the true silent heroes of India, living in obscurity and channeling priceless energy into their surrounding like dynamos.
    But on a mayavi level, Modi is probably the only person who can bring about the change that India may need. If you read this guy’s biography, he says that the most important part of his life were when at a very young age he left home and lived in the Himalayan caves with hermits for a few years without anything.
    Earthy people like Amitabh are compelled by their conscience to recognize such greatness (though political angles cannot be denied), and one can only hope that he gets to lead India soon. This guy can bring about real change that will make Obama shout “Yes he can”.

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    The photo of the view at Innsbruck is absolutely breath-taking. India has equally mesmerising sceneries where I feel I could completely get lost in. You must come to the desert of Arabia, again a very different feel that is soul-enriching!
    Wishing you the best always,

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    The view from your hotel at Innsbruck is absolutely breath-taking. I know India has equally mesmerising sceneries and one should take out time once a year at least to get back in touch with nature like this. Please come visit us in the desert of Arabia, again breath-taking to say the least.
    Wishing you the best always,

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