Are we merely ripples created by a universal consciousnes eternally at play ? And if before the ripple subsides, we have known eternal love and compassion, then the ripple perhaps has had some significance. The essential element seems to be humility. So much humility tha it can wash away the ego in it's tide. That [...]

The Void

Those of us that carry inside us an immense darkness are blessed by God for we have been given the choice to fill the void with what we chose it's an empty vessel waiting to be filled with love do not deny the need the craving the fear the longing for love or else the [...]


I struggle with freedom, I want to be free, but have no idea what I want to be free of ? I look for the context to freedom' and then I want to be free of the context and if there is no context what do I want to be free of ? how can [...]


Raviswamy asked me "But then where does the idea of "intuition" figure in all this ? - is it "hard wired" into our genetic code that there are just some things you have to put your trust in, and sort of "know" even if you've never experienced them directly ...?? The battle to 'find' your [...]