Water : It’s the new Power

Watch this video , and guess what the story of Paani is ? The last statement in the video is a hint. It's not the money - it's the Power. That's where we are heading - a world where Water is power - and Power corrupts. Of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikb4WG8UJRw&feature=player_embedded

Is there a Ganga in your Amreeka ?

Dear Shekhar When I joke ( I know that I am not joking) with my 75 years old widowed mother in Rishikesh, who revers and loves Ganga more than anything, that 'better you die soon since Ganga is going to disappear', her ever smiling face becomes pale with gloom when she replies back, " I [...]

Missing the real Gandhi : from Ratna

This is from an old friend who left a high flying career in advertising to be closer to reality. There are many different opinions on my being in the Talent show, but read on to what she sys later. It's important and from the heart : "Watch you every week on India's Got Talent and [...]

Paani, the movements begins

Scene from Paani : " As the little girl running towards camera gets shot from behind, she screams her last words " Water is our right - it is not for sale" As she falls, through the dust you barely make out the uniform of the man that shot her. He wears a blue helmet [...]