Looking for proof in Coincidence

Cinda wrote : “The number of the new school? 44. Destiny, co~incidence…where do these messages come from?” “The number 44 seems to follow me around”, she said.
I have one such number too, It is the time on the clock which says 11.11.

So am I looking for it ? Does my subconscious mind ring an alarm bell each time it should be 11.11 and I happen to look at a clock. But for that one would have to assume that all clocks work in synch. Very few that I look around at actually do.
What is the significance, and why shoud there be one ? Of course as I look for a number consciously I am going to far more aware of it and will start to see patterns in it even if it is random. Like 44.
But it is interesting to see if it is not random. Is this is our subconscious mind drawing us to this number once we have set the whole thing in motion ? Or does it go deeper, that the ‘event’ of the number has a much greater significance to our lives. So we set off in search of that significance. I would say, though, Cinda, that the search itself may become compulsive and you may destroy that which you were searching for.
There is a difference in the acceptance of a pattern, and the need to find the proof of it. Once you are looking for the proof, as even predicted ny Quantum Physics, you are altering the very subtle existence and perception of the pattern (of 44, in your case). In that case 44 does exist because you search for it.
We as a society are loosing our connection with the mythic sense of our lives. In doing so we ask our logical brains to test what our consciousness percieves. Most of what are consciousness percieves has little desire other than perception. When our mind gets into the act, it looks for analysis and action.
So, Cinda, 44 is probably not the only coincidence that dominates your life. Just the one out of trillions that you are aware of. Is there is a reason for you to be aware of it ? Is your sunconscious telling you something so you may act upon it ? Wait, without looking for it. Trust your subconscious. Your life is a matrix of coincidences, of potential coincidences. In fact many scientist have now strarted to believe that there are no coincidences in life. Not that everything is preordained, but that every potential event is set up proir to our acting upon it.

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  1. I’ve had a similar experience, but with the number “8” – numerologically speaking this represents “infinity” (“8” on it’s side is a symbol for infinity…) – but also fate, as in activities destined for repetition or which may have risk attached to them …
    Spookily, looking back, many of the companies I’ve worked for (and am working for at present)….have addresses adding up to “8” – is this some indication that the film business is high risk ??
    Actually, I think this kind of thinking, unchecked, can go too far – as in (being a Hindu…) avoiding certain dates for decision making etc, or even avoiding going to work at all…there may be a simpler explanation for the above, that other more superstitious people avoid “8” like the plague, leaving small new companies with little choice but to occupy buildings with the number “8”…..

  2. Shekhar, as I read your post, tears roll down my eyes, why, I don’t know. Connectedness perhaps! You see, 44 was showing up for me in the past few months…there’s also another number which I did not reveal, which has been coming to me for the past year! 22 and 11:11 (I see it as 22)…like clock work.
    “Both master numbers, according to numerology, 11 is the number of magic and mystery and can indicate a strongly developed six sense. Eleven has it’s roots in universal consciousness and brings illimination. The principles of 11 is INTUITION, foresight, prophecy, psychic, truth, beauty, balance of positive and negative, universal justice…11 numbers of a sports team.
    22~2nd master number, creative fire and dense power of earth combine to manifest great cathedrals and pyramids, mirroring the images of the constellations on earth. Twenty two illustrates how the deities conceived the earth and the heavens. Traditionally called the Master Builder, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. ~Secrets of Numerology, Dawne Kovan.
    Having note all that, yes Shekhar, you are right, one should not look for proof. The message will come if it WILLs, when the moment (not time) is perfect. And I believe all moments are perfect, even the not so pleasurable ones. I fought with this for a long long time…even though I accept and surrender, sometimes it fades into the fog and then reappears again. I guess what I need to do is remember it is still there when the fog sets in…and have that faith, the one my father showed me through experience and example.
    What I’ve decided to do is…honour the sight of this sign, so in seeing these numbers, I bow (sometimes internally) with no words…jus a nod. And what happpens happens, not carelessly, but in a trusting way.
    I still can’t help but wonder where the signs come from, not in the form of proof, it’s more like spending time in my mom’s womb for nine months and finally emerge to see her face, knowing instinctively and through bond, all along, I was being taken care of by this being…and Wow! we finally get to meet!
    “every potential event is set up proir to our acting upon it.”
    Shekhar,I’d like to know where all this setting up is coming from.

  3. do you think that being RECEPTIVE is the connection to this potential of coincidences or do you think that every human being is able to CREATE her/his reality with its coincidences with conscious thoughts?
    OR: is it a mixture of both?

  4. correction…
    It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been experiencing the 22’s, I remember this from the signing of our first house Dec, 2004…after I signed, and looked at the clock, it was 11:22.
    Same thing happened with my car, the signing time had a 22 in it also. And this happened, after many days of delays, and redoing of paper work…not finding a pen to sign with and such, nothing done on purpose to make it happen at that presise moment, but yet…

  5. Subject: 04/05/06
    On Wednesday, April 5th, at two minutes
    and three seconds after 1:00
    in the morning, the time and date will be
    01:02:03 04/05/06
    This will occur 7 more times
    At least in this lifetime we get to experience it together on the same planet.

