Raviswamy asked me “But then where does the idea of “intuition” figure in all this ? – is it “hard wired” into our genetic code that there are just some things you have to put your trust in, and sort of “know” even if you’ve never experienced them directly …??

The battle to ‘find’ your intuition and then allow it to engulf you so that you can live your life and work
‘intuitively’ is the greatest battle. It is at the heart of our search for consciousness. And I say ‘find’ deliberately. For it is there, always, omnipresent, but we have lost the ability too sense it. We have lost our ability to be with it.
People often ask me what I mean when I say my greatest need is to ‘keep the child in me alive’. That child is intuition. In the everyday pulls and pushes of live, I try despeately not to let go of that child. And to allow that child to be present in what I do on a day to day basis, I have to :
Allow myself to be completely vulnerabe,
Not protect myself from the possibility of hurt, of anguish
Constantly throw my mind, my surroundings into Chaos, just so I can look beyond, into the world of Intuition.
Not be afraid of the darkness of not knowing, but revel in the lightness of seking the unexpected.
Throw caution to the winds.
I believe that over the years we train ourselves not to be intuitive. We lose the ability to allow intuition to overcome us. How do we get it back ? Be a child again.
Be playful,
So Raviswami, I believe we do ‘sort of know’ as you put it, and that ‘sort of know’ seems to me to be the way we tap into something much larger than our genetic code. Instinct is our way to tap into something much larger. Universal Consciousness.

9 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. thank you for this website: for bringing (your) light to so many peolpe.
    time of gold…

  2. Intuition breathes in the connectedness of trust and faith. I struggle on a daily basis with achieving this, but when I let go of “grinding effort”…amazingly, the answers reveal themselves.
    Why is it, knowing this, still, I cannot experience it constantly? Learned behaviour I guess. Maybe we are not supposed to analyze when and not to experience it? jus let it go…but where does it go?
    Okay, I think I said enough here…intitution:)

  3. Yes…going back to my “zen” point about drawing techniques – about letting go and not being conscious of an activity, is actually very hard to do in everyday life – it’s closest to a “dream state” possibly, but being awake…
    I was a terrible day dreamer at school and being an animator I find that this is very useful – attempting to engineer ideas is often counter productive to just allowing them to crystallise, which takes longer, but the results seem more durable….
    Alongwith this day dreaming, though, comes guilt, since we are taught that it is more important to be constantly aware…
    On a less serious level, the message of “Star Wars” is the idea of the Force, which is basically tuning into the intuition, but it’s ironic that Luke Skywalker uses for it destructive purposes in the first film….

  4. or NEO in “the Matrix” uses intuition…
    the very first answer combined with a certain tender warmth in the region of my heart, that is how i for myself know that the intuition is leading me and not my brain..everybody has itīs own access of course.

  5. Maybe Luke used the force “energy”..the chi, for negative purposes…but I think if he had followed his intuition, he would have made some other choices.
    What do you think?

  6. Don’t know what this is called, but here goes…
    for the past few months, the number 44 has been following me in my daily life, license plates, clocks, vcr/dvd’s…etc. it’s almost been tracking me in a haunting manner.
    My son, in the past few months, had gone through some difficult experiences at school…he ended up becoming sick time and time again…even though he’s an honour roll student (for me, enjoying school is more important than getting A’s) I removed him from the school that he was in and transfered him to a school near to where we live. Turns out, the new principal i knew from about twenty years ago and after the first day of his new school…his teacher said it’s like he’s been there all along…my point? The number of the new school? 44. Destiny, co~incidence…where do these messages come from?

  7. I believe in intuition it led me here and it will lead me onward.
    We forever go onward, whether we believe it or not
    Really liked Elizabeth.

  8. hi there Shekhar. I noticed that you came by my space to check it out. Thank you but ofcourse i would have liked it better if you had left atleast a hi.Intuition. I have felt it in many things. Destiny too. But most important thing to be able to understand and comprehend either of the two. is to surrender. Its like you say how the child surrenders and keeps faith in his parents because they are all the kid knows. as you grow older it gets more and more difficult to surrender. Do your best and surrender it works for me. Keeping the faith and by faith i do not mean religion. I mean just faith in yourself in your destiny. and things kinda just fall in to place. sorry didnt mean to ramble on..

  9. hi Shekharji
    I know u as a very talented person and want u to come out of this number game of 22 or whatever it is. True, Intuition is something different. But believing in nos. is nothing but a biggest mistake done by many people.
    It is our work, the passion for it and how we work for the betterment of ourselves that decide our destiny. If nos. could do wonder, then nobody in the world would go wrong. May i did not understand your article. But what i felt i wrote to u.
    Anything oversaid, pl. ignore.
    Keep smiling,
    Anita Bafna

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