Paani, the movements begins

Scene from Paani :
” As the little girl running towards camera gets shot from behind, she screams her last words ” Water is our right – it is not for sale” As she falls, through the dust you barely make out the uniform of the man that shot her. He wears a blue helmet that states “UN Water Force”

20 thoughts on “Paani, the movements begins

  1. dude,
    Hard hitting !
    All the very best wishes for the movement…
    i am already part of it since i read about for the first time…
    there is a scene in my short film where kids are washing clothes…every time before calling the shot i used to go and open the water tap and used to run to close it before calling Cut…after 2 shots even the kid actors got aware and they started doing it…and even today they practice it…Basti where we were shooting had severe water problem even they they allowed us to shoot that scene…
    all the very best…

  2. Unfortunately, the conciousness on water conservation is not really buliding in…there needs to be a movement on imbibing frugality in the mids of people where water is concerned.

  3. Being from a small town…where water was already a problem when I was a kid,
    Dad taught us, how to treat water, would whine in those days…but then over a period of time, the habits that we formed, makes me believe now that…His strictness, was not understood then…but it makes immense sense now!!
    Have stood in a que, in front of trucks for water in those days…one bucket only for one person….so me and my brother,dad and the servants stood…talking of approx 30 yrs back (just a couple of times, and I know how it feels)…despite having fantastic resovoirs, river, water got and does get scarce…’Misused’
    Rainwater would be collected in a huge plastic sheet spread on the roof…and it would pour down into our bathroom, where it wud collect in a drum, and this water would be used for cleaning the house , toilets…dishes…
    over a period of time, water started getting sold, by people , bringing it from the riverside, in jeeps…till date
    Wish You all the Best Shekhar….

  4. I do not know how far people realize the importance of conserving water. The pain of inadequate water supply can be felt only when people are forced to line up to fill just one pot of water. More than conservation I see wastage everywhere

  5. dear shekhar,
    I don’t kow what to say. But i should tell you that these visuals make me more afraid of things going on in our own nation. The nation is driving by some other force. If somebody defend whatever they say , they make them villains or make them illegitimate. I have heard in one book of Social activist vandana shiva that the patent of ayurvedic trees and plants like Arya veppu has sold to a some western corporate companies. These kind of invasion will surely make the nation a slave again but this time it will be more difficult ton escape or fight it because most people are dumb became slaves mentally and their slavery is ideological and how can a nation can get freedom when the people of that nation don’t know that they are slaves. Their slavery is ideological. Its a day dream that some hero will emerge as a leader and will save the nation.

  6. water
    it flows…that is its natural state
    when we remove the naturalness of its nature
    what are we left with?
    what are we left with…

  7. Will watch this in some and return to comment.
    Too much water gets wasted in Mumbai. When cars are washed here in the colony, literally rivers run.
    I come from a dry state. We are way too kanjoos with water.
    Kedar- pretty impressive.

  8. Dear Sir,
    “Its water..
    That’s why it matter
    Its the nature
    And we need to nurture,
    We need to conserve
    For our generation nexts…
    Who will deserve
    Man want to slaughter
    Just because it’s water.
    For it, they battle
    A need for the cattle
    When will all this settle.!!
    May be … one day-
    Who knows..
    May be, Its water..
    That’s why it matter !!”
    I am desperately waiting to see the film.. I know this movie is gonna make a change as like BQ. And yea, everytime I waste water, I would remember it what I wrote now.
    My best wishes
    Amtrips(Amrita tripathy)

  9. Due to climate change, rapid urbanization and financial crisis, we face water crisis, such as flood, drought, typhoon and sea-level rise.
    Paani is a fundamental natural resource and a strategic economic resource. We need to bridge divides to enable water for all. As individuals we need to harness our own capabilities to make some changes in our daily lives to conserve water, in addition we need to add our energies and thinking to communiities we live within, so that we can make a world of a difference to our immediate environment.
    Here are some examples:)
    –Have a quick bath, a minute less in the bath saves 7.5litres of water
    –Be conscious to turn off the tap when not reqd, for every 10econds a litre of water is saved
    –If connected to a direct water line for loo’s Flush less, a single flush utilizes 8Litres of water
    Shekhar, await the release of Paani most anxiously! Wish you ALL THE VERY BEST ALWAYS

  10. Dear Shekhar:
    I am really looking forward to the movie..I am happy that a good actor like Nicole Kidman is there..Hopefully this movies leaves a mark in the world psyche that we talk abt the water problem as much as Gore’s videos did to global warming.
    Is the movie going to be in Hindi or English, although you call it Paani..Or is it the project name.
    There is less info on the google and lots of news of dropping the movie. I assume you expect to build a marketing buzz for would be nice to have a wiki page for it, if its an international movie..

  11. Powerful.
    What happens when the slums wake up, the slums crisscrossed by big pipes carrying water from the lakes to the city?

  12. Woah! This video shows the shape of things to come. People who are talking about water scarcity and conservation have been brain-washed into believing what the Water Corporations want them to believe. What water scarcity! The Earth’s surface is covered with 75% water, damn it!! There can NEVER be shortage of water for the Earth’s inhabitants. There will ALWAYS be enough water for everybody. But ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY is being created by the Water Corporations TO PUSH UP ITS PRICE!! Get it.

  13. yup,
    I agree with Navin… water scracity will exist and it will be artificially created. As we know water level in the world is only going to increase with melting of glaciers.
    Shekhar when you make your movie PANI, do point out that water scarcity is artificial and created by water corporation.. Or may be chuck out some money from water corporations and just show what they want you to show 🙁

  14. Dear Shekhar,
    saw the clips of Paani it is mind blowing wish to see the full film.
    dear remember me we have met 25 years ago when I made the film calleed PLOT No.5 with Amjad Khan and Uttam Kumar. You had suggested some changes which helped the film.I tried to get in touch with you but failed. Wish to see you or atleast talk to you.+919810517779

  15. Hey Shekhar,
    What happened to your Movie Paani – Water. Are you still planning to make it??? If yes then when can we hear about it…

  16. Dear Shekhar,
    I’m a 15 year old from Bangalore.I saw your ad on water scarcity with the dominoes and absolutely loved it!
    My school is having a Model UN session and the agenda’s water scarcity.
    I know this may sound like a rather huge request sir,but could you please join my forum?It’s called and I’d absolutely love it if you raise awareness about this crisis there.

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