  6. i think the discussion on “coincedence” is interesting…
    i think however this thoery on certain numbers being a coincidence is self fullfilling…
    that said, there are many examples of where we ‘explain away’ situations by saying “what a coincidence”.
    AND then we leave it there, and that is the mistake.
    We have created a word in the enlish language to resolve causal/non-causal events by simply saying the word. How amazing is that, it is just a word, yet by saying it we discount the situation.
    Its a shame since it does not lead people to enquiry.
    We should ban the word coincidence, that will force people to introspect.

  7. dear shekhar sir,
    like numbers i have experienced patterns in my life but what i have discovered by personal experience is that when we begin to read in to things like that unintentionally we are allowing it to govern our lives & everything we do…before we realise it we position ourselves right in the centre of a maze & coming out may not necessarily be up to us…if it really is destiny & not just a coincidence how about we wait for it to find us rather than go chase it ourselves, as you said “the search itself may become compulsive and you may destroy that which you were searching for.”

  8. I have the same exact expirience in my life. After using the number 44 as my jersey number in basketball 4th grade, it faded away and was revived in the 8th grade. Now I see this particular number everywhere, all day. I see it frequently on digital clocks, and even in inconspicuos places such as the seating capacity on the bus and the number of diapers in a certain diaper bag. On TV is the new show “the 44 hundred, and i’ve seen many advertisments for the story of the Iranian hostages, held captive for 444 days. Ive found that my obsession with the number 44 has even rubbed off on people close to me.

  9. I have been experiencing the 44 synchronicity for more than a month now. Post first month, I can understand a bit the message it has for me: a transformation has begun already–with a not-so-easy beginning…

  10. Hello Everyone. I am very very amazed and dumbfounded in some of these stories. I have the same thing with 9.11
    After the 9/11 attack in NY i haven’t been spared from seeing those numbers
    has anyone found an explanation or at least some proof of an explanation?

  11. Hello there,
    I dont know what it is either, but its on my mind because without fail i always look at a clock, any clock, where ever I am at 11.11 and sometimes also at 9.11…. does anyone know what it means? at first i thought it was just a habbit or something…. but it happens everyday when i am unaware and then suddenly OMG its 11.11 again! hehe
    thankyou! x

  12. Amy, 11.11 is my number for clocks too. It has been so for a long time. I have no idea why, but when it starts t happen, for me it signifies change. A different curse of life, Shekhar

  13. latley i have been seeing and noting different occurences in my life, it started by an overwhelming amount of dajavoo scecarios, at least three a week, those have went away. now I see the numbers 111 333 444 555 never 222 and not in any particular order. at the gas pump,flip open a book, but mostly the clock. I have heard someone say before that these mean somthing not a coiecidence but maybe someone or somthing trying to reach me,or possible teach me, and even more then these numbers i have a feeling its iniffable just not right not wrong but knowing theres somthing to it. What I am mostly wondering is has anybody else experienced this, and gathered the info for the next step, i am assuming but i know some one knows what I am speaking. Hit me up at illiuminated@aim.com

  14. I’m 13 years old and i don’t no what is going on! please help me figure things out!44 is my basketball number also. most of the time when i look at the clock it is 2:44, 6:44, 8:44 etc… I DON’T NO WHAT IT MEANS! and its starting to scare me! this has been going on for about 2 weeks now.what is it trying to tell me?!

  15. When ever i see time it is 90% of time in the same apttern like 12:12 or 19:19 or 10:01 or 22:22,
    it is getting confusing as i strictlly feel god is trying to say me something and i am not able to calculate it.

  16. For years i have been looking up at the clock and seeing the numbers 1, 2, 3 in that order. whether it be 1:23, 10:23, or 11:23. I’ve seen these numbers in other places but mostly when i look at my clocks. I’ve woken up more times than i can count to these numbers being on my clock. alot of times i just look up to check the time and i see them. and its become more frequent in the last few months. now, where ever i am and everyday and several times a day. its been creeping me out! but i dont know if it means anything. it would be nice to know. if you can shed a light on the whole thing or even part, i would be interested. thankyou.

  17. my mom has told me about 11:11
    and i used to see it all the time,
    but now i see 10:01 everywhere: on clocks, building adresses, everywhere i look
    it’s the time i wake up in the mornings,
    and i feel like it’s following me.
    i don’t think it’s a coincedence
    i don’t think it’s something in my head
    it’s driving m,e crazy and i’d like to know what it means.

  18. “We should ban the word coincidence, that will force people to introspect.”
    That’s a powerful statement.
    I see 112 everywhere i go. My initial reaction was fear and then it became anger (i couldn’t figure out why this number was “following me”). Now i smile in amazement and stop to appreciate the moment.

  19. Ive been followed by the number 112 for 8 years now everywhere what does it mean should i be concerned?

  20. Hi my name is Rosie and I too see the number 11 everywhere especially the clock and whats so weird is so does my husband. This has just started this past summer and recently much more than ever. Other patterns I see are always double digits but not more than just 11. I’ve experienced this from me accidentally over filling my gas and me trying to stop it suddenly and it stops at 20.11 or 15.11 to my total at a store. Very weird. My husband doesn’t question it too much but I do and I always have this sense of pride when I see it becuz I know it means something that not everyone experiences. What is it though? I have no clue. 🙂

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